Ironmen Pro Paintball player Scott Kemp MIA

Scott Kemp of the Los Angeles Ironmen will not being competing at the 2012 PSP Phoenix Open. If rumors are true, this would be the 2nd (of 2) events he has missed in 2012. The first event was due to friend and former teammate Alex Hong’s wedding. This time around his absence is due to a Body Building competition. According to ProPaintball insiders Skemp would like to continue competing professionally but his body building career takes priority. From what we have heard, Skemp is extremely dedicated to body building. So much so that he recently left his desk job to follow his dream. Only time will tell what happens with his professional paintball career.

Where do you think Skemp should focus his energy? Paintball, Body Building, or both?


  1. adsfa

    Which ever is paying more…looks like body building since its supporting him enough to quit his job. haters will hate because he didnt pick paintball but its just gonna be some random kid that doesnt understand the reality of professional paintball

  2. NewPro

    Srs, the only pro career worse than a pro baller, would be a body builder. Two buddies who are ifbb pros and deys broker than a mofo. its a race to the bottom

  3. Scott Kemp

    This is not true. I quit my desk job to play more paintball and I’m not rostered for PHX because I missed a practice. I’m not a bodybuilder nor do I want to be one. I compete in physique shows and have a passion for fitness, not bodybuilding.

      1. ellrod21

        Scott, i wish to applaud you i want to do the same, i not wish to be a Spartan, i wish to be hercules himself, you are an inspiration and my role model! please keep up the good work!

    1. Roid Rage

      That guy is taking PED’s no doubt, I guarantee if he was piss tested right now he’d fail.

  4. LOL

    Undoubtedly on test, tren, and clen, probably some other sh!t too.

    Why would you take advice from someone who can’t do it naturally?

    1. LOL

      The androgen receptors in your delts are certainly an indicator, you’re riding a bike son, have fun shrinking unless you blast and cruise, or just cruise (forever)

  5. menudo

    Scotts never taken anything straight protein all day everyday. You bitches are jelly

  6. chris

    haters gonna hate! Kemp is motivated and dedicated and those that look for ways to call him a cheater simply cannot perform at the same level and need a reason why they cant!

  7. Roid Rage

    That’s like saying MMA fighters don’t juice, stop being ignorant. I’m not hating on Skemp for whatever PED’s he’s taking, because even he knows he is taking them. It’s the fact that he won’t admit it. How about I pay for the blood work to be done, and you post the results on the net?

    1. brooklyn45

      Even if it is true, which I doubt, so what? He still puts in work at the gym. PED’s aren’t Vitarays that will turn you into Captain America in 2 minutes. You still have to work hard in the gym.

  8. Josh

    Scott does not take roids you idiots..if you followed him on fb and checked up on his website you would realize that he does not cheat the system… Guy takes working out serious and eats healthy literally everyday ALLDAY!

  9. Jazztastic

    LOL at everyone hating on Kemp. He’s following his dream and doing what he’s passionate about. What are you doing? Oh that’s right you’re trolling :P

  10. joe mammy

    Why would you post a story that isn’t true? How many of you’re posts go un-fact checked?

  11. Briana

    Wow seriously people if you don’t personally know Scott then you don’t have a right to comment about what he does or doesn’t do. Unless its positive input no one wants to hear it. Haters only make you famous!

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