[UPDATED] PSP 2011 Paintball Rumors

ProPaintball insiders report big changes are inbound for the PSP 2011 season. According to our sources, the changes for the 2011 season are designed to decrease the over all costs associated with competing on the National level and at the same time expand the potential player base.

Updated:  Check the PSP website for official changes.

The following changes are rumored to be in store for 2011 league play:

  • Bigger bunkers towards back of field.
  • Extending the length of the regulation size field by a total of 20 ft.; 10 feet to each side of the field.
  • Elimination of pit side coaching.
  • Field layouts will not be released in advance of the event.
  • Phoenix is looking like the location of the first event.
  • Bringing back an event in Los Angeles/Riverside County is very likely.

ProPaintball insiders tell us that sideline coaching will continue to be allowed.

The PSP is said to be making a major effort to bring down several of the barriers that have prevented players from competing.

The reasoning behind not releasing the field layouts is said to help reduce the cost associated with practicing before events. 10 years ago players practiced their skills, be it snap shooting, running and gunning, communication, 2 on 5, 3 on 1, etc. in an effort to become better paintball players. With the advance release of layouts, a small minority of teams are able to purchase skids of paint and run the layout as many as 6 times prior to the event, creating what some consider an unfair advantage. The bigger bunkers towards the back of the field will allow for  bigger players to compete and participate in the action. Now rather than argue “who shot who first”, and spending the teams budget on intense and costly practices, the reduced costs will hopefully enable a larger pool of paintball players to compete on the National level.


  1. josh

    Fuck that they better keep pit side coach, better release layout in advance and deff should not increas fiel size. Wtf this sounds like 7 man

    1. Missy-Q

      They did this because people stepped up and asked for it. A lot of people. What did you do, other than bitch about stuff?

      1. josh

        Bitch I havent bitched at all. I have just cast my vote. This though I dont like this and hopefully just a “rumor”

      2. Missy-Q

        I take it back, you’re right, we should leave everything exactly as it is. Because what we have now is working so well, right?

      3. Whho???

        Necessary change doesn’t mean any change is good change

        Snake side coaching but no pit side? Garbage. Not only is it a huge disadvantage for D players but it eliminates more of an actually COACH’s responsibilities

        Larger field? Why? What’s the need? More space used at events and potentially slower games (I’m not too sure if it will have enough difference to change anything, but so pointless)

        Bigger bunkers? If you’re too fat to use the bunkers from 2010 then don’t play. This is a sport, get in shape; I find this rule more disgusting than anything.

      4. durrtymooch12

        ^Coaching is still a huge responsibility even without calling out every enemy postion and action. As a coach you must do everything you can to ready your team for the next match, this should not include playing their game for them, from the sideline. This will force every player step up and become more aware of what is happening on the field on their own.

        Increasing the fields will allow more players to make a smoother transition from nppl to psp. I see the other side of things as well, because this may just be a ploy to sell more paint.

        And YES to bigger bunkers. I am skinny and athletic but you are dearly misinformed if you think big guys can’t play competitive paintball. However if you take away the bunkers that they can play in, you eliminate a HUGE part of the paintball population and economy(no pun intended).

        And last point, these changes will in no way make competitive paintbal any slower. Fat or skinny, you still have to watch that game clock and close games just as quickly.

      5. Phil

        The fact that you say “if you’re too fat to use the bunkers from 2010 then don’t play” is kind of against the reasoning for the bunkers. Fat people have money too, that money will go to good use (or so we hope) There are some great old school players who still play who would love it. And some bigger players, and bigger doesn’t always mean fat.

    2. hahahah

      So, the reason teams stopped playing psp events is because they blew all there money practicing on the layout before hand? How about you lower your $50 ID card and $2500 entry fees. Thats why teams are not showing up. You pay quite a bit to play lower divisions and you dont get a penny back if you win. That is whats stopping teams from playing, there is no incentive. I hope everyone likes 7 man looks like psp has lost it.

      1. riiight

        National level paintball has cost about that much in entry/membership forever. And PSP going bankrupt isn’t going to help anyone.

      2. Felipe

        Agreed!!! I dont think that team stopped playing PSP because they blew their mony before the event!!, its mainly because the event is too spencive to attend, how crazy can be that a single ID is 50$??… About the bigger bunkers I thing everyone has the right to play even thought they are fat. By eliminating the sideline coaching you are elimination the xball format and the “coach”s work and it will end up being a 5man. Bigger fields = slower games..

  2. ya

    These changes are a long time coming. Glad to see the psp is making the hard changes now and leading the way out of this mess. Hope the nppl does this as well. Also nice to see the fields of both psp and nppl are matching up better. Makes it easier for the fields.

  3. Rauff

    Good changes except the length of field part. Already with bigger bunkers at the back will make the games a tiny bit slower. But its just my two cents.

  4. TK

    This should make it so much damn slower.

