Update on rumored Pro Paintball League Merger

Last night a rumor was started which indicated the NPPL and PSP paintball leagues had merged together. There was no meeting over the weekend in Pittsburg as some would have you believe. ProPaintball is here to set the story straight and give you an inside look at the process taking place.

Here is the most current intel on the NPPL/PSP discussions: while no official deal has been reached, both parties are taking the idea of a league merger very seriously and are working to make it happen. At this point, the leagues are more or less in an exploratory stage, with both sides discussing how a merger would work, rather than actually implementing any changes. If a merger were to be announced, it would take place after the 2011 paintball season.

Read on for a full update.

Pro paintball team infamous

The NPPL and PSP met in Vegas a few weeks ago to discuss a potential merger. The first meeting was said to be very promising with both leagues making a major effort to see that the merger is successful. The NPPL was said to be discussing the meeting internally at the board member teleconference held on the weekend of July 30th. According to sources familiar with the matter, the meeting went well and both leagues are pushing forward with the merger discussions.

Whats the next step in the process? Representatives from both leagues will be meeting at this weekends PSP New Jersey Open and again at the NPPL DC Open. Meetings will be held to discuss, if a merger were to happen, how best to combine the two leagues. Topics that will be discussed include management, ownership, organization and format of the combined company.

By holding these meetings at the New Jersey and DC Open events, league representatives will have a chance to take a close look at the operational side of each league. This will provide a great opportunity for the leagues to discuss how the two entities can combine their respective companies to provide the best experience for the paintball community.

Players and industry members that support both leagues have complained for years that the cost of traveling and competing in/ supporting each league has been prohibitively expensive. If the merger were to happen, a combined national paintball league is thought to operate a total of 5 or 6 events (as opposed to the current 8 events now being run). ProPaintball insiders indicate that leagues are actively discussing options for rate of fire, coaching, and other issues critical to paintball players. The leagues have also been discussing how to improve the value and best support the vendors attending the paintball events.

In review; no merger has taken place. The leagues are still meeting to discuss possibilities and options. If a merger was approved by both sides an announcement would take place at the end of the 2011 paintball season.

52 thoughts on “Update on rumored Pro Paintball League Merger”

  1. Rumor has it, Big Jim Renshler of topgun will be buying both leagues cause he has enough money. and cause he’s the man. Alvin Johnson is also rumored to be switching teams soon, offers from the globetrotters have been rolling in.


  2. -6 events
    -you can drop the lowest score so 5 results count
    -HB-Florida-NJ-Chicago-las vegas-MAO(or somewhere else,texas, wherever)
    -ramping 12.5
    -bring back semi-pro
    -make the venues permanent to save the league money by not having to rent or setup evrything every time, sign long term deals.
    -make this shit fun again

  3. 6 Events

    2 – 25 Minute Halves (better for a real season like other professional sports…50 games for ex) most points wins. This would be best…should the sport ever become a full fledged pro sport like the nba, nhl, nfl, mlb, mls, etc

    Race to 7(better for tournament style, where more games need to be played)

    13 bps ramping

    Field – 170′ x 120′


    1. i would love to see 2 25 minute halves but that would expensive as hell as far as paint is concerned … also did u say that u want to play 50 games in 50 minutes or 50 games per team per tournament? either way its imposible because of time for the first one and again price for the second … the pros may hav paint sponsors but the d4 d3 and even d2 teams may not … also ramping should go away entirely from the sport except maybe pro, semi pro, and d1(but thats an issue for a later date)

      1. Actually, it can work for 2 25 minute halves, but tournaments wouldnt be structured the way they are now. i live in canadqa and we have the CXBL here, which instead of running PSP and NPPL style of tournys (play every team in your bracket, semis then finals EVERY event), we run it as a true season (play each team once, 2 25 minute halves, 15 bps ramping, no point limit, new this year at last event top 3 play each of the bottom 3 teams again) in our top division (CXBL) then in the MXL and RXL divisions, you play each team once. in the 2 lower divs, the top team at the end of the season moves up, and in the top 2 divisions, the bottom team drops. this season, the top 2 teams from each confrence (western, central and eastern) plus i think its 2 wild card teams move on to the Richmond cup championships (playoff-ish tournament) with the winner being named the champions. This league actually hosted their championship match on Centre field at World Cup last season. we also have a CX4 division, but thats more of a 4 man, NPPL-ish division on an Xball field. so, in closing, that type of format does work, but it wouldnt be viable in a PSP style tournament.

  4. Have the owners of NPPL own the league and pay Lane and crew to run the events. The owners of NPPL have the money and outside contacts. Lane and his group have the ability to run good events.

