Paintball Field Make Over Program

Giant Sportz sent of a killer program to help boost paintball field business. Check it!

Economic times are tough in the U.S., but lucky for us in 2012 we are about to enter the biggest boomin paintball history. Are you ready for it? Giant Sportz is proud to announce we will be selecting one lucky field to be a part of the first ever Field Makeover Program, a once in a lifetime opportunity to expose your business to an entirely new set of clientele, skyrocket your attendance numbers, and fine-tune your marketing programs by working alongside some of the best media and manufacturing companies in paintball.

The creators of Giant Sportz, owners and operators of paintball parks including SC Village Paintball Park, the multi-faceted Hollywood Sports nine million dollar extreme park, California Paintball Park and Giant Paintball Parks in San Diego, have banded together with Empire, Tippmann, Spyder, PbNation, APG, Social Paintball, Paintball Photography, PaintballX3, and to create an all-star cast of paintball marketing experts all teaming up for this exciting new project.

“We want to change someone’s life” explains Dennis Bukowski, managing partner at Giant Sportz. “The lucky field receiving this makeover is going to see their business grow and their attendance numbers rise beyond their wildest dreams.”

The winner of the Field Makeover Program will receive:

  • -Brand new additions to their rental fleet
  • -A new marketing plan catered specifically to the chosen park
  • -A social media army exposing their park to a brand new set of clientele
  • -Weekly webinars and operations meetings
  • -Management training at our SoCal facility as well as an on-site field evaluation
  • and so much more!

“With absolutely no strings attached, no long-term commitments, and no investments required, this is a paintball sweepstakes that truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity” states Giovanni D’Egidio, managing partner at Giant Sportz. “We are going to involve the winner with major corporation employee benefit plans, city fundraisers, and many other proven marketing techniques we’ve used in Southern California that can be easily implemented at other parks.”

**Field owners of all sizes interested in The Makeover Program should send an email to Please include a short introductory paragraph that introduces yourself and your business. The deadline for submissions is May 21st, so operators are encouraged to send in their request for an application as soon as possible.

Those who are not fortunate enough to win will still be a part of our e-mail blast program filled with helpful research and techniques that can be used to increase revenue at your park. All program information will also be available for viewing through a special forum on PbNation. The forum will be the main information channel for this new venture, and we would like to invite all of those interested to check back often to see what new insights have been shared!

Giant Sportz
(562) 867-9600 (ask for Chris or Pando) –


  1. Jose

    how bout xtreme paintball park in millstadt IL sal and tore work so hard and itll be good to living up stl paintball and bring more of a scene

  2. Tim

    We purchased the property in 2007, at the time we were planning to use it for a tow truck buisness, we were not allowed to zone the property for the buisness. We were approach by someone about the paintball buisness. We soon fell in love with the sport and the people. We have had some bad luck with a partner who walked away because he said not enough income . We had to pay him off , so it made it tough to survive another year but here we are. We had a field manger who didn’t do a whole lot and soon fizzed out.We purchased a compressor on credit and it didn’t last long and we are still paying for a compressor that doesn’t work. We purchased rental guns from the same guys, and they didn’t work so hot either.Guess what , we are still here, because this is an amazing sport and we have meet some amazing people . We have worked hard and struggled to make this a success. We have three hospitals that are joined together on our site with a 100 thousand square feet to play in, with 50 acres out side play. Look on youtube for “przpaintball” some players have great footage on there. We would also love for you to come and take a look at our field. Are first opening day we had 6 players, the next year opening dat we had 1 hundred, This year 3hundred and 60 players opening day,
    We played small games in the winter months.

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