Video: ETV Artifact Episode 6 – Updated

Artifact Episode 6, “The Reason” follows Chicago Aftershock as they compete all the way to the finals of 2010 World Cup of Paintball, and attempt to define themselves against both their peers, and the legacy they have inherited from one of the winningest teams in the history of professional paintball.

Produced by Planet Eclipse, in association with Disconnected Media and Deep Elm records.

The trailer features the song “A Plot To Bomb The Panhandle” by A Day To Remember.

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  1. John

    Haven’t they already made an aftershock artifact episode? I want to see them do one on LIFT or XSV

    1. WackaJabba

      They made one all three of those teams…Not their fault Shock is better

  2. Comment 1

    Because teams only go to world cup to get their ass kicked by one team…

    1. trevor

      aftershock got their ass kicked by someone at world cup. i think we all know who that team was

  3. Jordan

    Great video. Eclipse should do more on Dynasty if they want to focus on a winning team this season

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