Sacramento XSV to shoot the Empire AXE!

A few weeks back we received two cellphone photos of Sacramento XSV field testing the new Empire AXE paintball gun. The photos were captured by a local player/ ProPaintball community member, and featured pro player Eddie Tamao loading and playing with the marker. ProPaintball sent a few questions to XSV inquiring about the photographs and a potential gun change for the 2011 season but no response was provided. Fast forward to today– a report surfaced on BallersCafe that Empire Paintball has officially signed pro paintball team Sacramento XSV to shoot the Empire AXE for the 2011 paintball season.

Via BallersCafe;

“The team has been very impressed with the performance of the gun,” said Rich Telford of Sacramento XSV. “I remember a time when a great, pro-level marker needed to be out of this world expensive! Times have changed and in the twenty-first century, a paintball gun can be both affordable and ready for competition – and Empire Axe is it.”

Thomas Taylor of XSV said,

“The AXE is light, fast, accurate and compact…all the things I need in a paintball gun! For anyone who plays as aggressive and up the field as I do, the new Empire Axe is the perfect choice! I can’t wait to hit the snake with my Axe in 2011!”

Read the full story at BallersCafe here: Sacramento XSV to shoot Empire AXE Marker in 2011. Interested in the AXE? Check out the Empire Paintball website for more information.


  1. Craig says:

    Great shooting marker, very quiet, efficient, feels great in your hands, very light. Can’t wait to see it in pro tournament action!

  2. jzook says:

    people give these guns a bad wrap but when the minis worked they shot really well and im sure the axe has some improvements so gj to xsv for making a smart move. This should also help inspire young players to realize you dont need a 1200 dollar gun to compete in tournament paintball.

      • close but wrong says:

        Tippmann Effect wasn’t Pro. Or even close to Pro. However, they had an incredible eye for talent and many of their players later went Pro.

    • Kyle says:

      You sir are an idiot.

      This can give Empire to raise the price another 50+ since pro team XSV is using it.

      Taylor is my bud but I think they made the smartest move to Alien and they should have stuck with them.

      But I am going have to call him up to see the reason of this move beside money

  3. james says:

    pretty sick. Telford wouldnt settle for anything shitty, he has been around so long. This is a real testiment on how good of a gun this really is. I personally have never shot one, but haha just saying

  4. kronic says:

    we have sold a few here at the field i work at and more r coming around they seem great and have seen no problems out of them so far

  5. 209 says:

    It’s good to see a pro team using a mid-end marker, it shows that you don’t need a $1000 marker to compete at the highest level of paintball.

    Best of luck to XSV this year, see you guys at HB!

  6. Eddie says:

    We have been testing the Axe for awhile now and they are great markers. Their accurate,fast,reliable and light. What more could you want. I am Excited to shooting them this season. See everyone in HB!

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