Discussion: How can we grow paintball?

Are you tired of hearing that “paintball is on the decline?”, or “paintball is dead”? We are. The SGMA reports say one thing, event attendance says another. While we can all agree that paintball is not as active as it was in 2005, we can also agree that people are playing, just not as many.

Tippman Scenario Paintball

Today’s discussion focuses in on this touchy subject. How can we, as paintball community members revive paintball? What are we missing? Is it television and video games, or exciting fields and marketing tie ins? Grass roots marketing, or commericial advertising?

What will it take to get paintball back on top?

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  1. We are missing the television coverage along with the advertisement. There needs to be more talk about the sport and what it is actually doing. Most people think paintball is just a game that employees or teams of other sports use as a bonding tool.

    1. Agree to this. Too many players prefer to over-shoot, shoot hot, and “kill newbies” rather than play by the rules against players of similar caliber. Fields that segregate and protect newer players are probably the single most important factor in growing our sport because that’s where the money lies, in getting new/more players.

  2. I’ll say one thing, if you would have walked on a field when I started in 1999 and said that, WGP, JT, Smart Parts, Viewloader, Angel (WDP), PMI and yes even Brass Eagle would be tits up in a little over a decade you would have been laughed out of the place.

    The absolute most general list of problems that I have seen from the past few years,

    -We (paintballers) are no longer in the public eye whatsoever.

    -The cocky, shit talking, frat boy (i.e. unprofessional) mentality that tournament paintball has taken on hasn’t helped.

    -Brick and mortar stores (and their fields, tournaments etc.) have been killed by the internet.

    -Lack of a unified professional circuit.

    What can we do? Make a complete 180 in the culture and professionalism of the sport and get people to the fields again by marketing paintball’s signature trait…it’s extremely fun!

      1. YEA! Because everyone that plays paintball or that is looking to get into it looks at the smackbox on this site! Seriously get a fucking clue, only people that play tournaments keep up with this site. NO ONE that is getting into the sport has a clue what propaintball.com is.

  3. I have tons of friends that would play, and consistently, they just feel it’s too expensive, which it is. It cost nearly 500+ dollars just to start playing competitively.

  4. Prices are huge… this is expensive, and newbs get RIPPED to the max, let’s face it.

    it’s crazy expensive just for 1 single day of play if you’re a rental.

    also, you have to look at the demographics of this sport. Mostly agg smackbox sh*t talkers who prolly don’t even have jobs.

    rentals get even more ripped.

    but good thing is, paint isn’t $100/case anymore.

    1. Paint not being $100/case anymore is a horrible thing, because cheaper paintballs didn’t make the paint bill any cheaper.

      Players shooting a case a day at $45 is more expensive than players shooting a bag a day at $25.

      Cheaper paint increased the amount of paint shot, making play more expensive, and making paintball less fun, especially for new players.

      1. You sir, are retarded. Paint being cheaper did not make people shoot more paint. Faster guns and advance in game play are the reason people shoot more paint.

    2. Should have said it this way:

      $40 for entry/air/500 paintballs.
      $40 for another 500 paintballs (which nearly no one will buy) and $10 for another 100 paintballs (which few people may buy).

      Everybody gets to play a day of paintball for $40, the newbies are happy because no one is shooting a ton of paint at them, and the field’s margin is $30/player.

      1. The field I work at gives 500 more rounds to players for only $10 more if you buy a rental package at full price. If you use a discount coupon, then its $15 for 500 more rounds.

        Discount coupon:
        $30-gets rental gear, all day admission, air, and 500 rounds.
        $45- add another 500 rounds of paint.

        Full Price:
        $60-gets rental gear, all day admission, air, and 500 rounds.
        $70- add another 500 rounds of paint.

  5. Paintball is missing structure.

    The Sport needs a paint cap.
    When an ahtlete steps onto a playing surface he knows the facts. 1 ball, 2 defensmen, 3 outs the player knows the rules and knows what he is up against. The odds are even on both teams before the match begins.

