GI Sportz 68 caliber Paintballs

Earlier this week we learned that GI Sportz signed on as a sponsor of the PSP and would be launching a premium paint line just in time for World Cup. We caught up with former pro paintball players Steve Rabackoff and Chris Lasoya who represent the GI Sportz line of paintballs for a few details.

Video interview with Chris Lasoya coming online shortly.

According to Steve Rabackoff, the formula for the GI Sportz legendary imperial paintballs is similar to what was used by top pro paintball team Avalanche during their prime. These paintballs feature an ultra brittle hard to see purple shell with a vibrant yellow fill. According to Steve, this new paintball has provided top pro teams like Russian Legion and Chicago Aftershock the edge they needed to move on into the final round.

Stay tuned for a video interview with Chris Lasoya for an inside scoop at GI Sportz line of 68 caliber paintballs.

4 thoughts on “GI Sportz 68 caliber Paintballs”

  1. Drop the .50 cal! Yes its pratical, but it won’t happen, they’re too small, players are scared of change, etc.. This company is making a lot of people look at them, but then they are associated with .50 cal, and think its a fad.

    I bet there .68 cal is the next “thing” in paintballs though!

    1. The 50 cal and 68 cal balls are targeted at different markets. 50 cal is used on lower ages and new players. Rentals is a great place for the 50 cal.

      68 is great for mainstream and or tournament ball. Heck, even snake players could shoot 50cal. Carry less equipment and more balls may increase their chances of making the game happen.

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