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Last year we broke the news that the NPPL/PSP pro paintball merger was off of the table. Throughout the merger discussions, rumors circulated that the paintball manufactures were hoping to scale down the number of events in a season so that they could more effectively market paintball and support the teams competing. As you can only imagine, rolling several semi-trucks loaded with paintball gear and staff to 10 or 12 different locations is a costly endeavor.

Rumors have circulated as to what direction Empire Paintball, GI Sports, Valken, Procaps, Planet Eclipse and others were taking in the 2012 paintball season. The following press release landed in our inbox moments ago confirming Empire Paintball’s direction.

2012 PSP and Empire Press Release

What are your thoughts on this paintball news?

5 thoughts on “Empire Paintball sponsors the PSP”

  1. I guess it makes it official, but with the news that ProCaps/GI and RPS would be the only paint suppliers for the PSP this season, was there ANY doubt that Empire wouldn’t be on board with the PSP??

  2. So it looks like the NPPL is going to be only sponsored by Valken this year(for paint). What I find interesting is that most of the industry is on the side of the PSP. It’s too bad the merger didn’t work out. My guess is that the NPPL will fold again within the next year or two as the PSP continues to grow. The paintball industry as a whole has changed over the last few years. The general direction has been in the PSP’s favor.

  3. I do somewhat agree. Too much drama in the paintball world. There have been merger talks for years, cheater boards, everyone leaving for team Dynasty, reffing is insufficient. I want to watch a sport not a soap opera. With all the schanaginz paintball will never go big time. Maybe if there is just one league and the officating gets better. Paintball needs what Dana White did for UFC.

    1. It’s not just paintball my man, life is dramatic.

      You can’t really compare paintball to any major sports right now. It’s so new and still evolving. 20 years ago paintball was almost a completely different game.

      Paintballs have to get cheaper for us to be a sport (Hydrotech where you at). You can’t learn much if you’re just practicing one a week, with one case of paint as I think the average competitive player does.

      Paintball also needs coaching. That’s what separates us from being a sport of execution and a game of tag.

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