Pro Update: Tampa Bay Damage

According to ProPaintball insiders, Jason “Fat Kid” Edwards of Tampa Bay Damage recently joined the police force and missed the first two events due to work. Although he missed HB and Galveston, Jason will be returning to the pro field for the Chicago paintball tournaments and playing the rest of the season with Tampa Bay Damage. Scott Kemp of the Los Angeles Ironmen filled in for Jason at Huntington Beach and will continue playing 7-man with Tampa Bay Damage.

ProPaintball caught up with Jason who had this to say;

“I’ll be coming back as sweet as ever, missing those events was more fuel for the fire, and bringing TBD back to the podium wont be a issue.”

Jason Edwards playing pro paintball - Photo by Jeff Stinson
Jason Edwards playing pro paintball - Photo by Jeff Stinson

Be sure to check out Jason Edwards paintball PRO*File.


    • as says:

      i dont think so. dynasty has all the momentum and they are 100% confident just like they were in 05 and 04. thats hard to beat when a team is that confident, but you never know. but if anyone would knock them off i think it would be tampa or russians

      • Whho?? says:

        Momentum won’t keep Dynasty from losing. I can’t predict the future but their streak will be over very soon, pro brackets are just too competitive compared to pre-06

      • Informer says:

        I agree all those players are great, I would give Smith a close second, but look at each team Jason has been on and the nearly instant jump in standings. Its no surprise that the team did so well and won so much with him in attendance last year, not a huge surprise at the standings this year with him gone.

  1. JOJO says:

    I think damage will stop dynastys streak. But also I think dynasty will win the most tournaments out of all the teams in the pro divisions

  2. na says:

    damage always plays well against dynasty too. so if anyone were to beat out dynasty it probably would be damage. damage just matches well against them

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