Naughty Dogs Rumor Report

The Naughty Dogs had a solid run during the 2010 season and finished the 2010 NPPL Pro Paintball season in 7th place. As many of you will recall, the Naughty Dogs shocked the paintball community with a multi-year agreement with DYE Precision in 2010 (they had been a Smart Parts Factory team).

Fast forward to 2011, and the future of the Dogs is in great jeopardy. Raymond and Rocky Knuth are said to be taking the 2011 season off; Raymond is going back to school and Rocky is opening a gym. With that being said, word on the street has it that Corey Field has parted ways with the team and is now a free agent. Corey was a major force both on and off the field for the Naughty Dogs in 2010 and his departure will be hard felt. Without Corey, Rocky, or Raymond, the future of the Dogs is questionable at best. Stay tuned..

35 thoughts on “Naughty Dogs Rumor Report”

  1. Their semi pro team won this year in NPPL didn’t they? Whether the Dog name is done or not they still have enough of an organization to get something together for 2011 – hopefully they’ll be back in 7man pro

  2. The Dogs are on track man! They have picked up a Canadian talent to train the new guys. He has a great resume. He previously played for a great MXL team from Canada, Fort Smith Swarm. Sounds like a great formula to me!

  3. most of the naughty dogs silver players to go back to shameless. Shameless will be playing HB and will have at least one Naughty dogs pro player and possibly more.

  4. Dogs are gettin ready for the 2011 season and as for Rocky he is playing this season. Raymond will be playing as long as he can. Corey sad to see you go. You will be missed. The dogs will have a few of the vets and some new young hungry players for 2011. See you all in HB

    1. im undrdg not underdog and i am not the one spreading rumors.
      Besides this guy clearly can’t spell nor does he have my amazing wit.
      I have been out of the game since HB with a torn achilles. But i am looking to make a comeback at HB this year. I have no vested interest in anything, so please don’t bring my name into this.


  5. Wow!!! Cmon guys!! As for now the Dogs will be playing 7 man for 2011 as for all the other BULL$hit dont believe any of it till you see it. The roster will remain the same except for Corey Field who has chosen to leave, but the Naughty Dogs will always have an open spot for corey whom is always welcome to play with us

  6. Naughty Dogs disbanded for being TOO Naughty. Rocky Knuth to start competitive body building and increase HGH use.

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