Sacramento XSV to shoot the Empire AXE!

A few weeks back we received two cellphone photos of Sacramento XSV field testing the new Empire AXE paintball gun. The photos were captured by a local player/ ProPaintball community member, and featured pro player Eddie Tamao loading and playing with the marker. ProPaintball sent a few questions to XSV inquiring about the photographs and a potential gun change for the 2011 season but no response was provided. Fast forward to today– a report surfaced on BallersCafe that Empire Paintball has officially signed pro paintball team Sacramento XSV to shoot the Empire AXE for the 2011 paintball season.

Via BallersCafe;

“The team has been very impressed with the performance of the gun,” said Rich Telford of Sacramento XSV. “I remember a time when a great, pro-level marker needed to be out of this world expensive! Times have changed and in the twenty-first century, a paintball gun can be both affordable and ready for competition – and Empire Axe is it.”

Thomas Taylor of XSV said,

“The AXE is light, fast, accurate and compact…all the things I need in a paintball gun! For anyone who plays as aggressive and up the field as I do, the new Empire Axe is the perfect choice! I can’t wait to hit the snake with my Axe in 2011!”

Read the full story at BallersCafe here: Sacramento XSV to shoot Empire AXE Marker in 2011. Interested in the AXE? Check out the Empire Paintball website for more information.

30 thoughts on “Sacramento XSV to shoot the Empire AXE!”

  1. Great shooting marker, very quiet, efficient, feels great in your hands, very light. Can’t wait to see it in pro tournament action!

  2. people give these guns a bad wrap but when the minis worked they shot really well and im sure the axe has some improvements so gj to xsv for making a smart move. This should also help inspire young players to realize you dont need a 1200 dollar gun to compete in tournament paintball.

      1. Tippmann Effect wasn’t Pro. Or even close to Pro. However, they had an incredible eye for talent and many of their players later went Pro.

      1. It is all about skill, I’ve shot out people with me PM8 a $300 used gun and people that had Rev-i’s SL-94 So no having an expensive gun helps none.

    1. You sir are an idiot.

      This can give Empire to raise the price another 50+ since pro team XSV is using it.

      Taylor is my bud but I think they made the smartest move to Alien and they should have stuck with them.

      But I am going have to call him up to see the reason of this move beside money

  3. pretty sick. Telford wouldnt settle for anything shitty, he has been around so long. This is a real testiment on how good of a gun this really is. I personally have never shot one, but haha just saying

  4. we have sold a few here at the field i work at and more r coming around they seem great and have seen no problems out of them so far

  5. It’s good to see a pro team using a mid-end marker, it shows that you don’t need a $1000 marker to compete at the highest level of paintball.

    Best of luck to XSV this year, see you guys at HB!

  6. We have been testing the Axe for awhile now and they are great markers. Their accurate,fast,reliable and light. What more could you want. I am Excited to shooting them this season. See everyone in HB!

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