RUMOR: New Pro Paintball team in the works

Rumors are floating around the paintball world that a new pro paintball team is in the works. Read on for the inside scoop.

Critical Paintball forming a new pro team

Critical Paintball forming a new pro team

According to ProPaintball insiders, Critical Paintball team is looking to make their pro debut in 2012. Insiders report that a spot was opened up after Oakland BLAST announced they would not be competing in 2012. ProPaintball insiders point to Critical Paintbal’s D1 Wrecking Crew as the team best positioned to become the next NPPL Pro team. Insiders tell us the new paintball team, known officially as Los Angeles Critical, will be playing with 2012 Bob Long G6R’s, shooting Empire Paintballs and wearing head to toe Empire Paintball Gear.

Critical Paintball team playing NPPL

Critical Paintball has had a long history of involvement in the NPPL. In 2005, the team competed in Division 1 as Critical Paintball. Later, the team rebuilt as the Critical Wrecking Crew and began working their way up  through the divisions. CWC has played every division from D4 to D1 and a move to the pro division seems like the next logical step. Recently, ProPaintball reported that LA Infamous would be rebuilding with a Mid-West squad and might be calling Detroit home, potentially freeing up the Los Angeles home city. It goes without saying that Los Angeles is a hot property of interest in the NPPL. Following in the footsteps of Sacramento XSV, San Francisco Explicit, and San Diego Dynasty, Los Angeles as a city fits perfectly in building a fully functional NPPL West Coast Franchise.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of Los Angeles Critical replacing Oakland BLAST? Will we see Zack Long, Kekoa Ferguson, or other BLAST pro paintball players surface on the roster? Share your thoughts!


  1. Todd

    Congrats to the Crictical Crew…they’ve paid dues….perfect squad to rep LA….

  2. dielan

    KM and Rob Baker, there players to watch handle buisness, this squad is full of talent and will defintely be turning heads in there 1st pro season .

  3. Jbo

    I have a km jersey for sale, buy a piece of pro paintball history LOL :) go rob baker and km lol my ex teammates U guys diserve it

  4. boxxy

    I don’t see Empire allowing them to shoot a bob gun and be a pro squad. They aren’t Dynasty with the special treatment. But, congrats on the Pro status

    1. A

      empire making other pro teams shoot their guns usually means that empire gives them a lot more in gear and other things. critical being able to do this most likely means that empire will be giving them significantly less than pro teams that are required to shoot axes.

    2. Scott Knight

      Seattle Thunder is an Empire team and we are shooting Luxe’s this year

  5. Mike Ashley

    You couldn’t pick a better team than Critcal to rep for LA in the NPPL! Their team consists of all Los Angeles based players who are not only great at the sport of paintball but are awesome people to be around off the field as well. Their store is a great place for beginners to pros having a knowledgeable and friendly staff…. I wish you the best of luck JP and the rest of the boys over at Crotical in sealing the deal on moving to Pro status!!!

  6. MoonMan

    Does Critical Wrecking Crew have any relation to Velocity Wrecking Crew?? I haven’t been around the tournament scene in a while, but I remember velocity wrecking crew as some young and hungry players in the lower divisions. If these two teams are the same it’s great to see teams work their way up from the lower divisional ranks.

    1. trevor

      some of them played with new school and velocity. but those teams were picked away by the ironmen and aftermath, a majority of these guys dont have relations with those teams

  7. @moonman

    complete different teams and rosters with no affiliation, VWC players that still play are with the ironmen, other than jon and shane who have a team in northern california called royalty

  8. vinnie

    cant wait to see all my homies wreck shop this year go get the critical!!!


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