    How many cases will we shoot? how many is the opposition using?. We all think this before a tournment. Notice as the divisions get higher more paint is used. This is becasue of higher sponsorship to select teams and they set the tempo for that division. Pro’s dont pay for paint. Your paint sponsorship of 10 cases or w.e% off sets the tempo for the teams around you and they shoot more paint just to be able to compete. This discourages new comers to the sport.

    a paint cap allows the lower divisons to mimic the proffesional game that they aspire too without changing the way the game is played.

    1. How does what the pros do have any baring what-so-ever on new players coming into the sport? Last I checked Dynasty (or any other pro team) does not play agaist noobs. You are talking about two different worlds here.
      The thing that concerns me here is the experienced players who beat up on noobs on purpose. Those are the guys that need to be run off the field.
      You wanna grow paintball? Take a new player under your wing and show them the ropes. Let them take a few shots with your paintball gun. Play on the same team with them. Answer their questions, no matter how “dumb” you think they are. Just be friendly on the field.
      We do not need paintball on ESPN or any other major network. Granted, I would like to see paintball on TV again. But this wont do anything to grow paintball at your local field. But being a friend to newer players will.

  6. Like all the sports that have survived, baseball, football golf, etc., paintball need to affordable and.available to play 1-3 times per week. Otherwise people either lose interest or don’t get started at all.

    Instead of worrying about paint prices, what if there were xball format games but based on group decision by the league, there was a cap on how much paint each person could carry. For example, each person is only allowed a hopper maybe 2 pods per game.

    I think it’s ridiculous how much the pros shoot. The team who can afford to.shoot the most paint, shouldn’t have the advantage. The game.shpuldnt be about constantly laying down lanes.

    If shooting less paint each time means I can go more times per week I would for sure do it. Im jealous of pump players who have that discipline

    Also, by having xball format a fields could host one match on like a Friday or Saturday night. This would also be more appealing to television, as it is more like successfull sports like baseball or football which air one game between two teams.

    “you gonna watch the paintball game tn? Dynasty is playing Russian legion in a race to 9″ how sick would that be??? One day maybe…

  7. There needs to be a way to track kills. Statistics is the biggest thing ESPN has to talk about. We argue all the time over who are the best players in world. different color paint for each person? Idk but there needs to be more stats

      1. Its primarily because paintball does not have a single focal point of interest. Virtue’s software is the closest we’ll get to getting stats.

  8. We’re scaring everybody away all by ourselves. At it’s core, paintball is really fun and a brotherhood, but I think we’ve gone away from that. Everybody get’s caught up in all of the drama and “politics” of paintball. At the fields, newcomers see a bunch of foolish people dressed like power rangers arguing, cursing, and fighting over incredibly trivial matters (this coming from someone who prefers to play xball). These players act like they own the field and have no respect or trigger control when it comes to new players. Going to a field for the first time and seeing how these fools act, and then getting shot 800 times by these “experienced” players doesn’t make anyone want to come back. The atmosphere is negative and unwelcoming. I don’t think that paintball will ever really die, we just won’t see huge growth until we change our attitudes and rise up against those that think it’s ok to light up a bunch of new players.

  9. Everyone needs to not be so greedy. Everyone wants something for themselves. NPPL has boards installed for stats, nice touch. PSP has a nice watchable webcast. A paintcap isnt necessary. College paintball seems to make it on tv. I think if PSP were to take virtues board and get all the stats they would have a great watchable show.

    We all know it doesnt cost $1200 to make a gun, so why are they selling for that much? If people werent so greedy we could have a cheaper sport. paint cost is $40 a case. If we supported smaller companies it would help as well. I could go on and on…

    1. Amen! If marker companies would lower their costs, then more would/could play. I’m not saying make them dirt cheap, just not the price of a luxe, NT, etc.

  10. For the improvement of paintball, we have to open the door to other countries in Brazil and one difficult the famous mark, there is only two I know where Planet Eclipse and Dye and others like Sly, HK ARMY, among other GI Sportz and very difficult the find these marks here and when they find and very expensive and pricing … my idea and had some great event in Brazil to innovate the market Paintball here in our country.

    1. You have 200% tax on paintball items in your country, that’s your problem in Brazil and until you fix that, or start making guns in your own country to avoid the horrible import tax, there’s no solution forthcoming.

