Sports Media Productions acquires PSP Media license

According to a press release we just received, Sports Media Productions has acquired the rights to broadcast all of Paintball Sports Productions (PSP Events) media. Read on for more information about this new company founded by Dave Youngblood, Patrick Spohrer and Matty Marshall.

PSP Pro Paintball

SMP Press Release

What does this mean for paintball?

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27 thoughts on “Sports Media Productions acquires PSP Media license”

      1. I was able to watch New Jersey from my phone last year. Went to psp website and i watched some points. it was a little choppy but it was still there

  1. It means that the webcasts are gonna cost money this year. Licensing rights cost money. How are they going to make the money back? Advertisement alone? Or will the viewers have to pay for this?

    1. i would suspect that the ads would pay for the spots. forcing viewers to pay will not work with those unknown to the sport, ie. you don’t pay to watch a cricket game if you don’t know what cricket is. I hope SMP has the sense to make this decision, as it is likely the only way the company will survive.

  2. they need to have every player wear a barrel cam and then edit everything later on and show where all the kills come from. Then show the match all edited. THATS what will make people watch. regular people watching on tv don’t really know what to look for…

  3. free webcast is the best thing for paintball right now. matty marshal just needs to chill out and stop talking about what players should be doing and explain what is happening in the game. watch nfl commentators etc to get practice.

  4. Nice website! I love it when a press release goes out before the site goes up. Very professional. Is anyone surprised this is just a “media” company owned by Dye? I can’t wait for all the unbiased “reporting” and “reviews” of fabulous Dye products. I guess this fills the gap Gino left behind when he closed down Paintball2Xtremes. That was one long commercial for Gino’s products just like this is going to be one long commercial for Dye.

    Dye Precision Inc.

    10637 Scripps Summitt Court
    San Diego, California 92131
    United States

    Registered through:, LLC (
    Created on: 17-Nov-11
    Expires on: 17-Nov-13
    Last Updated on: 17-Nov-11

    1. This was my thought as well, and I’m sure it’s something running through a lot of people’s minds… One can’t help but wonder how everything is going to be presented. Are they going to give more camera time to the teams playing with Dye equipment? Are they going to edit the footage to cut out the scene where some player’s rotor fails catastrophically (not a ding on rotors… they’re great… just saying, if one bombs are we going to see that?)

      Their principals are a manufacturer, a video guy, and a writer/editor. They need to hire someone to run and manage their communications.

      1. It’s going to be presented the same way it has been for the past couple of years, but with more resources behind it. And no, it’s not going to be a Dye commercial. Dave is involved because he is a believer in tournament paintball, and of where the sport can go if we believe in ourselves and try harder to cover the players, the teams, and he has the nerve to put money behind those convictions. We have to do something; paintball has been losing steam. And this is bigger than just Dave, bigger than just the webcast. We trying hard Steve, and have been for years, to get the paintball story out there, and to fight for our sports life. If you’re a fan of pro paintball, this is good thing. Without DYE, Planet, Kee and the other big companies that make this possible, that fund teams and leagues, there is no pro paintball. That not a plug, that’s the truth.

      1. Haha maybe you see dye gear, because dye is one of the few companies left still sponsoring teams and tournament paintball… Without dye paintball would be in bad shape

  5. You people obviously didnt read the post…These are most of the same people who have been doing the webcast…how the hell would dye edit live paintballers are stupid.Complain complain complain.

  6. I just tried shooting Matty an email using his email in that newsletter and it’s coming up the “domain name not found”

    1. Hi everyone, my email is As you read, we are looking forward to providing a better webcast than we have in the past, and SMP will work to bring you content beyond the webcast as well. It’s webcast is still free, and the plan is do 3 days instead of the usual two. You’ll be hearing more about that very soon. Thanks for everyone’s support. We are doing all we can to fight the good fight and bring more paintball stories to you. We all need to do what we can to help grow paintball.

  7. I applied for a media pass for Galvy and its been 10 days, I still havent heard back about anything. One of my buddies has his and I was just curious as to when I would know whether or not I’ll be allowed on the fields.

    Thanks for the Info!

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