Video: Gab-Fest Episode 1 – Generational Differences

Gab-fest is a unique talk show that focuses on the major events transpiring in the world of paintball. Gab-fest will provide a window into the heads of the industries’s top talent behind the game. Throught-out the season we will be directly polling Buypbl’s Facebook conversations so that real community thoughts and topics can be implemented in the program. So get involved in the conversation you never know; your name and questions may be appearing in the next episode.

Their 1st episode features Steve Rabackoff and Justin Rabackoff (father and son) discussing the generational differences in the sport of paintball as it was then (Steve) and is now (Justin).

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3 thoughts on “Video: Gab-Fest Episode 1 – Generational Differences”

  1. Haha that was a nice video. I would love to see the father son 1 v 1. Also it was cool how J-rab said RL v Dynasty in the finals and that actually happened haha.

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