Pro Paintball pick ups for XSV 2012

Sacramento XSV is setting the stage for another successful year in the pro paintball circuit. The team recently picked up Jason and Corey Bornstein from Oakland BLAST. The Hebrew Hammers as they are known, previously played with Ballistic and XSV Influence in divisional paintball. Later they worked there way up  into the semi professional world and played with the OC Bushwackers, San Diego Aftermath and Newport Entourage. The two are known to feast on the field and will be solid additions to the team.

Pro paintball players Jason and Corey Bornstein

Also in the news, Patrick Slattery is said to be returning to the team. Pat played with XSV from 2008-2010 and then joined San Francisco Explicit in 2011.

The question remains as to whether or not the team will be competing in one or both of the pro paintball leagues in 2012. Prior to the merger rumors, XSV’s Junior Brown mentioned a sincere interest in playing the PSP in conjunction with the NPPL in 2012. Team owner Rich Telford has been known to been a devout 7-man supporter. However, with the NPPL format adopting more of an Xball structure, who knows where the team will end up.

What format would you like to see XSV play in 2012?


  1. CassMoney

    Some interesting moves being made in Northern California right now and this is definitely a great acquisition for XSV. I’m hoping to see XSV and Explicit in the top four this season and with all the recent pick ups, it’s definitely looking like a strong possibility.
    Good luck NorCal homies.

    -Cass Money

    1. Ron Burgundy

      Cass Money what the hell are you doing on this site? Don’t you have clothes to design or moonshine to make up in the Oregon hills?

  2. marine015

    gonna be a young strong team this year.they would struggle in the psp against the russians,dyansty,and damage.there program has always been built around 7 man and they will be more succesful in the nppl

  3. steve

    I think that no matter what they do is cool but they might struggle for the 1st couple events in psp considering how long they’ve been playing 7man and switching to 5 man might throw off their game for an event or so

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