Daily Discussion: Planet Eclipse Taking Production In A New Direction?

Planet Eclipse recently unveiled their new line of special edition CSL Ego markers, adding to the extensive variety of limited run factory anodizing offerings for the Ego11. While the aesthetics are clearly the selling point of this SL edition, it does offer a couple of minor design upgrades from the standard Ego11. Check out the link above for full detail on the CSL line.

CSL Ego11

The conundrum for market value/consumer worth of special release markers stems out of the industry’s tendency to operate with an annual release cycle for its major product lines. Buyer skepticism arises over the benefit of purchasing the special edition, as apposed to waiting out for the release of the next years more significantly (or so we hope) refined version. Planet Eclipse honcho Jack Wood recently commented on the “buyer’s dilemma” saying:

“Planet Eclipse are now actively working to move away from annual releases of all their markers within their range. The Etek and Geo have never been in an annual cycle. The Ego will also be pulled out of its annual cycle. In layman’s terms this means there will NOT be an Ego12.

There is no plan to stop production of any of the current markers or any of the off-shoots of each of those models (SL etc). What it does mean is that we will have longer to develop the replacements of each of the models giving each model a longer lifespan, something I believe customers are looking for in the current market. We don’t simply want to release an EGO12 with a few minor tweaks and expect people to buy it.

I hope that puts paid to a lot of the rumors that are floating around and we can finally draw a line under that subject. Feel free to quote me on that.”

Thanks Jack, we will. He touches on many of the most pertinent issues that make this such a bold move in the industry. By deviating from the norm, PE is making a statement about the current standard of production set by gun manufacturers as well as highlighting their awareness of the state and strength of paintball’s second-hand market. So what do you think this will do in terms of affecting the manufacturing trends on an industry wide level? Do you think this is strictly a business move in an attempt to spread out R&D funds or a response to physical production strain? Are you just stoked that your gun will now retain its value for longer?

Spill your mind and let us know what you’re thinking.

11 thoughts on “Daily Discussion: Planet Eclipse Taking Production In A New Direction?”

  1. Interesting, now they are following a similar plan that Bob Long uses… interested to see what comes of this.

  2. What industry norm? The only two companies that put out a gun as an annual release this year was Dye and Planet Eclipse. Every other company (Bob Long, Empire, etc…) has been on a random release schedule for a while. They are following the industry trend rather than setting it. I can’t understand why you are applauding them.

    1. Neither applauding nor condemning it, brah. Any hints at opinion in here are merely leads to give people jumping off points for discussion.

      There is certainly an industry norm of releasing annual lines of equipment. Ever been to Cup?.. Although the article pertains to markers, the whole issue at hand should be applied to all forms of equipment release.. hence “industry wide level.”

      thanks for reading and responding seebee

  3. Personally i cant decide if i like this move or not. The advantage is your marker holds its resell value for longer. the disadvantage is planet eclipse will take a hit on marker sales. people that would noramlly buy an ego every year will only buy one every other year. I think this is a move that is for the better of the players but not as much for the company. In all honesty this is making dye look like bigger and bigger jackasses bc planet eclipse is basically saying we dont want to turn into dye lol. I love PE and what they do for the sport of paintball, i just hope this is the right move for them. Something tells me tho that the resell value on an ego will still fall just as quick i think it will just stay at alower $ amount for longer before falling again

  4. This is an excellent move by P.E. It shows that P.E. are interested in their customers, rather than in their immediate profits. Like “keg” though, I’m worried that marker sales by P.E. will take a knock. In 2012, the idiots in the industry will be favouring the Dye NT12 over the Ego11, just because it sounds newer and better.
    A yearly release of new markers kills second hand sales. Here in SA, I can pick up a barely used Ego10 for under half its “new” value, an NT10 for exactly half. Moral of the story: “Don’t bother buying a high-end marker, they are worth peanuts 6 months later.” P.E. are helping to change this perception.

  5. I think that its a good move in that each release will be more innovative because of the longer developing time. Each time PE releases a marker its going to be amazing and the sales for it will destroy those of DYE. It also is going to build anticipation,eg, we all know Dynasty and aftershock and a handful of pro teams will be testing the new markers giving the public a little sneak peek. It also could allow for more player input on the design and development. This also allows PE to focus on their other markers a little more, ETEK and GEO.

  6. they’ll probably sell more guns. it makes sense to me. If they release a new gun not every year but in more spread out time then more people will be willing to buy it rather than wait for a “newer” gun.

  7. I’m not worried about PE taking a backseat to dye simply because there might be an NT12 and no ego12. Look at the luxe. It was what, two years old before the recent 1.5 update and it still competed with PE and Dye guns. People still used them and bought new ones.

  8. People have been asking for this for years. The only question now is why did they (PE) take this long to listen to the players?

  9. i like this because it will give them more time to think about something better for the gun and they will have time to actually test the gun through pros and themselves. It should also help them find the weak spots of their products like why people don’t like specific things on the gun, settings or what ever, it will just give them more time to put more thought into the gun to make it better and worth the wait.

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