Pro Paintball Rumor Report

In round two of our 2011/2012 Pro Paintball Off Season report, we feature the latest news from pro teams Sacramento XSV, Top Gun Union and LA Infamous.

Pro paintball player Zack Wake
Pro Paintball player Zack Wake on the move

Todd Martinez, Coach of LA Infamous, broke the news this week that Zack Wake, snake player for Infamous, had left the team. According to sources there are a handful of teams looking to pick him up. Pro Paintball insiders named local Tennessee pro team CEP, as well as Tampa Bay Damage and Dynasty as possibilities for 2012.

Ryan Martin of Pro Paintball team Sacramento XSV
Ryan Martin of Pro Paintball team Sacramento XSV

Insiders say that Ryan Martin has left both Top Gun Union, whom he played PSP with, and Sacramento XSV, who he played NPPL with. Initially it was thought Ryan was leaving Top Gun to compete with Sacramento XSV in the PSP pro division. However, recent intel suggests he has left the XSV ranks as well. Leaving both teams frees Martin up to play either or both NPPL and PSP in 2012. Pro Paintball insiders point to Ironmen, Infamous, or Dynasty (all Southern California pro teams) as possibilities for 2012.

Where do you think these players will end up? Which teams could best utilize their talents?

25 thoughts on “Pro Paintball Rumor Report”

    1. Mouse plays the snake for dynasty. If they got wake would they move mouse back to the other side of the field? Like when they both played on aftermath.

      1. I don’t know but it would give them options. Mouse, Zack, Dalton, Oliver, Eggs and McCormick can all play the front spot. Question is who will get cut to make room?

      2. if you guys remember, dynasty didn’t want jrab!!! they have a full roster and they are trying to keep it the same. dynasty was a completely new team this year and its not gonna help if they keep changing out guys. hinman knows better then that too. although i do think there is a small chance that they might make an exception to wake.

      1. talking to ryan he is always on time, he just told the kid if he got the tazer he would get tazed. anyways i bet ironman, someone needs to just facebook the kid and ask him haha

  1. Zach Wake is a BALLA. Dan is a great guy and knows a lot about the game of paintball. Whoever get’s these 2 will be legit for 2012!!

  2. Zack’s dad is an incredible coach. There’s no way every Pro team isn’t trying to get Zack on their team with his Dad coming too.

    This is probably one of the biggest paintball “free agency” deals of all time. Top Player + Top Coach = $$$$$$$$ It’s an auction at this point.

  3. I personally know zack and the cep organization(formerly be a part of it) Zack would make an amazing pick up however, I don’t see the CEP organization morally as a good fit for a party kind of player like zack. They are a little up tight about how their players act.

  4. I work out at the same gym as Zack. I saw him earlier today and tried to get the scoop. He said where he is going will be out soon. The only real info I got was that CEP was never in the conversation and he wasnt sure where it came from. I did watch his workout for first step explosion and it was intense. He was using rubber resistance bands and doing plyometric. I personally think he’s going to Dynasty. I remember Alex Goldman coming over and staying with Zack back when they were on Aftermath. Plus he has told me Mike Hinman is the best coach he’s played for. I’m not sure where that leaves Dan, lol.

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