Dynasty Paintball Roster changes

Sean “Crunchy” Macdonald resigns from San Diego Dynasty. According to ProPaintball insiders, Crunchy needed to focus his attention back on his work. If rumors serve us right, he is a river boat captain by trade. No word as to if he will continue playing with DC Arsenal in the NPPL 7-man series.

16 thoughts on “Dynasty Paintball Roster changes”

    1. Yea, i don’t believe he just resigned… I don’t think he did as well as they thought he was going to do playing the snake.

  1. like a true pro team, the public reason is professional “resignation” and it prolly could be just that

  2. He was awful the first 2 events. Zack Wake isnt on the roster for Chicago as well. He is a penalty machine so i wouldnt be shocked if he got cut.

    1. no. if you check mckormick and pitts are on there which is their roster from last year. they signed up for all 5 events at the same time

  3. Wake was possibly one of the worst pick ups dynasty has ever made, even more so than picking up Dusty Odell. The kid not only has crazy attitude problems on the field, he can never survive a full point. Crunchy just straight up did not perform the way Hinge and Oliver planned on which is very sad to see. And Rusty Glaze….jesus, did they think replacing him for Steven Pitts was a good idea? Seriously? Major balancing problems for Phoenix which has hopefully been fixed. Too many chiefs, not enough indians imo. Go dynasty!

    1. i agree with everything you said accept for the part about wake. wake has been one of their top 5 killers so far this year. but with him, oliver, and dalton all together…..bring on the red flags. hinman has been really strict on him with penalties so far this year though. he is doing better with penalties then he was last year and the year before so far

      1. Actually, based upon the total season rankings Wake is number 6th on the total g count for dynasty and also has one of the lower g count ratios on the team. His survival percentage is pretty comparable to the rest of the team. He hasn’t played up to preseason expectations. Alex Goldman played pretty solid in Phoenix based upon the statistics. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in Chicago.

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