Several paintball videos from the Malaysia Paintball World Cup Asia (held on 25-28 of November 2010) were uploaded in ‘DerderPaintball‘ Youtube channel. The videos are match style and provides a great opportunity to check out the World Cup Asia recently held in Kuala Lampur (Capital of Malaysia). Special thanks to Nima Razavi for the heads up.

For those of you who missed out. be sure to check out the World Cup Asia 2010 results and a great write up by our partner site PaintballNews.Asia.

Here are a few of the matches;

DEMONZ RED (Malaysia) vs. BAD ELEMENTS (France):

DATIS (Iran) vs. S.T.K. (Australia):

BAD ELEMENTS (France) vs. INFERNAL (Thailand):

S.W.A.T. (Australia) vs. DIRTY ANNIHILATION (Germany):

S.W.A.T. (Australia) v DEMONZ RED (Malaysia):

DATIS (Iran) vs. BOONIE DOGS (Guam):

XTIONEERS (Malaysia) vs. S.T.K. (Australia):

KU (Japan) vs. DIRTY ANNIHILATION (Germany):


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