  11. You want to see paintball grow? Then these companies need to quit charging people ridiculous prices for equipment and paint and chaulking it up to “oh it just costs more to make” BULL SHIT MISTER HAN MAN!!! When people start waking up, and standing up to the nonsense then paintball will grow. Paintball will never grow in a sour economy when the price of most decent equipment especially markers is over priced. There’s no way in HELL it should cost $1200 for an Ego when the dang gun is basically the same gun it has been since it’s inception. Stuff like that is ridiculous. And when people start waking up and say hey, um ” I think I’m getting raped by the paintball companies and manufacturers” Then maybe paintball can get somewhere. It’s sad but paintball is being sorely hindered by the one thing that is needed the most to grow the sport, the paintball companies and manufactures of paintball equipment.

    1. if you dont want the ego, just get etek. ive had both and they shoot the exact same. i can take an ion and compete against someone with a luxe or nt and there would be no difference of gameplay between me and my opponent. technically, anyone can compete as long as the gun shoots atleast 12.5 a second. and there definitly are guns that can do that, and they only cost 300-600

  12. Great comments! I think that we need to balance the unfair burden of cost imposed on the “walk on players.” I fully understand that the 1x and 2x a year players are the backbone of our sport. Though, after spending more than $80 for entry, air, paint and rental, most people won’t consider doing this on a regular basis. I believe that the cost for a walk on and rental should be $20. Then, a case of paint should run $30-$35. This would allow for them to play on a more regular basis. This sport will not grow if we cant get more people to become paint ballers! Just my 2cents….

  13. I agree with everyone saying money is the issue. The bottom line is paintball is a luxury sport and like other luxury sports in which even the most modest equipment is beyond the means of the majority of atheltes, there just won’t be enough popularity for a sports network to justify air-time for paintball. If paintball were to ever grow to the scale of NASCAR, for example, it would have to be done so primarily through private means. In other words, some very rich guys would need to commit large amounts of their assets to building an infrastructure for the sport and then entice other rich guys to join. A much more realistic goal would be to someday achieve the intermediate-scale exposure of motocross. Motocross is even more expensive than paintball, yet it enjoys a loyal market and fansbase, media exposure, and most importantly, consitency. There is no reason why paintball can’t rival motocross. In fact, the only thing missing may be time. Motocross has been around a few more decades than paintball and the result is that first-generation and now second-generation riders have brought up their children in the sport. That’s how it starts. Loyal enthusiasts and TIME. That’s the only way paintball will enjoy any amount of sustained and consistent growth. However, don’t expect it to ever grow to the size of NASCAR unless about 20 or so millionaires deside they have nothing better to with their time and money! As far as the douchebag attitude of many tournament players, it just sort of comes with the territory of a luxury sport. Just focus on improving individually and spanking those rich fools. If there’s one thing spoiled brats will never understand, it is humility. They hate it.

  14. There are several issues that effect why player number are down:

    -Money needs to be diverted to advertising among the mainstream sports netwoks.

    -The notion among common-folk that paintball isn’t a sport, and that it is just a war game, need to be changed. How? Media presence. More commercials SHOWING the general population what the sport is and what its about needs to be done.

    -Stop worrying about ESPN. Our bridges are most likely burned there. Start concentrating on FUEL TV, GrindTV and other more mainstream outlets for the sport.

    -The industry needs to get creative in coming up with marketing campaigns in mainstream settings. How? I’m not sure exactly. But putting our minds together will bring the ideas forward.

    -Get more in touch with new media practices. Stay on top of things.

    -Get more females involved.

    -Concentrate on some of the best players in the sport and really promote them. Tell their story. Let the general population into their lives and tell their story and how and why they became active in the game. Ever watch the Olympics? Make the viewers connect with the “players”.

    -The use of the term “player”. MAYBE that needs to be changed. A “player” is just that, a player. The use of the term “athlete” makes people think more highly of the person. For example, some team sports tend to be given the term “playing”, “play”, etc. You play baseball, you play football, etc. But you don’t PLAY rowing, right? You don’t PLAY bicycling right? Why? All of those sports are considered seriously by people as a real sport. Maybe the industry needs to change the outlook of the game by simple things like concentrating on the individuals competing…athletes? Simple terms being MIGHT affect peoples’ views of the sport.

