WCPPL Paintball Field Layouts – Event 2

The West Coast Paintball Players League and Pro Paintball are proud to present the official field layouts for event #2. Paintball players across the US will note these layouts are a refreshing change from the PSP Phoenix/Galveston layout that many of us have been playing on over the last few months. Be sure to print out a high resolution grid version (available after the jump) and take it with you to practice this weekend so you can setup your local field.

Click read more for additional views and information.

The following are available in 800×600. Right click, select “save as” and print!


  1. Freddo

    They should flip the elbows at the snake entrance.. how the hell do you expect us to dive in there without getting smoked by the wire.

  2. Freddo

    IF there is someone in the snake and you try to dive in as the snake is posted on the WIRE.. he will roast you.

    1. L2P

      Is this your first time playing? Stop oversliding into the snake, should fix the problem of getting shot down the wire. Or just dont go in the snake if youre scared of him down the wire.

  3. DaveP

    Freddo. You can always dive over the tail of the snake into the race bunker (S1). Just an idea.

  4. sean

    how the frick are u suppose to get in snake without oversliding or getting painted by the wire

    1. Profile photo of Justin Author

      Think about it. If you were playing the snake and there was no corner, would you be shooting at targets of opportunity INSIDE the field and moving, OR, camping in wait for someone to come sliding in?

      Me, I’d be inside all day.

      1. Chris

        not to mention the mini races in there as well inside shooting will be rediculous im all for this change

  5. Scott

    Whoever made this field hates snake players. There’s not even a good insert bunker…there’s not even very many bunkers on the snake side. Are you sure they didn’t forget draw in a couple bunkers? The snake has a 40 knuckle…then nothing…of course if you’re the only one in the snake you can get to the opposite 40 fairly easily and own. It’s a weird layout…has anyone played it? How’d it play?

  6. Chris

    I think its a nice change from the galveston layout… everyones tripping over the snake side did anybody even look at the rest of the field? I think the point of the elbows facing the tape line is to make the snake players have to work harder to get in…. now once there in there gonna be deadly… with almost no bunkers on that side of the field the angles you have from there are pretty intense… not to mention how easy itll be to move up the field.. i play snake and im personnally ok with having to work a little harder to have to get in there…

  7. J

    Just played this layout this weekend at Whittier Ranch. It’s a lot funner to play than it looks. The snake isn’t as hard to get into as you think.

  8. me

    what wire there is none. the snake is all on its own just play the outside of the elbow then go around you dont have to worrie about the tape line cause there is none

  9. Profile photo of Joe

    its a good snake theres nothing wrong with it just be smart about it and theres no wire to be hit by so your good there and you dont need anything other than at the 40 it just makes your moving a lot more simplw its just gana be a very aggressive snake thats a good thing

  10. Upandcoming

    Instead of everyone complaining about diving into snake, just dive over the bunker into the mini a and you’ll be good:)
    Sure pros will be doing this!!

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