    Bigger back bunkers = people sit and shoot lanes. Thats weak, takes the athleticism out of what was left. People are gonna double back center all day and carry 10 pods… good job psp

    1. ya

      The big dudes play the back bunkers. They are the same ones that tend to foot the bills for all the fast young and broke players to compete.

      Time to bring the money men back.

      1. Stephen

        where is this belief that money men are big dudes come from?

        thin people can’t be rich?

      2. durrtymooch12

        ^ I couldn’t have said it better myself! The psp is making the right move to bring back that FAT cash!!!

  5. Jordan

    I like the changes. Coaching made it too easy for mediocre players to play 10x better as long as they do nothing but listen. PSP isn’t banning the crowd from yelling but I never liked dedicated coaching. Just my .02 And THANKS PSP for considering an LA event! Lots of teams out here are dying to play some Xball on a national level but can’t afford the trip

  6. ..

    I don’t think changing the dimensions is a good idea. That would cost a lot of fields a lot of money, having to buy extra turn, more netting. I don’t think tat’s a good idea.

  7. Cam/HuSTLe

    why the hell are they trying to change everything when there is nothing wrong with the way things were, this is beyond retarded.

    1. lol

      because the sport is shrinking, meaning there IS something wrong with the way things are. Duh.

  8. smash

    Fields not being released is stupid, lower divisions are having trouble adapting as it is. This will make it harder for them. Length doesnt need to be increased unless it is for out of bounds reason. Bigger field= longer games

  9. ...

    Not releasing layouts will make players practice less. This means fields will get less business and charge higher prices for paint to compensate. Because fields won’t be buying as much paintball from the major companies the major companies don’t have the same amount of sponsor ship dollars to help expand the sport.

    just my 2 cents

  10. Sour

    Why would you want to practice less for an event just because you dont have the layout? More reason to sharpen up on the fundamentals rather than just learning the blind spots of a field.

    A bigger field doesnt always mean a longer game. Have you seen 5man teams play on a 7 man field? Games run fairly quick because you have so much stuff to hide behind and move up the field. The game is at the pace you want to play it at, be it be slow and try to gun fight the whole time or shoot and scoot.

  11. Cam/HuSTLe

    How the hell are we supposed to grow our sport, when each year we keep changing up the rules and making the game completely different, the constant changing of the BPS rule was bad enough now they are actually trying to change the way the sport is played. Us players need to stand up and take back our league and yes I mean OUR LEAGUE, with out us there would be no league. VIVA LA RESISTANCE!!!

  12. How can fields afford it

    Let’s look at the back end of the cost. Many fields are struggling to stay alive now. Do you think that all fields have the space to expand? Even if you have the space, you need to change netting and many have telephone poles that would need to be moved.

    Fields have to buy new bunkers every year. Keep making them have additional expenses and there is no reason for them to stay open.

    PSP is four events a year. Fields probably run more local events than PSP events yet they are supposed to change per PSP rules?

    So again for the fields that have room and can afford it you will get a benefit, for the fields that cannot expand and for those teams that can only play there this is basically a screw you if this happens.

  13. Charlieboy

    Nobody reads between the lines. Bigger bunkers in th back is great for one reason. Old fat guys. Who brings the most money into our sport? Certainly not the skinny young college kids. Back 5-6 years ago I saw a lot of 40+ guys that could gun fight on teams and they brought in money. Id much rather have fat guy behind me that I don’t have to worry about paying for paint.

  14. 2 Mr Wright

    Pit side coach should have to stay in the pits like on the pro field. There is no way to shut up everyone in the pits. Just make it like the pro field.
    Making the field bigger are you going to help all the fields pay for moving poles and buying netting and cables? If no then do not do it most fields can not afford this and we all know it.
    The layouts. Help the fields give them one weekend of having the layouts. Is the league not here to help paintball fields? This would not help the fields at all if you did not release the fields 7 days prior to the first day of play. One will will not kill anyone.

    Look people if the leagues are not going to help the fields then why will the fields help the leagues?
    Grow paintball!!! All of it not just one part!

    1. Stephen

      how do the fields help the leagues now?

      all i see is that they whine about not getting more for less

  15. So PSP

    Is supposed to be the way of the future, but it look like they are trying to be just like 7 man. Why not quit fighting and merge the two leagues PSP?

  16. Who actually

    Helps decide this? Just Lane and who? Do they know what is happening around this country? Stores sponsor teams with money they get from their sponsors based on their sales. Kill the sales by killing the fields and you kill the teams.

    There is no real money to be made in this sport…or hobby…..by a field or small store owner. You have to do it because you love the sport. There is a final breaking point where it just won’t be worth it anymore. It’s getting close.