    -Why are people more accepting of snowboarding over paintball? They know most times when they fall its going to hurt to some degree, right? Is it that they KNOW they are going to be shot and they associate pain with that? Is that the major reason? How do you market pain? Or the lack of it?

    1. What ever happened to the fun of paintball? Remember when scenario games has guys dressed in bunny suits and mechanical robots roamed the fields. People dressed like fictional characters of all sorts…why? They wanted to escape their daily routine. The economy sucks! There’s no better reason then now to escape reality on the weekends. Maybe that end of the sport needs to be promoted more. Paintball began in the woods, and recently we have seen that woodsball/scenario is coming back in a big way. No matter what industry your in, they all have to reinvent themselves from time to time to stay “new”. Paintball needs to bring back the fun old days when you regularly saw mechanical suits on the field and the FUN aspect was the business of the day. Tournament will have its day once again, maybe now isn’t it’s big time now?

    2. I agree about advertising completely … my idea for a commercial is show like woodsball being played then switch to hyperball/spoolball(somthing along those lines) and then finaly to some footage of huge scenario battles. All of these of coarse looking realy intense and fun. Then go to a 4 way split showing all of these and say somthing like which will you choose? Also while the scenes are going on in the back talk about the sport like how its played by x number of people and its playes in x number of countries and so on and so on. I disagree on your choice of channel though. I believe the way to get new players is to put it on channels that young adults watch but not necesarily sports channels.

  15. We should go ask all the kids that quit paintball the last couple of years. It just stops being fun, why is that? The majority that make up these teams are teenagers and young adults, not many of us stay long term. We just get burnt out after a few years or move on with real life; work, school, whatever. Look at all the Aftermath players, how many of them still play?

    People move on with “real” life. Paintball becomes an after thought to many of us. I think a lot of the people that quit enjoyed playing but hated the bullshit going to tournaments and dealing with the drama and politics thats happen. Not many of us come back and try to support the sport we once loved. Who are the people after the Matty Marshalls, Mike Hinmans, the Dave Youngbloods? There are a few heads here and there but enough to help paintball grow or just keep it at the steady pace its going at?

    I don’t think paintball will ever die out but without changes I don’t see growth in it either. Every kid tournament paintball is always trying to look for a handout.

    This sport is expensive, but not that expensive to someone with a pretty good career and salary. Its expensive to the kids working minimum wage and going to school.

  16. Paintball needs youth leagues. every other “main stream” sport has them. Organized youth leagues make parents feel that there is an organized, fun, way to get there kids active in a sport. it would help to introduce people to the sport and give the sport legitimacy in the eyes of the public, and sponsors. Parents are more willing to spend money on a sport if they can see where there kids can progress to.

    paintball is no more expensive then golf. Greens fees are crazy high, but people travel all over the world to play golf.

    -Make the fields a destination, and make them look like a professional sports facility.
    cpx, and giant have done a great job of this.

    1. Yes,
      But I think the key to getting these leagues up and running is finding a way to keep the playing field level, and not forcing parents to invest $300 automatically w/o knowing if their kid is going to stick with it.

      We need local fields to organize these leagues, and make teams where kids will show up and be able to practice together, learning how to move, shoot, and communicate before getting that awesome new gun that shoots a bazillion bps.

      Thats how I learned, and I think most of the other pros around my age. We all started with slower guns so we had to learn the other things, because we couldn’t just shoot lasers.

      Basically to get younger kids interested, lower the barrier to entry, help them form teams based around a local field with a coach to help them, show them the right way to play.


    Stop shopping on the internet and help keep the local guys, who actually care about this sport, alive!

    1. Shop locally? I live in the Bay Area, East Bay and there arent any paintball stores for miles anymore! I have to go to San Jose or Vallejo or Sacramento to get gear. When I go to the stores its even more expensive there, they dont have half of the things I want. If they do its not my size or the wrong color. Hate to say it but there is just no competition between online and physical stores. The only way physical stores last is if they are affiliated with a field that drives paint sales.

  18. Stop being assholes to each other. MMA fighters show more sportsmanship after a match than Pb’ers do. OMG you shoot an ion, what a noob. Nice knee slide what an idiot… etc etc.

    Help out the new player, encourage them to keep playing even though they are getting shot all day.

