Rumor: NPPL revises PRO Paintball division brackets

ProPaintball insiders leaked us a bit of information that indicates the best of 3 series being tested by the NPPL has been dropped in favor of traditional brackets. Sources suggest the reason for reverting back to the traditional pool of 8 teams playing in a round robin format was due to bracketing issues.


The following email was sent to NPPL Pro teams on Sunday;


After testing a new format in Huntington Beach, it has been decided that we will be making some changes prior to Chicago. We are going to go back to old way of doing prelims, with two pools of 8 teams playing round robin against every team in your pool and the top 4 teams advancing. We are going to run things on Sunday just like we did them in Huntington Beach.

Below is how it’s going to go, along with which day you play your prelim games.

Friday Prelims

  • XSV
  • Impact
  • Aftershock
  • Infamous
  • Damage
  • Avalanche
  • Explicit
  • Vendetta

Saturday Prelims

  • Dynasty
  • Legend
  • X Factor
  • Arsenal
  • Blast
  • Mutiny
  • Thunder
  • Uprising

Quarter Finals: Like we did it in HB with 2 pools of 4 teams and everyone plays everyone in a best of 3 match

Pool 1
Winner Group 1
2nd Place Group 2
3rd Place Group 2
4th Place Gorup 1

Pool 2
Winner Group 2
2nd Place Group 1
3rd Place Group 1
4th Place Group 2

Semi Finals: Winner of Pool 1 vs Runner Up Pool 2 and Winner Pool 2 vs Runner Up Pool 1

Finals: Winners play off for 1st and 2nd”

So there you have it folks. The league has decided to revert to the traditional game play after trying a hybrid-like format of race-to meets round robin format. Is this a good move for the league? Or should the NPPL have tried to develop other options? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Matt Dawson, FeatureThisPB

14 thoughts on “Rumor: NPPL revises PRO Paintball division brackets”

  1. It would suck if they dropped a team at this point, they could have added another pro team if necessary, but again would be unfair to a D1 team unprepared for the jump. Hell they could have offered Critical to bump up to PRO.

    If they go back to the hybrid it should be next season to be fair to all the teams also they would be playing to keep their pro rank and would make for a

  2. Dropping the “raceto” 7man format is further separating the leagues, dismissing the dream of players wishing for 1 unified league.

  3. They should experiment more, might as well make each stop a different format so that the teams can decide at the end of the season, which they liked best. This is kinda like “oh well, we tried and failed, we’ll think harder about it next year”. They just need to keep tweeking it until they get it right. I liked the best of 3, but as Matty mentioned during the webcast, a lot of teams ended up with 1-2 and 2-1 records. So they just need to add another metric as the tie breaker. Like if you get the 2 wins below a certain time you get a bonus point. That will help prevent the stalemate games that we saw.

  4. Revert back to 2003- 2005 format. Every team play one pro and 1 div 1 team, the rest is your division.

    Awesome to see upsets from lower divisions now and again and it strengthens the quality of every division.

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