    7 man race2

    I like 6 events drop lowest score but then you have to have prizes for season champions that make it work going to 6 events.

  5. Why would anyone want 6 events or even suggest it? Manufactures and vendors struggle to support one league and attend half the events currently… The thought of 6 is just so out of left field…

    How about 5 or even 4… Aside from the just stated about vendors..how about the players… I would rather go to 4 events where every vendor is there and there are a ton of people…
    Better competition, more time inbetween events to save up for the next event, vendors probably will sell more product with bigger attendance(not that they make enough to break even but, it would be better than it is now)…

    I just wish i was a fly on the wall when these meetings take place.

  6. 5 events
    Phx, Chicago, HB, Vegas, Florida

    13.3 ramp

    No coaching

    Offer both 5man, and xball.

    Impliment some of the NPPL bunkers, but mainly keep a psp field. It would be interesting with defensive bunkers like the carwash.

  7. this is my choice..

    5 events

    15 capped semi

    race 2 formats

    6 players on the field

    no coaching

    venues ( florida, chicago, california. vegas, DC

  8. First of all, i really hope they can come to an agreement and finally merge. I think 5-6 events would be fine, that’s still 2-3 less national events then there are now. I think it was Raheal that suggested they do that, but have only 4 events count. For the pro’s have a regular season, and WC be finals.

    After they merge, they really, really need to find a way to work with the feeder/regional leagues. From my understanding, the average D2-D4 teams only play the closest national event, and the final event for each league. I saw someone suggest that in order to get a national ranking, that particular team should just have to play 2 national events and 75%+ of their closest regional/feeder series events.

    I personally would like to see raceTo/xball be the main event, and what the pro’s end up playing. I believe it’s more interesting to watch and allows the better team to win. Less chance, luck, or bad calls that makes or breaks a match. It’s easier to follow/understand how to score a point than having to tally up dead, alive players, first flag hang, etc. Also, paintball is a pretty difficult spectator sport to follow… Having less players on the field at one time makes it a little easier to follow.

    Also, if the leagues finally merge.. I’m sure there would be enough teams to bring back semi-pro. Take the top 75% of the NPPL pro teams, allow them to play pro. Bottom 25% to semi-pro… Something like that anyways.

    I don’t know about what other people think, but I personally believe a merger, one standardized format, and implement a true feeder system would greatly benefit the tourney scene. I hope the stars allign properly and it all comes to fruition,

    I personally hope that the

    1. u want to punish the pro teams who worked thier ass off to get to pro and send them back to semi pro? if anything more pro teams the better the tournament.

  9. How about going for the least expensive format, whatever that is. What paintball needs right now – across the board – is sustainability. Players of all kinds, teams of all kinds, regularly attending events of all kinds.

    This necessarily means cutting profit margins so prices can be lowered in order to allow players/teams to be able to budget for MORE events.

    Get smart and efficient: cut costs wherever possible: incentivize operations (for example – teams that stay to help with clean up get a refund on their entry and no clean up crew has to be paid).

    and btw – do it all in the woods, with 15 player teams, hour long games, pump guns and limited paint, lol.

  10. Get rid of ramping for gods sake. No other paintball events use it (from rec ball to scenario to woods balls), plus most fields ban it in the US unless you’re playing X-ball.

    Semi capped at 15. Duh!

    1. You realize that people are just going to have cheater guns as usual that will “ramp” to 15 and you wont catch it.

  11. I agree, 4 or 5 events XBALL, 7 man would be cool too. NO coaching. Also explore different states each year with a event ( just a thought, I know it has a very slim chance)

  12. 2- 20 min halves with same penalty rules as race to 7 has now in psp
    12.5 bps ramp
    5 events (Southwest, Northeast, Central, Northwest, Southeast)
    No coaching

    Lets face it, most people agree PSP format is better but can cange a tiny bit, but NPPL’s connections are very good. If you disagree im sorry but this seems to be the majority suggestion.

    1. yea i agree i think hb definatly in s.w. dc in the n.e. i know its not exactly central but vegas is a nice place to have an event. n.w.could be seatle and s.e. is world cup in florida. id also put ina sixth evnt in the north,most likely chicago at cpx.. to the psp formati agree the only thing i would change is the psp penalty style… its simply retarded to let a person who commited a fould return to the game(pardon my language) … i wouldnt neccisarily agree to the nppl style either … maybe man down with 7 man as opposed to 5 man in order to make less of a severe difference in the next game .. i saw a comment above to let the better connected nppl own the league and the psp owners manage it because they can put on a much better event… also d4-2 is 5 man .. maybe even d11 as well .. semi pro (if the bring it back)and pro would be 7 man … lastly 12.5 bps semi excpt pros and semipro who can ramp 12.5 and no coaching to bring paintball back to the old school prime days

  13. Frankie, it would be sweet if they did go back to the more “traditional” xball format. Although, to be honest the RaceTo-7 format works pretty good as a substitute. Historically, I don’t believe there has been an xball team to come back from a 7-9 point deficit. That format, while is ALOT of fun to play, sadly just costs way too much for both the league and the players.

