ProPaintball Merger Panel

The Pro Paintball League merger (or lack thereof) was both the biggest story, and most talked about rumor for 2011. After months of negotiations, the two US pro paintball leagues released a joint statement. ProPaintball watched the news of another failed merger spread like wildfire through the community and industry channels.

Immediately, we started sending out phone calls, emails, and text messages asking what people thought. Many in the paintball community were shocked that the merger had failed. Others didn’t even blink.

With that in mind, we decided to invite several long time paintball community members a panel and pose the same question.

What do you think about the failed negotiations between the NPPL and PSP? Is this good or bad for paintball, and why?

The responses are limited to 300 words. These panelists were chosen based in their lengthy history and involvement in one or both of the leagues. These guys have seen the highs and lows of competitive paintball the NPPL, the PSP. Chosen were former pro players and coaches, industry manufactures, business and marketing professionals. We tried to vary the panelists to provide most well rounded perspective.

Today we present panelist #1, Don Besancon from Sly Equipment.

2 thoughts on “ProPaintball Merger Panel”

  1. PSP makes more money than the NPPL. The offer was just not good enough for the NPPL, but with them adding a new millenium format; might be the boost the NPPL league needs. Then you have rumors like the paint companies don’t want to go to so many different events or some BS and god knows what. This has been happening since the land before time. It is so annoying. Its all about money and who is to blame. Everyone out there says they’re all for the sport, but if you were in PSP’s chair you wouldn’t want to cut budgets, fire employees, and ect. Paintball is cool, but money is an essential for living and please do not give me some BS on how its not. If you do I will not respond so who ever does they win and your right!! Liberalism friggen disgusts me.

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