    Don’t freak out at practices / rec play. Stop cheating, etc.

  19. From 2002 till 06 I played with a am team that won championships in pan am and xpsl. We.all left the game. I came back to this last year. Az paintball is a rec. To much trash talk on internet forums. To much hate. When I played az had almost no tournys cal n vegas was it. There are teams like hellcats(im not a part of) that do more good then bad. So what they play ref and own it. Atleast we have it. As for on a national level world cup set the bar for the first time I saw instant replay. That is the best thing to happen to paintball and if we can put that on a network. Or do what mma did when they also were at a low. Make a reality show. America love reality tv.

  20. in some places it is to expensive ,and it would help alot to get it out there so people know what paintball is all about so Ya ,we should sum how push for it be on TV ,and be advertisted more

  21. Local!!!!!!

    everything comes down to improving the local scene, small local tournaments big games and weekly play. more players n local love means bigger paintball

  22. You really think the viewing public wants to watch people play capture the flag on television all the while pointing guns at one another? I highly doubt this and plus I’ve seen it on television and it looks quite awful. Even as a tournament player this game we all play and enjoy does not translate to television. Paintball will never be mainstream, ever. The running costs of playing are too high for any average joe to play on a regular basis. Sure people are talking about paint costs and such, but you’re also forgetting Entry fee, Gas to get there and back, Food , drink etc. You’re looking at easily over 100 bucks to play on a weekend with or without your own equipment factoring in all of those other costs as well.

  23. Paintball needs to grow up. It happened in snowboarding back in the mid 90’s, and it’s about time paintball goes through the same growing pains. Let me explain.

    The snowboarding companies during the 80’s and much of the 90’s were all out of the garages, or in little shops, and run by “good ol’ boys.” Meaning, most of the industry was run by guys who had no background in business, they just found themselves making a good product that people wanted, but didn’t know how to run an actual business. When snowboarding started to go mainstream, a few smart businesses started to hire accountants, marketing specialists, and former CEO’s, CFO’s etc. Men and women who weren’t a part of the industry, many of whom, had never snowboarded before, but had the knowhow to get a business off the ground.

    The late 90’s saw some snowboard companies go under and others creep up and get stronger. Now you see snowboarding everywhere and it’s become mainstream and popular. Snowboarding is now on an equal footing with skiing, a sport which had been around for 50+ years before the first snowboard hit the slopes.

    Paintball is going through similar growing pains, but these pains were not brought on by ourselves, but by the collapes of the economy. Many of the companies that were making a lot of money in their hayday quickly found themselves sinking. The companies that were well run kept afloat, having money and assets ready for the change in the economy. Over the last 3 1/2 years, we’ve seen mergers, bankruptcies, and buy outs of many “top brands.” Why? Because some companies were/are better run than others.

    I’ve been on the industry side of paintball going on 20 years. I’ve seen the bickering, the fighting, and the childish feuds between companies and their heads. Much of which the average paintballer has never seen or heard about.

    Paintball isn’t going to be better if we have more money, or are on ESPN. That money would only be wasted with the same poor business practices that lead us to this point in the first place. ESPN only acts as a magnifying glass to our problems. To many outsiders we are a bunch of whining children, not to be taken seriously.

    Paintball is slowing growing up. We are in the pubescent stage in our growth. Give us a few more years. More companies like Planet Eclipse, DYE, and Tippmann, will emerge and help recalibrate the public perception of paintball. Only then will paintball come into adulthood.

  24. You want to help paintball grow. It will take two simple items.

    1. When you go play paintball, take someone who hasnt played.

    2. There needs to be a unified format for playing. I dont care if its NPPL, PSP, UWL or what. There needs to be one format. You could get away with one speedball type and one woodsball type but that is it in terms of fracture. Same number of players on the field. Same ROF. Same method for shooting your gun. Same rules. Get the point. It needs to be simple when that new person decides he wants to play more than once and get into the “paintball scene”.

    Do those two things and paintball can thrive again through a grass roots effort. Plain and simple.

  25. 1.Lower bps cap(8-9 bps cap is enough,unless you wish to see a bunch of guys sitting behind a bunker shooting 4 tons of paint each game and call it physical).

