The official start to the 2011/2012 off season is upon us. Read on for the latest pro paintball news and gossip from the Russian Legion, Seattle Thunder and the New England Hurricanes.

Professional paintball players battling it out

  • Pro Paintball insiders report a shake up is taking place within the Russian Legion. Sources suggest that the team will be returning to an all Russian roster for 2012. In addition, sources indicate that the Russian Legion and Konstantin Federov will be parting ways.
  • Justin Rabackoff (Russian Legion) is said to be in talks with a number of high profile pro paintball teams. With the Russians releasing non-Russian players, sources suggest Tampa Bay Damage, Chicago Aftershock, Edmonton Impact and San Diego Dynasty are possibilities. Update: Dynasty has confirmed they have a full roster.
  • Billy Bernacchia and the New England Hurricanes have parted ways. ProPaintball insiders suggest Hurricane player Keith Devitt and Alfred De Los Santos may also be on the move. After playing pro 7-man on St. Louis Avalanche, it is said that the three became good friends and may attempt to stick together for 2012.
  • Seattle Thunder is rumored to have picked up several former Naughty Dog players for the 2012 season. ProPaintball insiders report that Mapp Chim, Raymond Knuth and Mikey Lew are all suiting up and getting back on the grind. According to sources, Mapp filled in for an injured Thunder player at the 2011 NPPL Las Vegas event and the team was very impressed with his performance.
  • Chris “LC” Wilson and Seattle Thunder are said to be going their separate ways. Prior to Thunder, LC played with Oakland BLAST and Portland Naughty Dogs.

These rumors are just the tip of the iceburg. There are tons of moves being made and its hard to keep up.

What rumors have you heard? Share your tips in the comments below!


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