New Paintball Gun: Valken Proton

Photos surfaced this morning of Valken’s new paintball gun. Officially known as the Proton, the new gun will come with a MAP price tag of $299.95 and be available to dealers starting in March of 2012.

The Valken Proton paintball gun featured in Pink & Black
The Valken Proton paintball gun featured in Pink & Black

According to ProPaintball insiders, the Valken Proton paintball gun is being produced as a collaboration between Mokal (makers of the Aurora) and Valken Sports.

The Proton, a new paintball gun from Valken
The Proton, a new paintball gun from Valken

40 thoughts on “New Paintball Gun: Valken Proton”

    1. This is probably gunna be below a victory as far as performance but looks yes. Performance will probably be around a 2011 Proto Rail. Or at least i would hope.

    2. That’s a nice gun I hate how people have to come on here and hate… its a mix between a mice and rail both nice guns. Quit hating until you can own a better gun or produce better

  1. It’ll probably be internally the similar as the Aura, using a clapper solenoid. It should be set at a very good price point, entry level-mid range, and be backed up by a very good company. :tup:

    1. Dude do your homework before you comment. That gun has no functionality in common with a G6R. You can’t compare that piece of garbage on any level with a G6R. It doesn’t even scratch the surface. To comapre that gun to a Bob Long gun is like comparing a ferrari to your moms mini van. LOL!!!

      1. Your right gun has no resemblense to a g6r and it is like comparing an italian sports car to a soccer moms mini van

      2. Ive never shot this valken type of gun before but bob long makes a fantastic marker that i have shot and im sure this garbage doesnt compare and dave your right this idiot needs to do his homework before saying anything else

  2. Will they show up at my store pre broken and then be billed to have them fixed like so many other guns that came out of the old National paintball just saying

    1. Gotta say. I own a Valken Proton personally. This gun is reliable but will chop with a bad hopper. In a firefight with 2 guys I went to Ramp Mode #2 and Lit them up! Saved me from a lot of paint cleaning. This gun I love. Haters get the heck outta here.

  3. Oh my god, come on. Its a mokal aura, are you kidding me. That’s not new. It’s a piece of trash, LOL!!! What a joke. Valken, do us all a favor and stick to making clothes. Which by the way aren’t that great either. Neither is that crap loader.

      1. hey dave you seem to complain alot man. I personally like valkens clothing its light and it has lasted. but thats not the point, to me seeing a gun like this come out for around $300 is fantastic mainly for getting people into the sport. like any other sport yes you do have your ferrari’s (which really ta their good but many european and german cars are better), your high end burton snowboards, your $1200 skates and so on. but what for the people who do not dedicate their lives but still love it or just plain cannot afford it, priorities first right (food, shelter, kids, bills. I personally believe starting to see markers like this coming out at affordable prices is actually going to help the sport, people that want to get into and try can and without buying from walmart..enough to keep up without breaking the bank…

    1. Wow can valken stoop any lower theyre scraping the bottom of the barrel jesus agreed complete garbage well said…well said

  4. I bet 99% of you guys ripping on it have never even used a mokal, and the 1% of you that did took 5 shots and said theres no kick, it’s all horizontal.

    The aura has a surprisingly good shot quality and is great for us bigger back to mid players who don’t mind working the oh so heavy (sarcastically) 50gram trigger.

  5. You’re all idiots. This is an Aura II rebranded. Valken does not actually MAKE markers, they only rebrand and slightly mill existing guns. See Valken SW1, Valken g6r, Valken E1 and finally this thing. Support innovation, refuse valken.

    1. Id fucking shoot myself before touching an ion this gun is garbage get off this website im a well educated 14 year old and even i know this gun is complete shit

      1. Educated 14 year old that is laughable. I have paintball shoes that have seen more miles than you. Shawn said it best, this is a marker to bring people in not to hold them hostage on the price. I have owned many markers over the years and have goods and bads to say about all of them. I, unlike most of you, own a mokal aura and enjoy shooting it as much as my vamp ego 10, dye nt or my Legend. It is light, small, quite and perfect for a rainy day back up. I have yet to hear anyone give a technical reason why the aura is bad (a minor exception to battery life). You name brand snobs need to remember even planet Eclipse and to start some where, so get over yourself. Try it before you piss on it. ( FYI educated people don’t need to use profanity)

  6. Oh I almost forgot, don’t expect a mid month release of this marker. Recently featured at paintball extravaganza in Washington, the body was the only milled feature that was different than the original Aura. No Valken grips, no Valken custom milled forgrip, no flashy colours. Valken has a way to go to get these on the shelves. The pictures above are nice photoshop renderings of what might be not what is….

  7. Would this be a good starter gun? I am thinking about either getting this or a Invert mini, please help.

  8. IMHO for $300 its worth trying it out. Have shot AXE, ION, SysX, Cockers, Proto’s. I like em all – I have some complaints about each.
    This Valken doesn’t look bad – its got a bit of sex appeal…..and like many have said…for $300 its a good entry….and I bet for those who take care of it, it will do just fine

  9. all i hope that its not another Rouge. but for the price range and the rep that valken has i will be in tune to see how this marker grows

  10. I totally agree with u shawn. I actually have the Proton, and love it 2 death. It was the perfect gun to get me into the sport and I use it every weekend :P

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