1. Carter McFarland says:

    Wow this looks interesting looking at all the lanes and stuff. Totally looks like a lot of battles will be fought on the tapes.

  2. alex says:

    looks like a snake 2 off break kind of field. looks like an aggessive field layout but the dorito side looks a little bit to plain for my taste, still, cannot wait to play this layout

  3. Ty says:

    Clayton, there are two lanes that could nail you on your way to S2. I know this because that is what I am doing every breakout :D

    Lane one will come right after you pass your temple, and honestly will be an easy one to get passed usually IF they even lane it.

    The second comes right before you pass your cake by the beginning of S1. Who knows if they’ll even lane this far out, or maybe they’ll see you running and switch to it. Either way, you should make it if you superman like a mofo.

  4. austin cooper says:

    im playing this layout this weekend in a tournament which will be my first tourny ever. any help on what the key bunkers are? and i am a front player mainly.

    • Ty says:

      Yessir, playing front I’d either go to the temple to the right of the back center dorito, and then bump quickly to the Mayan temple, or go right to the MT.

      OR….on d-side go to the dorito (d2) and get to the brick asap.

      You can go to the temple on the left side of the center dorito and then bump quickly to the can as well.

      I’ll be playing the MT all tournament this weekend or going right to S2 off the break. Hopefully.

      • Adam says:

        snake side aztec (not snake feeder, but the temple) can shoot out d1 every game. if you are going there, lane at d1 off of break and keep your gun on D1. you will almost always get the guy in D1.

  5. Adam says:

    Also, on this layout, skip snake one completely. it isnt a bunker worth your while. you cant really shoot anyone from there and if you dont have a snake corner you are screwed. when you get into snake skip snake one and go directly into 2.

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