Infamous the newest AXE team

Los Angeles Infamous, an Empire Paintball team and one of the few teams that had been sponsored by Bob Long Technologies last season, has been working this off-season securing sponsors for 2011. If you remember, they were spotted at a World Cup practice testing Empire’s new AXE marker which led to a lot of speculation. Empire makes its official with their latest press release.

Read the full press release here…

14 thoughts on “Infamous the newest AXE team”

  1. Everyone who shoots the Axe says it’s brilliant- and now XSV and Infamous shooting them- it must be a seriously good marker then. Look out Dye and P.E., looks like competition’s coming…

    1. not even close…its a decent shooting low/mid end marker…reason these teams are shooting it is because they are getting for free and then some…other sponsors have cut back so the teams needed to try and get supplemented somewhere else…so if they have to shoot a low end gun to get the sack riders to buy more of there main sponsors guns then they will do it.

  2. LOl well they got one sucker thinking if infamous must be using the axe it must be good. How dumb do they think people are. Bob long’s guns are far superior to an axe and so is the alien. The problem was the axe was’nt selling so they duped these teams into shooting it to promote sales and give them cuts to promote it. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the alien or with any of the bob long guns. These moronic teams were saying the same things and putting out the same press release info when they signed with BL and with alien. talking about how great the guns were and how pleased they were to have signed with them. It’s ridiculous!!! Wake up people please don’t be a fool. Pick your own gun and try it out for yourself. The BL guns are far superior to an mini remake and so is the alien. Don’t listen to these teams they are just going with whoever can give them the most money and support for a season. OH yeah we will shoot your gun if we can get support to keep playing for the seson without having to go out and get real jobs. That’s paintball is dying on the table right in front of everyone’s eyes, becasue it’s ridiculous. Support the teams that do nothing for paintball, give them free guns and gear and charge the little guy the weekend rec baller, the guy whose money really supports paintball, charge them any where from 500 to over a grand for a paintball gun. That doesn’t even cost half that much to build and produce. What a joke, yeah rob the little guy. That’s why paintball is dying becasue these greedy ass companies refuse to make it affordable for the weekend player. The guys whose money relly supports paintball.

    1. I’m having a hard time with most of your logic here. With like ANY sport and the companies/businesses that support them… its all about marketing. As far as sponsors… its all about who can give the sweeter deal. Apparently Empire/Kee is that company that is offering the sweeter deal here. Do you think I’m going to use your products and put your logo anywhere on my person if you do nothing for me? Even as a recreational player, if your products are lacking… I’m not using them. If they break or fall apart, the only thing saving me from using something else is your customer support and how you handle the situation. You have to offer what no one else does or DO IT BETTER than anyone else.

      Paintball isn’t dying. The only thing that needs to die are the little assholes like yourself spreading negative bullshit about the sport. “Oh paintball is dead.” “Oh, pro teams aren’t using $1,200+ guns put out by Dye or Planet Eclipse… the sport is dying!” or “PSP changed their field dimensions… the sport is dying” Either adapt to the times or get the fuck out of the way!

      How do you think these guys became pro? They have put in more than their fair share of time, money, and sweat to get where they are at! You don’t just wake up one morning and have that pro status. Regardless of what they do now for the sport, they did exactly what everyone else, that isn’t pro, is doing now. They paid their dues, they put in their time and they climbed the ranks. Most of them do 110% more for the sport and 100% less bitching than you are currently doing!

  3. Oh and about your so called pros that you like to suck up too. I’ve palyed against alot of these guys over the years and have blown their heads off just like anyone else. That one of the great things about paintball anyone can be good on any given day. A good thing about it. But a bad thing is becasse of that, another fact, paintball will never see the light of day on tv because you can’t tell the difference between a so called pro or a rec baller. It isn’t watchable.

    1. You can’t say “will never see the light of day on TV.” Paintball was once featured on ESPN back in ’05, I think that was the last year I recall. Paintball will be on ESPN again, I can promise you that. Tramahead Sports also had a weekly show on TV last year, although, it wasn’t on a network/channel that everyone had, it was still on TV. I don’t know what your comparison between a pro or rec baller has to do with anything?

      With the new technology that can be offered with the SkyCam, slow motion replay and HD broadcasting, paintball can be very watchable. Throw in commentators that can stay on top of things and know what they are talking about and it would be excellent!

    2. give me your name if your gonna talk so much shit behind a keyboard. your an idiot. everyone who is playing pro is pro because they earned their spots and they worked harder, and played better then anyone else. Dont even lie and say you smash pros all the time, because i can tell you right now that that is bullshit. Everyone, this is coming from a person who thinks aliens and bob long guns are just so much different and superior to the axe. the truth is, i could pick up an ion, and compare it to an nt, and they would both shoot almost identical. all these so called “advanced technology guns” that are coming out aren’t so different than the ones that were made 6 years ago. they still shoot almost the same. get an education fool

    3. You are very wrong about the sport not seeing television. First of all, this year’s NPPL Huntinton Beach will be on ESPN 3. All we need is a HUGE amount of the paintball community to tune in that whole weekend, and guess what? Paintball on television is a reality. So if you want to do something that will actually help paintball, instead of just bitch and complain, then tune in to ESPN 3 during Huntington Beach.

  4. Not so fast. I have been true to Dye markers for the past 5 years. I am not trying to say the Axe is better than my DM9, but it is just as good and can keep up with it. $450 marker that can compare with a $1,000 marker.

  5. I have been loyal to eclipse and bob long over the years. I had an ego 11 and tried out a nice axe. Wow the operating pressure down to 140. Talk about smooth and fast,well I now shoot a fully upped axe and said bye bye to the ego 11. I have shot everything out there and I like the axe better then any gun I have owned and shot. That is by choice I can afford to shoot anything I want but you can’t beat the axe plus a breeze to take care of and with the redline super easy to change settings. I cant wait to get my next axe for a back up .

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