Dye 2011 Pro Jerseys

New gear from Dye keeps rolling out. Yesterday we saw the DM11 and 2011 NT and now the Ton Tons, Nexus, Naughty Dogs, Ironmen, and Damage have new Jerseys. We are still on clear if any of the teams will be wearing the new gear tomorrow.


  1. sky

    Boooo! Come on dye! You can’t come out with jerseys that are THIS identical to each other. I mean in my opinion, the colors look great but dynasty’s new jersey is more creative and looks a lot better than any of these new ones

    1. Josh

      I agree that dynasty’s jerseys are really nice this year but I wouldnt go as far as to say they are creative all they are is empires ltd line with dyanasty’s logo and a couple of sponsors slapped on them I may be wrong but these jerseys seem to have each teams own little spin on them

  2. nd

    I like that dye is making team jerseys that have a real, professional feel to them. I feel like you can see the similarities of these jerseys and the jerseys professional franchises in sports like baseball and football wear. Clean, appealing and easy to read.

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