    1. actually

      Actually, Dave Dehaan, Ledz and Jacko, Opie Thomas, Rob Staudinger, Tom Cole, Laurent Hamet, Barry Fuggle, Billy Ceranski, Bart Yachemic and Lane Wright sat and discussed these moves at World Cup and since.
      That’s paint manufacturers, gun manufacturers, store owners, field owners, event producers, former players, current players, domestic reps, international reps, reps from both national leagues, reps from regional leagues, reps from international distributors and a few other things I’m sure. It’s literally a couple hundred years of collective experience in every aspect of paintball. I don’t know of a more informed or experienced group of people in the game.

    1. Wow, try again

      football… remind me the average weight of a lineman?!?! and don’t bull**** me with they athleticism. no lineman can run down the field twice without needing an O2 tank

  17. ya

    Many fields and industry members don’t think the national leagues do anything for them so in turn they don’t support the nppl or psp.

    Why should the psp or nppl be responsible for making someone else money when in all reality it could be taking what few dollars people are spending on the game away from participating in the events?

    1. To Ya

      Both WCPPL in Calfornia and Vicious Series in Nebraska are huge supporters of PSP events. They get teams to play the PSP.

      How does this affect their fields or stores or sponsorships?

      1. bruce

        Vicious is one of the most positive anomalies in competitive paintball.

        They really need to franchise their business structure so that it can be repeated throughout the country.

      2. True

        It helps when the owners of teams own other companies and have a lot of business knowledge. Bortol’s still have to spend a lot of their own money for the team to exist.

        They still have to worry about their local fields surviving.

  18. Athletic Players

    Bigger fields, bigger bunkers, bigger players won’t change the aggressiveness of athletic players. Aggression is a mindset.
    Bigger fields, bigger bunkers, bigger players won’t change the athleticism of athletic players. Athleticism is a gift. It doesn’t change because of the dimensions of a field or a bunker.
    Players play slow. Or players play fast. The fast athletic guys will still have the advantage over bigger slow guys. These changes just give the bigger slower or older guys a chance to play a format. Right now, with the economy the way it is, PSP doesn’t need to leave anyone out.
    Some of you who say PSP is wrong for not looking out for everyone seem to only be looking out for yourselves. And most of you seem to have no concept of where we are as a sport and where we are heading …… fast like too.

    1. Whho???

      The players who need bigger bunkers should be lowering their divisional class to compete not the tournament standards

      1. Not a Rocket Scientist

        Last time I checked, you can’t just get your divisional ranking lowered on a whim whenever you want. I’ve been trying to do it for years, and they keep moving me up, not down!

    2. i

      I agree with this, change the size of the bunkers who cares those monster doritos can already house a family of migrant workers. Game play wont change with 5 extra feet to a side line so why bother screwing over existing fields. as for coaching I have only played 5 man so i have no input here. Where I find fault with all of these “changes” is the release of the layouts. while I do agree that releasing the layout 3 months in advance is too early thats the main thing i like about playing x-ball. Logically i would think that realeasing the layout 2 weeks in advance or so would be a smart move all in all. With teams spending a majority of the long spans (months at a time in some cases) between events without the layout they will be forced to do drills and work on team skills instead of just playing the layout till they know every shot and bind spot. In all honesty you can grid and play a layout as many times as you want but when you get to an actual event the shots and moves change. take for instance to rolling hill fields at bollngbrook (chicago 09) we played that layout for a month or more and when we got there it was like playing a diffrent field layout. But by giving the field layout 1-2 weeks in advance the teams will be some what familiar with the layout while still leveling the playing field for those who dont have 8 weeks to spend on it.

  19. Kyle

    Practicing on the field before is great it makes games more interesting, teams can make amazing moves no one has think of but without practice people will be scared to make moves

    1. bruce

      Then maybe they should grow a pair and not be so scared to make those moves.

      The converse is also true – people won’t have their lanes perfected so you will be able to make more moves that aren’t obvious.

      1. TK

        Lanes are easy to see and will still be there and visible.

        Move however aren’t, so they will still “have a pair” but might not be as willing to potentially blow the game and lose all the money (BADABING) they had paid to be there in the 1st place.

        Release the layouts a week or two in advance.

        People can’t come up with multiple plays the day before, and yes many organizations run plays. Giving us a week to develop plays, counters, bunker calls, etc.. will make for methodical yet aggressiveness.

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  21. lol

    Not releasing layouts = good because it levels the playing field.

    Increasing the field size = bad because it’ll slow the game down and increase paint consumption while messing with field ops, having the opposite effect to what they stated. The same applies to making the rear bunkers bigger.

    Removing pit coaching = meh. Neutral.

    The trade off? Having more fat rich guys in the sport = good, it’s about time we got some money back in the game. I hate the idea of pandering to obesity but we’re at a point where it has to be done. At least you still wont see fat guys in the pro division.

  22. Rahel Ball

    sounds a lot like what Chris has been trying to do with the NCPA. put everyone on the same playing field even though others work hard to be in shape and aquire the funds needed to play our sport.

    you don’t see the NBA not allowing players to dunk because everyone on the planet can’t dunk on a 10 foot rim. some people just aren’t meant to play the game.