    To be honest, while I’m all for the PSP formats to trump as the format to go with, it would be kinda sad to see 7-man get phased out. But it would just be the natural progression of formats… Much like how 10-man was phased out.

    As far as the whole semi v. ramping debate goes, I believe it makes more sense to have capped ramping. I doubt there are anyone’s guns these days that aren’t “true semi.” everything seems to bounce or add shots in here or there. Ramping is just one less thing to have to police… It’s pretty easy to spot someone ramping 15bps v. 12.5bps.

  14. Can’t we all just play semi again?

    No? Just throwing it out there. Most people who haven’t been playing 8-10 years can’t even walk a trigger. It’s getting pathetic.

    We should go back to single triggers and fan the hell out of em. I mean hand completely off the grip, finger point, and letting it rip. Like a huge recball party with NOTHING but Tippmanns. Now that’s entertaining.

  15. Come on guys… Stop this semi thing… Ramp is to bring every gun and player in the same level of firepower. Walking the trigger is not considered a skill. Communicating,moving, understanding the way the opponent plays and adapt… These are skills.

    Ps: my english sucks,not my motherlanguage.

      1. walking the trigger is a personal skill, and improves a kids bragging ability. its not a game changer by any means. ive never seen dynasty win a championship because they all walked the trigger faster than XSV.

  16. 5 events
    4 regular season HB, Texas, Chicago, Northeast (Boston, Philly, NY,NJ)
    5th event being cup (best teams attend)Florida
    pro – 7man race to 7
    D1-D4 5man race to 5
    5man race to 2
    spectator coaching yes! no one likes sitting in the stands or sidelines no being able to talk fans need to be part of it.

    Make pro games more time maby 30min matches. We have seen at events pro games having smaller point games like 3 to 2. having two more players on the field could bring games points up higher making it that race to 7 format it should be.

    1. The problem i have with this is the 5th event having only the best teams attend. what about the teams who just want to play cup and can’t afford to travel to HB, Texas and so on. I think teams should be able to choose which format they want to play. So if a D2 Nppl Team wants to play 7 man they can stay in their own division, not having to jump around and possibly waste money.

  17. im gonna throw a curveball here: should the leagues merge, the pro division would become very crowded. therefore, split the whole league in half. use 2 confrences: eastern and western. each confrence has 2 events, PSP race2 style (seems the most popular in the states). top four teams in each division from each conference move on to World Cup.

    as for entry: Pro teams would be expected to play every event anyways, so have a beginning of the season fee for them. divisional players dont have to play every event but it is encouraged. reinsert a semi pro division if there is enough demand for it. top team in each division moves up, bottom team in each division (INCLUDING PRO) moves down.

  18. it is going to be very interesting to see what happens at the end of all this talk. I hope to see a huge improvement in both leagues and make it more structured and draw some attention. It really needs to become more sport based. PSP is trying but 7man is slow and its not spectator friendly. In the end something needs to change or paintball is going to be gone.

  19. also one major thing i think the nppl does well is there locations. They locate close to popular areas and close to airports. PSP locates in the middle of no where and makes it hard for teams to get out there from the airport. No everyone is able to rent a car.. please make events closer to airports lol

  20. Turn paintball into more of the legit style seasons, and put the players in domes to where people pay a few dollars to go watch them play, because that will help increase the revenue of everyone, then paintball companies can start paying pro paintball players real money again in turn everyone hears about it bring some ballers back in turn more money and it becomes a cycle

  21. Make it 5 events.(HB,LV,CHI or TEX,DC,ORL)
    4 or 5 point games. ( 2 points nppl rules,race to 2 psp rules)
    semi unlimited but before and after every point is played, each player turns their gun in to the pit crew who is observed by an official who makes sure the gun is not tweaked.(this takes care of the cheating board dilemma) this way everybody is satisfied. 50/50 across the board.

  22. 5 Events – HB, LV, Chicago, DC, Florida

    12.5 so its equal

    5-man race 2. most other leagues like Millennium are five man

    Just get rid of the NPPL. It will be sad but the sport needs to move forward and have a good feeder system. That way teams can focus on a centralized league to play. Also it will be easier to follow the sport and more people will be at the events.

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