Paintball team XSV updates logo for 2012

Riley Sullivan from Paintball team XSV
Riley Sullivan from Paintball team XSV

Rumors circulated that pro paintball team XSV has been considering a color change for 2012. After using the colors black and gold for five consecutive years, Sacramento XSV will be moving to a neon green and black color scheme.

Earlier this morning, XSV pro player uploaded a copy of the revamped logo on twitter. The logo continues to use the same font, nautical star, and shield that has become an icon to many in the paintball community.

New paintball gear logo for XSV
New paintball gear logo for XSV

ProPaintball insiders rumor that this change was suggested by team sponsor JT Paintball to better support the companies new line of paintball equipment and color ways. Could the neon green and black colors be an indicator of the future of JT Paintball? Only time will tell.

15 thoughts on “Paintball team XSV updates logo for 2012”

  1. If this “report” is true, than it is a shame that the team changed their team colors at a sponsors request. It’s more evident now than ever before, sponsors and “sponsorships” come and go like waves upon the beach.

  2. XSV had some of the best jerseys in Paintball when they could use yellow, but not the leagues have banned it and for the or the last 2 years they have been black and brown and black and grey. If they go with a green and black jersey it will look hot.

  3. This actually has nothing do with JT. Instead it has do do with an ongoing study that Thomas and Rich have been interested in. The Psych department at UC Berkley found that the black and lime green color combination registers less with the brain than any other. There for a person is less likely to pick up the move.

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