    2.Make cheaper paint.

    3.Separate renters from those with electros.



  26. I love it when I see comments about trying to get paintball on tv, because it so sad. Paintball will never do well on tv because it boring to watch, and I love the sport. Hell you can barely fill the stands at an event with regular people. How the hell are you going to get millions to watch it on tv on a regular basis?

    Paintball needs to go back to its roots. The tournament side of things gets all the of the spot light but it’s the smallest percentage of revenue.

    The biggest change that can be made is for some players to stop acting like douche bags at their local fields. is it really necessary to bonus a little kid? or play to full, 3 shot ramp, or anything other semi with walkons or rentals?

  27. get out while you can, i quit and ive had the best months of my life so far, not missing out on fun times with friends and family for tournaments, more money, more time. paintball is dead ya hurd.

  28. TV is NOT the answer!!!
    Coming from a guy that watches every PSP event I don’t play. (Every single match!) I love the web casts, and as a player I cant get enough. The problem is that if you don’t play tournament paintball, you have no reason or interest to watch paintball on TV. It came to me when I was showing my girlfriend one of the best matches of the year between Dynasty and Russians. I was so into it when she said “I have no idea whats going on, all I see is someone shooting. I don’t know what there shooting at!” That is when I realized that what she was saying is the only reason it will never be a TV event. As sad as it seems Paintball dose not need TV. Videos like C.K and Derder will do paintball justice.

  29. TV time and commercial marketing to show people how safe/great a sport it is. Locale games with good attendance and video should send it to the local news. It’s an easy thing to do, just tell em the real reason you want paintball to be on the news. Bc it’s safe, fun for all(players and spectators). Small publicity leads to large publicity…Right?

    1. you’re right. i believe money is the deciding factor in paintball. its not like basketball or football where all you really need to play is a ball…you have to spend at least $1,000 to get into paintball. i hate to say it but it will probably always be an underground sport.

  30. My opinion is that regional events are charging to much and are taking the market share from national events which brings down the attendance of national events and also removes finanical backing. I understand of course that these fields need to make money and that everyone wants to make it big, but expensive regional events are bringing down national events and if national events aren’t “big” anymore then we won’t have coverage or money to grow the sport. As well its hard for the young generation to play paintball with the prices how they are. Think about any extreme sport that is growing. Example: snowboarding – it costs you on average 300 dollars + Equipment for the whole season. As a parent would you rather pay 300 for your child to snowboard for 6 months or 60(ish) a weekend for your kid to play one day. I could go on forever about things that need to change but the biggest opponent to the growth of paintball is money. If you find a cheaper way for people to play consistently you WILL grow. Its fun we all know that, but people don’t think that the fun is worht the money

  31. Paintball is too expensive!!! I know so many teammates and players that have quit the sport, due to finacial reasons. I myself has also quit because it was too expensive. They say they want the sport growing but how could that happen when they want to charge ridiculous prices.

  32. If you played between 2001 and 2005, you already lived in this “sport”‘s best years.

    Its not the industry’s fault, its the players and their attitudes. 10 years ago competitive paintball was both competitive and fun and included all ages. Now its just 15-18 year olds who cheat and shit talk and pose for their friends who are “paintball photographers” because they have a dslr and a mask.

  33. paintball should stay off tv. it shouldnt even be a thought in our mind right now. COMPETITIVE GAMING of all things uses just the internet via live streams to show their competitions. A recent starcraft 2 tournament had over 22 million viewers, and they each paid 20 dollars a pop to watch some people play a computer game.

    the internet gives us the chance to have our own channel, which is much more accessible than tv channels that most probably dont even have.

    I play alot of paintball. before I started playing psp i always watched the webcast. I also dont have cable. If i did have cable I wouldnt have all these special channels you guys talk about (wtf is grind tv/fuel tv?)

    anyways everyone please stop worrying about tv. maybe someday in the distant future we will be able to see pb on tv regularly, but we need to work on this “sport” a bit more first.

    Another thing I see alot is people saying “people watching paintball have no idea wahts going on” well I guarantee 95% of all players dont even understand whats going on. Paintball is a deep game, deeper than those silly commentaries by matty marshal (no disrespect intended), way deeper than the average paintball player could ever imagine.

