KEE buys Smart Parts Intellectual Property

We just received the following statement via email that confirms KEE Action Sports, LLC. has purchased Smart Parts intellectual property.

March 30, 2011. KEE Action Sports, LLC. announces today that it has acquired the intellectual property portfolio of Smart Parts. KEE believes it was critical to paintball that the portfolio stayed inside the industry. KEE’s President and CEO, John Robinson, said that “KEE is committed to growing paintball participation industry-wide and that KEE intends to use the intellectual property assets in a manner consistent with that goal.” In a letter to be sent out shortly, KEE will inform current license holders how it intends to continue to work with them under their current license arrangements. KEE welcomes contacts from other companies interested in pursuing a partnership relating to its new IP assets.

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  2. Grant

    LOL this sport is becoming a joke. Good job KEE, you have reinforced the fact that you are an empire and intend on buying anyone or anything that gives you more market share. Pathetic.

  3. eric

    wow. if sp didnt have a crappy enough rep, its now kee. can u say crap to worse? i mean what happened to the days the shocker beat all else on market? what happened to sp trying? sp didnt end last year, they ended 5 years ago.

  4. Robert

    These are very unfair comments. KEE has been good to our field, our team, and has promoted the sport on a very professional level. They have great products that don’t kill your wallet. Cut them a break for trying to secure what they pay royalties for. They are trying to save in the long run.

    1. Field Marshal

      Hey Robert, one quick question: When was the last time KEE actually came up with a product of their own? Take your time, you’re gonna need it…

      1. KTIZZLE

        Simon designed and engineered the Prophecy and Mini/Axe for KEE. I believe everything to do with those two products are pretty revolutionary. and last I checked those were releases in the last two to three years.

        It will remain to be seen whether this is a good thing or a bad thing for the sport. but what I do know is KEE has products some quality products

  5. yep

    I always figured they’d end up with the “keys to the industry”. Although I actually thought Smart Parts would sell out to them. Who knew they’d buy it up the keys to drive paintball on the cheap at the auction.

  6. Field Marshal

    This is not good. We are as close as it gets to a monopoly. I expect the Gardner / Italia coalition is preparing for war. This should be interesting.

    1. The Black Dutchman

      How is this not good? Look at most of the other pro sports. Hockey=Bauer, Baseball=Rawlings, Basketball=Nike. Ya sure there are other brands in there same with paintball. I’m confused on where you are going…

      1. Oracle of delphi

        And Bauer=Nike. Funny – isn´t it. It is good for KEE but for sure not for the quality of the products if to much power is in the hands of a few.

      2. Kai

        Kee has done a lot to save the paintball industry. For one, they buy up struggling paintball companies which would otherwise dissolve to the creditors.

        By the way, there’s even a paten for a basketball rim.

        Stop hating paintball and play it, dammit!

      3. Anthony

        @Oracle, not to change the subject, but Nike unloaded Bauer quite some time ago, they couldn’t make money off of it. (they dont know how to sell hockey)

  7. The South African

    So what happens to GOG paintball? Has anyone thought to tell them about this?

  8. PM

    LOL I dont think going after every company they could worked for smartparts did it? KEE best beware history has a way of repeating itself.

    1. Anthony

      sp didnt go under because they werent make money. Its because in their bank’s TARP agreement, they had to call “risky” loans. Evidently sp was one of them and did not have enough capital to survive.

      SP was actually starting to do well again: vibe, sp1, impulse.

  9. oh yea!

    just drink the kool aid there is enough for everyone.

    Good for kee is good for me

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