Raney Stanczak getting the pro paintball itch

Raney Stanczak’s name keeps popping up. In the last few weeks he has been seen playing with Texas Storm, AC402.com – Greg Pauley’s team, and practicing at several California paintball parks. ProPaintball insiders have told us that Raney has been practicing with local pro squad the LA Ironmen on more than one occasion. Raney is a very smart back and mid insert player and would be a strong pick up for a pro team. Sources suggest the Ironmen have been in talks about bringing him onboard. In Phoenix he played with AC402.com in division 2 but it wouldn’t surprise us to see him playing in the pro division sooner rather than later.

Raney Stanczak pro paintball player
Pro paintball player Raney Stanczak

Prior to taking a break to finish College and play professional poker, Raney played pro with the Ironmen, Aftermath and Dynasty.

6 thoughts on “Raney Stanczak getting the pro paintball itch”

  1. Raney is a great guy and would be a great pick up for any pro team. I am just glad to see him back in the paintball world as his is fun to watch.

  2. Raney is absolute killer on the paintball field, any team would be lucky to have him, especially during clutch points. Evolved my game around Raney/SD Aftermath style and it’s completely elevated my game. Keep killin it on the field Raney!

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