    Getting paintball “out there” isnt going to happen over night. Nor will being on tv save it. When you really think about it, paintball is still a very young sport. Its not dead or dying, just going through its awkward puberty stage.

    hope this all made sense as I just got off work and I smell like a kitchen and am dirt tired and Im sure everyone will skip right over this but for some reason i felt the need. good night

  34. paint cost money..paint company’s need money also.. we all like to make money for what we do .. so leave paint alone ..field owners in the safty meetings at ALL parks should give the new person the opportunity to go on with other new players to play . even if it is only a hand full so they are not shot to he– .all the field owners i know and that is a few , they know who the better players are and for sure the refs know so there can be a lot of regulation by the parks . come on a 12 year old with a spider and army boots needs to know what happens to the new guy by the hot shots ( they think they are hot shots ) set up different games to involve the newbe with some better player as a mentor . tv will do nothing . i know from experience . radio ads with deals for the first time players..like free air and lunch..split by the big companies when the park owners allow for this type of event . heck even advertize free first time playing is free . we can check so much out with computors these days . i.d. required and that will keep most things honest . when we know these type of days are to happen we need to bring friends . imagine if every one of us brought one friend .
    heck friends will go to the frekin bowling alley if you ask them to and drop 30 bucks . free is good deal . outta here

  35. I think we should by lowering the costs of paint to make the game more affordable because that is the most bought product and most expensive. Also having games on ESPN and maybe even it’s own channel.

  36. People keep saying that paintball is expensive and I agree to some point. But it is cheaper than it used to be…by a long shot. Imagine paying 10 cents a ball, that’s a $200 case of paint. It sounds insane but that is what paint used to cost. I will gladly pay $50 for a case of decent paint. If you can’t afford $50 case of paint then get something cheaper. If you can’t afford to shoot a case of paint (or more) every weekend then shoot less (semi instead of ramping or full auto) or play pump.
    Paintball is a luxury sport much like golf, skydiving, SCUBA diving, or deep sea fishing. Not everyone has the money to do it.
    And you don’t have to spend $1000 plus on gear to be competitive. You can buy older gear that works just as good as the 2012 Uber Paint Chucker. Realistically a player can get into paintball with all brand new gear for about $500 or less if they buy used. Compared to other luxury sports that’s VERY reasonable.
    A few people have said “Why does a paintball gun cost $1200?” I have the answer for that…because people will put out that kind of money. And does anyone on here know the cost of actually developing or maufacturing a marker? I’m sure a lot more goes into it than any of us realize. Besides, if you don’t want to pay $1200 for a paintball gun that’s OK because there are plenty of guns out there that cost much less that perform pretty much on par with the “high-end” guns.

    You wanna grow this sport? It doesn’t need to be on TV, or cheaper (considering paintball is as cheap as it’s ever been), or change what the pros are doing (this has no bearing on recballers any way), etc. It’s the players that need to change their attitudes. I hate to break it to ya…but the “noobs” are the future of this sport. Teach them what you know, be a friend to them, let them check out your gear, help them out when their gear isn’t working, don’t overshoot them. If we run off the “noobs” and the rec players then this sport will not grow.
    Rec players are the core of paintball. Not the tourney players or the guys who play every weekend. But fields make their money from the rentals and private parties. If the existing players make paintball no longer fun for the occasional players then fields will see less people renting and fewer private parties…thus paintball will not grow. So, it is up to us paintball players to grow paintball. Not ESPN, outside sponsors, or any other BS you can think of. WE are the ones who need to make this happen.

  37. Id make some funny as all hell commercials. Bc that what america does now these days. Is work and go home then watch TV. HAHA :D

    1. heanon..almost everything has been tried and your answer may be the answer..the cost should be split by everyone in the sport . 50 cents at entry to any park..all compans by size pay a percentage and one commercial at a time with no company advertizing . just the sport and how much fun…great idea poster

  38. unification. splitting the amount of tournament players between two leagues kills it. also prizes in the big tournaments. you pay $2800 to play a psp event. if you win they give you basically free entry to the next one. Great! now what about the paint, the airfare, the hotel, the car rental, the practice between events? if you win you lose money. no way around it. the largest amount of players are in the lower divisions and they foot the bill for the tournament, and the upper divisions.

    slow the guns down (way down). make it a game of skill again, where aiming, coordinating moves, and teamwork is involved.
    lower the margins on equipment. make up the profits w/ quantity. mimic your weekly softball leagues. slower guns equals less paint, more playing time, for the same amount of money equals more of your casual players that get into it in turn they become interested in the professional aspect of the game.