    1. bruce

      Without those people you may end up with no league at all. Money controls it all and a constant loss in participation spells doom for anything with $$$ riding on it.

    2. raehl

      What the hell are you talking about?

      The only major change I suggest for NCPA is a paint limit. That has no bearing on people who word hard to be better at paintball having an advantage. It *DOES* take away the advantage of people who just happen to have bigger wallets, but that’s a good thing.

  23. trevor

    hmmmm. what kind of big bunkers are we talking about???? bunkers in the shape of king kong? or just making bunkers slightly bigger in general?

  24. Nick

    I hope this all stays a rumor… and you wanna know how to “decrease the over all costs associated with competing on the National level and at the same time expand the potential player base” Make it non-profit and make money elsewhere in the sport. This is the only way I see paintball being able to turn around its downward trend. Also these rumors have no effect on pricing or affordability. ok thats my 2-cents… who knows maybe one day i can make a non-profit original x-ball league to re-kindle the fire in this sport.

  25. MPB

    Love the idea of not releasing the layouts prior to the event, people are going to have to think on their feet.

  26. G$

    I think this is a desperate move to try and slow down what we know is happening to paintball, its dying.
    Pit side coaching I could do without so I will agree with that point.
    Bigger bunkers so big guys could play doesnt make sense, Ive seen big guys play small temples, little dorritos and the cakes. Whats next bigger bunkers in the snake?
    Not releasing the field layouts before the event? It does level the playing field and offer’s an advantage, but so does great planning and athletism. Dont really agree with the logic behind this move. You think by doing this it will save people money and will allow more people to play? Even back in the day when you used to get the field layouts the week of an event, the week before we were still doing double days, so not sure how thats gonna save money. Beside, how many people are good at saving money?

    1. G$

      Also, now instead of walking the fields in about 2 hours, we have to spend 6-7 hours at the field to walk the layout. :thumbs down:

  27. whoa

    not too sure about these changes.. if they want us to save money, go back to limited paint per player, a hopper and 2 pods per player would be way better than some of these changes..

  28. Justin W

    Bigger bunkers?…. for the back players???? it makes no sense to me why they would need to make bigger bunkers, I see big guys play regularly, every weekend, that can be considered “obese”. The only up side I can see this for the PSP and SupAir, and not the players, is the fact that fields and teams will now have to pay more to “update” their 2011 bunkers… And for what reason do we have anymore to purchase these bunkers? Considering that teams will NO LONGER BE ABLE TO PRACTICE THE LAYOUT BEFORE EVENTS.

    In my opinion I feel that this will ruin the balance of a well ran practice. Who says you NEED to buy skits of paint for a practice? Has it ever occurred to the paintball world that maybe if we had a few enthusiastic coaches that idk… had a degree to back up can run a practice condition wise, with a sequence of drills and some points to top off practice? I’m 80% sure that no team will want to do drills all practice, every practice and pay even more money to play matches on a layout they never played before. Even if you did matches on a random format, what purpose will it serve if none of those lanes or shots are available? Which brings me to my next issue, extended fields

    Now, my field is an exception and will be able to expand the length, but what about the fields that can not put the effort to do this? Especially if they really don’t need to buy any new bunkers anymore. Will there really be a point of making a premier field anymore or are you (PSP) suggesting that we really don’t need to practice at a field if not needed?

    I understand that paintball to this date is a HOBBIE, until we can convince the public that our “pro” division is what they claim to be rather than (some) individuals who can party and shoot a marker on the weekends.

    Pit side coaching is it’s own topic, if you want to eliminate pit side coaching, I suggest you also eliminate snake side coaching, as well as fan participation. Why? Well, that leaves the snake side unbalanced with the dorrito side, unless you guys make one of those “bigger” bunkers a castle for the dorrito side.. Hell why not join with NPPL since according to rumors this is what they wanted to do anyway?

    PAINTBALL PLAYERS are in a ditch, and WE are dragging the tournaments, companies, fields, and stores with us. IT IS NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. WE can talk as much as we want about how NFL this and NBA that.. but until we can construct some PRO teams that follow their own team guidelines, until we can turn around paintball where the PRO players are practicing 4-5 times a week and in return making some kind of money in the end. Where a PRO team or player can be seen as a role models or models (Especially education wise). Where these pro players can be considered ATHLETES, and not just a kid with gun skills. I understand there is some good, honest individuals. But if you feel this is you, you need to react. Because it doesn’t start with PSP or NPPL making the moves, they are making these moves from a result of what we as paintball players created.

