NPPL All Star Format – What the Pro's think

After competing at the 2011 NPPL DC tournament, Pro Paintball writer Tim Cerruti interviewed the players of the NPPL All Star format for their feedback. Watch as Justin Rabackoff, Ollie Lang, Dave Baines, Nicky Cuba, Greg Siewers, Ryan Pruitt, Justin Schwarz and others offer their opinion on the new multi-point format.

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What did you think about the NPPL Allstar format? Did you like the 7-man style of play with a center flag? What would you have done to improve the game?

11 thoughts on “NPPL All Star Format – What the Pro's think”

  1. seems like the players didnt event know whats going on. Hope this isnt going to be what the merger is like if or when it happens

  2. What if when the leagues merged they kept 7man for the prelims and brought back the original X-ball matches for Sunday?

    This would give players and sponsors both formats of paintball at the same event. Also, if the matches we’re the longer “old-school” X-ball matches in the finals it would give the better teams and their sponsors more recognition as they’d be on the field longer.

    Without a doubt there’d be a lot of issues to overcome (adjusting schedules for two different types of paintball, possibly changing field layouts at the event, determining the size of the roster for teams, etc) but it seems like it would give everyone a taste of both formats and an incentive to practice and be competitive in each.

    This is just a suggestion meant to spur conversation, I’m sure there’s a lot of good or better ideas out there for if a merger were to happen. The more they’re discussed, the better chances are the players and the leagues get the best result and the sport grows.

    Flame on…

    1. Problem I see is certain teams are stronger at 7 man because they only play 7 man, and some teams only play xball why some play both. So it would take a few years for the teams to adjust. You’d have 7 man teams making it to finals and then just looking stupid or getting wrecked playing xball for finals.

      1. BryanD, that’s true. If they just did a 5man based format it would be cool if they kept the race-to mercy rules we have now, then just had longer matches in the finals. Same format, just more intense at the end of the event.

  3. bigg271, I definitely feel that if they merged, whatever they do… they need to change the finals to a time based match. Score as many points as you can during 20 minutes (stop clock) or whatever the Race2-7 pro format time limit is. It’ll make finals all that more interesting and promote everyone to go back to doing crazy shit and not sitting back running their guns until they’re picking up paint off the ground.

    Hopefully they realize there is a reason why there is less than 100 7-man teams in the world. And take into consideration as to why there are 100+ teams in CXBL, over 200 at Cup in PSP, over 150 at Cup in Millennium, over 140 at Cup in Malaysia playing some form of 5-man.

  4. one 12-15 minute period and a mercy rule based on division ranking. D3 has a 4 point mercy let’s say and Pro obviously wouldn’t.

    just sayin…

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