  39. okay ive ran a field im 17 and yes price is a problem i had more and more new players coming because of a price reduction. the first time you came it was full price if you come back you get something less priced and if you brought a friend they also got something for less price. more and more people can i still made money and people were comeing into the sport. i answered what ever questions were asked no matter how “dumd” they seemed. advertisement is a big thing to because nobody knows about the sport and nobody has a feild close enough to go to. i agree with everybody on the fact that the people that walk on the feild and shot everybody up should be gone but thats a fact of it and it probly wont stop but something needs to be done. id like to see more paintball on tv it would show people that it is organized sport and can be sucessful. but back to theres not many feilds in peoples areas i live in lower alabama and i have to drive an hour to and hour and a half which kills in gas. my experience with the feild and starting a tournament team that played at the feild has been the greatest thing ive done because the sport is fun and with the right motivations can have more people join. i personal see a growth if more feilds were avalable to the population so they dont have to drive so far and spend more money to play which would cause a steady incline in people playing more.

  40. I could suggest a number of ways to help grow the sport, but before I do lets be honest with
    ourselves. The biggest problem with the sport currently is with the mistaken idea that PB is
    a sport that involves teams of people dressed in brightly colored outfits, shooting at each
    other within a tennis court sized area to see which team can eliminate the other. I’m sorry,
    but that’s not paintball, at least not the paintball I came in contact with back in its earlier days.
    Back then paintball was something that was ONLY played in the woods, using simple guns
    which forced players to use their whits and survival skills as opposed to their trigger pulling
    skills. In fact, back in the beginning fields used the term ‘Survival Games,’ not ‘paintball’ to
    describe what they were offering customers. Of course it wasn’t long before the ‘sport’ began
    looking for ways to satisfy the media’s call for something that was ‘easier’ for them to capture,
    as opposed to something which would require them to use multiple cameras and lots of time
    to edit in order to make sense of what was going on. In other words the ‘sport’ gave up its
    roots to chase the money TV coverage potentially offered. The results of this are that the
    ‘sport’ briefly became the darlings of the media, till it turned itself into a ‘sport’ fileld with
    people who loved to whip, cheat and otherwise embarass themselves before the camera’s
    all seeing eye. Once that happened TV turnerd away and looked for something else to
    cover, something that held itself up to close observiation without embarrasment.

    Want more on how to resolve this problem and on how to bring the sport back, feel free
    to get in touch with me.


    Andrew ‘Dorsai’ Van Der Plaats

  41. After many years of playing tournament paintball, it honestly has grown quite a bit. Comparing it to other “sports” such as football, baseball, soccer, etc, in my personal opinion to see the sport of paintball grow way above where it is right now is not a matter of fixing small issues as ramping or overshooting new players. In order for paintball to reach the popularity we all want to see it improve to, the entire sport needs to be re built. Is it risky for the industry? Absolutely. Which is why no one would probably take that risk. But the foundation paintball was built upon, and the past players that were there before us led the industry to what it is today. New regulations need to be put into place, new companies with enough money to get their name out beyond the every weekend player. Tie up the loose ends, (more professionalism, and structure) build a much stronger foundation entirely, then will we see the extreme changes and growth that all of us want to see.

  42. A lot of good comments, and good points. It is a little of everything. A few years ago I would agree with the negative tourni players and abusing the new players. But if a field is ran well it should never mix these types of players. I never do.
    Cost and the economy have a huge impact, not a whole lot we can do about either.
    Like in all sports, you need to keep and get young players interested in playing.
    1) low initial cost
    2) low pain
    3) teach them how to play and get better
    4) keep the cost low by offering membership discounts or frequent player discounts.
    5) organize events to allow them to succeed and learn team work.
    These are just some of my thoughts. Once we master the above then the marketing and big advertising and possibly TV will follow.

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