    Want to do something PSP/NPPL? Show us some more mainstream sponsors that we use to see. Can’t do it? well, looks like someone is not doing their job correctly and needs to be replaced with someone who can. There are plenty of entrepreneurs and people with ideas in this world.. some do not play paintball, but if there expertise is to make money.. why don’t we have these guys? Why don’t we have a CEO of Google on the board (even if they don’t play) of PSP who can expand the ideas of “making money”, even though the google crew is out there renting out private fields. I got news for the world, there is a interest in paintball, but we can’t expect it to come to us, we need to get to them. Stop making lower budget products and regulations that only the current paintball players respond to and focus on how to get the outside world involved.

    1. I agree

      If there is no layout released then why do fields need to go to the expense of buying new bunkers to help SupAir and expand their fields?

      Who is actually calling all the shots here? I know PSP was close to getting Dorito to sponsor but how did that fall through I think last year or the year before.

  29. Barn

    The problem with not releasing the layout ahead of time is that you will have to fly in early to “Walk” the field. In the old days, the first day you were at a venue was spent looking at the field and making game plans. I’d rather not have to miss another day of work and spend another day in a hotel.

    1. adam

      Barn i agree with what your saying.thats another day of spending more money.they should release it before the event but maybe only a week prior so that even if cant practice the layout,you can still map out game plans instead of staying up the entire night before the event making plans.

      1. Barn

        The problem is that you can only do so much looking at a paper layout and you won’t be able to look at it for real because no where is going to set it up if its too late to play it.

  30. boxxy

    You guys liked the Little dorito, well that is gonna be the bunker that is changing for next season.

    You’ll see something that looks like a “car” instead of the little dorito. It’s a little bit bigger height wise then the cake, but as wide as a brick and can be played on the top corners but not top middle(hence the car shape).

    You heard it heerrrr first!

  31. Why this nonsense?

    I swear PSP always makes the dumbest changes. Dropping the ROF to 10bps was bad. They got rid of the penalty boxes already (except in pro) and now these shenanigans.

  32. MJ

    One thing that is lefted out of this is entry fees are talked about increasing also by $300 per event. So you dont only have to one use more paint because of the increased field size, increase your hotel and rental car budgets, but also the entry are going up. So you may save a little on the practice budget but you’ll just give it to the PSP in the end. I say increase the bunker sizes some so the bigger guys and girls can play but leave the fields size and entry fees alone. Bring back a Cali event because I think player would enjoy that and release the field layout 2 to 3 weeks before the event. So player that have to work or go to school dont have to miss to much time for school or work. I think you will lose more player due to that and the cost then anything.

    Also keep in mind that the local fields and local leagues around the world that have set up to host local PSP style events will have to increase there field size and also buy all new bunkers. Which is hard to do these days because there are few player spending money which means the leagues and fields won’t have the money to make some of the changes to keep up. When you make these amount of changes you should think out what the outcome will be for everyone not just the league and the players but also on the local level because that’s where it starts.

  33. james

    I like it all. Not every team in the world has a feild to practice on as it is, good teams will still show up and be good either way. Walk the feilds, figure out angles, lanes, and game planes, and play paintball. It wont slow down at all, period. People will still run to the snake off the break, nothings changing there. As for coaching and size, give it a try this year. If its horrible change it in 2012 back to whatever. And after playing on a feild thats a whole 20 feet longer for 1 day you wont even notice anything different. Just play paintball. Stop bitching and complaining.

    1. Barn

      After grading more land and moving nets, you’ll say this isn’t much different. What a waste of money and time.

  34. trevor

    i think everything is good but they really should release layouts cus

    1. certain teams could probably get their hands on the layout and other teams wont
    2. it really defeats the purpose of practicing
    3. if there isnt as much practicing, there is going to be less money spending
    4. individual skills dont matter in paintball as much as teamwork does now.
    5. its just bogus

  35. Kidvenom

    I don’t mind most of the rumors but taking away pit side coaching? Does anybody understand that if you take away that factor but still allow snake side coaching it’s only gonna make counter coaching worse!

    Also releasing the layout at the event doesn’t necessarily level the playing field, because teams who can barely afford playing nationally still don’t practice as much meaning their still not gonna be a top team in whatever division they do play.

  36. da Fons

    sounds pretty shitty. i dont like anything they want to change. maybe the layout decision its ok though.

  37. collin

    I think that some of this change could be good. Not having to be athletic cuz ppl can now sit back and lane more isn’t ture at all if anything you will have to be more athletic so you can run faster to make it to your bunker. The fact that people are just going to stop practicing because there is no feild layout beforehand is stupid if anything you need to practice more because you will need to have all of your skills at the top level. PSP does need to cut down the even prices because thats the main reason people don’t play major events

  38. Obvious

    the whole reason for them changing the layout rule is cause they cant beat the russians and they dont want them practicing cause they are scared to lose to them over and over and over again… case cracked!


