Update: These paintball jobs have been filled.

Have you ever dreamed of working in the paintball industry? We sure have. Working and playing in the paintball world has always been a dream for many of us in the paintball community. With that in mind, its always nice when you hear of new paintball job openings. These new paintball job openings provide a great opportunity to polish up your resume and try to make your dream come true.

Are you ready to start your career in the paintball industry? Check out the new paintball job openings from Empire Paintball and Tippman Paintball.

Update: These paintball jobs have been filled.

We understand its a difficult time out in the job market right now. On behalf of everyone here at ProPaintball — we wish you the best of luck on your search and interviewing process. Keep your heads up and keep plugging away. There is an opportunity out there for everyone and its only a matter of time before you find your new career.

Do these new paintball job openings interest you? Would you be willing to give up your current job for a job in the paintball industry?