    Dont worry everybody these changes are for the BEST.. Mc Donalds, Pespi, and Chipotle have agreed to sponsor psp hence all the changes… since I have no need to workout or practice any more therefore I have changed my aspirations of being the worlds best & ATHLETIC snake player to the world LARGEST snake player this world has ever seen… THANK YOU PSP FOR ENABLING ME TO EAT WHATEVER I WANT…. OLIVER LANG MOVE ASIDE HERE IS MY NEW ROLL MODEL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bY0xgRA_Sk0

  40. mike

    First off its call psp for a reason…….gun capped, sideline coaching, more aggression! This takes the being aggressive part our of it!

    Leave psp the way it is, we are paintballers we adapt to small bunkers in the back its called straigy people leave psp alone quit complaining and play the damn game if you don’t like guns being capped or sideline coaching play nppli say leave it all the way it was

  41. trevor

    man i just got the 100th comment. thats pretty rad i dont think anyone has done that before…… i just made history

  42. on the upside

    not having the field layout come out before will help reduce the chances of the russians winning all the time. the russians spent so much time playing the field that they know all the ins and outs of the fields such as bounce shots on all the bunkers. bringing back the importance of field walking is a good thing i think. teams will be learning the field together as the week goes. as far as this goes, they might as well change the field layout for sunday too.

    1. Matty G

      That is one of the dumbest things I have read. Please go back and read the last 5 years of PSP standings. I believe you’ll find the Russians winning several events but also not making it to semi-finals just as much. Bounce shots? D3 teams use bounce shots. It’s really not difficult and blind shots are the same. When I played PSP WC in 2008 there was 2 layouts. Divisonal played on 1 and Pro played on the NXL one. Then on Sunday in Semi-finals all teams played on the NXL one.

  43. chuwbi

    That is BS don’t say that playing in the PSP will be cheaper because we need to pay less for practice paint. What you need to do is reduce the high entry fees for playing Xball. That is the barrier. My team had gone to 10 PSP 5-man events in a row until we got to Xball.You need a barrier down? Fire Camille and bring back Keely.

  44. my 2 cents

    Ok, heres how I see it.
    No Dside coaching- if thats going to stand, teams are gonna get ALOT of penalties, just because its kinda hard NOT to talk to your guy when your 5 feet away from him and you are used to playing with coaching.

    Field layouts- cool, you guys are killing paintball outside of your own league. Teams practice the layout they are going to play on, and they shoot more paint on the layout their gonna play. what happens- that field gets the profit. but you eliminating the layout will kill alot of teams from coming to fields. I personally would not practice and spend money to play on a layout that I wouldnt use in 2 weeks or so. I know that sounds spoiled but its the truth. I would much rather save my money rather than play paintball AT ALL. so, you, the PSP. Your saying your trying to help the fields out that dont have the upgraded kit. well heres an idea- dont fuck over the fields that DO HAVE THE KIT. IF A FIELD HAS THE RIGHT FIELD, GOOD FOR THEM! MAYBE IT MIGHT GIVE FIELDS THAT DONT HAVE THE KIT AN IDEA TO INVEST?! no field layouts- Dumb.

    an extra 10 feet- ok, this is stupid. lets say your shooting frommthe back center trying to lane the corner on the break….you have to lob paint to get it there. adding 10 feet is just stupid, you could basically WALK from the start box to the corner (provided the other side didnt do an X run. yes I still call it an X, because its supposed to be Xball, not fucking A ball).

    speaking of Xball, why adapt to the fatter players. If players are slow and fat, they should play the NPPL, or a league that better suits them. Xball was made to show a competitive side of paintball, to show true athleticism in our sport, and you fuckers just killed that.


    Xball was made to make paintball competitive and bring it out of the recreational/hobby catigory. If your going to take it serious, get serious about being physically fit.
    As for the money, thats simple.
    if your finances arnt the greatest, you should be playing local leagues. I know of PLENTY of leagues that offer PSP Race2 formats that cost about half of what a PSP costs. Dont bitch about not having the money to play, DO SOMETHING ABOUT! GET A JOB, ASK FOR MORE HOURS, DO ODD JOBS AROUND THE HOUSE OR MOW LAWNS (RAKE LEAVES CAUSE ITS FALL NOW) IF YOUR A KID.

    Overall, Unless I see a change in the next few weeks, I will not be attending any PSP event this season. I was going to go to do photography but i mean, hey, “the psp wants me to save money”.

    1. my 2 cents

      Oh and think about this:

      how many fields are already compressed enough of zoning. I know Rob from PBC doesnt have room to expand fields. It would cost him more to get someone to come remove the polls from the ground and replant them. Same with Pevs in Virginia, or PAP in northern Maryland. there are countless other fields that are like this, that have the upgraded kit, and now are being asked to spend more money to widen their fields. Alot of fields are already zoned by their county. Some fields CANT expand because of that. so whos gonna play there when they dont have a regulation field. heres the order of events

      PSP fucks up and changes everything–>fields pay more to change the fields–>some fields can, soem fields cant–> the ones that cant lose all tournament players–>woodsball revolution anyone?

      1. bruce

        The fields are being lengthened, not widened.

        I doubt this is a surprise to Rob. Since MAO is on his field, he is probably aware of this change (and quite likely had input).

    2. Whho???

      Just to add,

      It’s actually shooting 20ft more from back center to a corner, 10ft more on your side and 10ft more on theirs

      I’m unsure about how this will change the game but I can see this taking away from positional players.. I like those Paxsons, Lemanskis, etc. who’s biggest job was making those break shots and could do it better than anyone else.

      Xball is a game of fast adapting to constant different scenarios, meaning after break figuring out who has been dropped and working off of it the fastest.. less people getting shot = slower games

      This is an unbiased question – if the biggest bunkers are in the back of the field then what’s in the middle/front? Seems like by making the field bigger and pulling the large bunkers back there will be a lot more laning once the initial breakouts have been made

    3. kjd

      Quote ‘speaking of Xball, why adapt to the fatter players. If players are slow and fat, they should play the NPPL, or a league that better suits them. Xball was made to show a competitive side of paintball, to show true athleticism in our sport, and you fuckers just killed that.’ End Quote

      ^^^^^My 2 cents… THAT IS FUCKING SPOT ON! exactly what is going through my mind…

      1. jingle

        your failing to recognize the general decline that was caused by tailoring the premier league around broke ass 15 year old kids and kicking out all the dudes with money.

        now we are bringing the money men back. GOOD MOVE PSP.

  45. Turk DA BOSS

    I say we give it a shot. If this helps to keep paintball alive and well running then lets do it.I want to see paintball grow and interduce more people to this great sport. This could be alota fun. Who knows?

  46. mike

    f@&%$@* paintball is getting stupid.
    trying to accomadate(sp) the weak players.
    i liked tournament paintball because it was a challenge. now it’s going to be a t a level like flag football

  47. PISSonPSP

    I thought tournament paintball was for the elite athletes not just the average Joe who thinks they can ball. Adding bigger bunkers is a dumb idea your hindering the game. They have different division for weaker players. anyone can sit in a big ass bunker and shot a gun that is not talent nor is that paintball. As for not releasing the layouts that doesn’t cut the cost down. teams are still going to have to practice and prepare they just don’t know what they are going to prepare for. if anything its just hinders the business for local paintball field bc now fields aren’t need for teams to prepare.. you can later the release date did they ever think of that. The spot of paintball is just going more and more down the tubes every year. They want to save money how about the money they want entry, ids, paint etc.. im sure psp will still keep raising therre prices.. they just care about their pockets not the players

    1. noname

      That theory would apply only to the Pro Teams. If you are playing in any division below D-1 and Pro, you are not supposed to be an athlete. It’s an Oxymoron to hear a D-3/D-4/D-5 player claim athlete status when in all reality by their own admission they are newbies. D-2 and below are Handicapped divisions. This is the league accommodating for your lack of experience. Anyone should be able to play in the these divisions and the league should try to accommodate for the bigger and slower players.

  48. I Little Something

    With this changes, PSP has thrown back paintball from a somewhat wanna be structured sport to a simple hobby. This is not a step forward to legitimized paintball as a sport.
    PSP intentions are good, although their explanations to those decisions that don’t hold water. Try better next time, players are not stupid.
    Has anybody though that this changes, maybe, won’t affect the Pro Division and rather, only the lower divisions. For example, the Pros WILL know the layout before the event, this has happened before, and information WILL leak. Major Sponsors . . . own Pro Teams!!! Duh!!!

    Let’s see what PSP comes up with next. It should be interesting.

    Just my $0.02

  49. paintball slave

    I like it. No layout release is cool, walk the field and make adjustments on the fly. Anyone who cant expand thier field doesnt have to. Kids can keep practicing fundimentals. The strong players will still have an advantage and the best teams are still gonna win.

  50. Stewart

    So how is this letting the best players win? Snake side coaching is still going to give snake players an advantage

  51. tremis

    Walking fields at the event sorted out the smart players from the dumb ones. If you dont like it, tough, this is the top level of paintball. This makes the league even more elite. Same argument that is being used against the fat guys. Your argument is fat guys cant handle it, obviously neither can stupid players.

    Speaking of fatties, all those lower division teams that pay the majority of the bills at an event, need the old, fat, well off guys. Sure It is the pinnacle of paintball at the PSP. But ONLY in the pro division, the rest is hardly considered the pinnacle. And if you want those poor teams to come out and foot the bill so the pros can play for free, it might behoove you to find a way to make them not so poor. Face it people, the main sponsors of the PSP are the lower divisions. And a dozen high school kids that are star track players just dont make enough money to pay for themselves. WHo has the money again? oh yeah, Guys who have been in the work force long enough to work themselves into financial independence. Who again tends to be overweight? Oh yeah, same guys. Anybody want to bet there still wont be any fat pros? And the rest of you, are just there to foot the bill anyway. I’d wager that they are doing this in effort to keep the league afloat.

  52. really?

    Really? Let’s just bring back 10-man while your at it. If you want to make more money why not have tourneys out in Cali.

  53. pro paintballer

    this is what paintball needs, practice your skills at the local field and set up the layout to test your skills. now its not going to be the team who practices the field layout the most who wins but the team that has the most skills and smarts to walk the field.

  54. pro paintballer

    we need the fields biggers, paintball tryed to become a sport to fast by adding xball it pushed all the big guys out of the game. guess what its not the small kid who has mommmy and daddy paying for everything who has the money, its the big guys we pushed out of the sport.

  55. matt

    just because you’re in shape doesn’t mean you’re a kid who gets mommy and daddy to pay for everything.

  56. Charlie Brown

    i think its not a good idea… because if big players doesnt feel confortable playing xball they can play 7man! So pleaaase dont screw up Xball

  57. Zachary Justin

    All of you cry babies need to shut up and play paintball stop whining about how your not going to play cause there not releasing the layouts, who cares! if your good you wont, if your team is solid you wont. All you pussies are freaking out cause now you cant sit on your dick and study a layout for 6 weeks. Let PSP do whatever they want ill still be playing cause unlike you whiners i want to go pro. Psp doesnt need anymore cry babies if you got a problem go ahead and walk

    1. Whho??

      There’s more issues than the layouts you dumb plug

      Just a D3 player calling people cry babies

  58. Pablo

    1 layouts for pro and D1 even D2 and easy layouts for easier divisions.
    2 I rather see one way how paintball is played in all the world that to see 100 leagues and every one with their own rules. All other sports in all the world have the same rules why should paintball be different, besides I feel PSP is stronger than most leagues so every one else should follow. If same rules every where Paintball will be recognized easier in all the world and if I go and play here local or any where else same rules.
    3 Layouts before events give business to fields paint volume and entries. ( I do like the part about figure it out the day of the event)

  59. snoogans

    i can work with all changes except for keeping the layouts in the dark until the event. really can’t find any viable logic in this move, especially in relation to their rational for the change.. guess we’re going back to.. 2003? beat.

  60. Really

    I just got off the phone with one of the millennium directors and the millennium, palq, and centurio will not make the same changes as the psp..

  61. Dustin

    What a mind fuck ha right when i thought paintball was just starting to have a lil come back guess what they just ran all the money everybody had in to the ground to change there fields and really get sponserd for some paint u no 10$ 15$ discount not to hard to find if u rep the field or are any good but anyway dont mess with the fields they are fine and i love to play the fields befor they come out cause that makes the competoin part much harder cause every team has a game plan so that is my thought.

  62. johansen

    this is so stupid. lane’s unwilling to budge with the rules so guess what? the psp is losing teams at a drastic rate. 20 teams already not continuing with PSP next year, thats 2500 in entry per event, 10,000 a season per team= $200,000 LOST BECAUSE THE PSP WONT BUDGE. hope you enjoy the win!

  63. awesome

    The team that is more organized and skilled will win the game. Walking a field is hard and will ween out the chodes and make the games more interesting. There will no longer be play x or variant of play x. Less mundane. Skills will trump a good coach.

    It’s time to rid the league of the weak. Plus paintball was better when some of these rules were in place.

  64. awesome2

    The team that is more organized and skilled will win the game. Walking a field is hard and will ween out the chodes and make the games more interesting. There will no longer be play x or variant of play x. Less mundane. Skills will trump a good coach.

    It’s time to rid the league of the weak. Plus paintball was better when some of these rules were in place.





  67. euro

    Wow most of the guys posting on this thread are mugs. Do you not see that if the premier league in the world doesnt do this then paintball will continue to decline!?!? Paintball is still a young sport and will go through more changes on it’s way to finding the right balance for everybody playing it to have fun!
    Evolve or fade away, all the good players will still be good players however the format has to change, or whoever is playing it. Bottom line is, the sport needs more people playing and these moves will help that.

    1. Whho???

      Paintball is in decline because of the ECONOMY, not the PSP format.

      It seems like the old, fat, untalented throwback 10-man players screaming about coaching, ramping, small bunkers in the back, etc. are trying to take responsibility for paintball’s decline by saying they were pushed out of the sport through Xball. News flash, fat people aren’t and will never be paintball’s “savior”.

  68. Whho???

    In a couple more years when average people are making profits again and can stimulate paintball’s market they’ll be huge growth but don’t de-evolve the sport for players who were only able to compete 6 years ago.

    This clearly doesn’t pertain to all the changes but the only change I can find somewhat acceptable is no field layouts. Whether I practice the layout or fundamental skills before events doesn’t matter, Xball is still Xball, or was anyways.

  69. bill bong

    the russians are going to win any ways there going to figure out a way to get the layout simple

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