ProPB Leak: Mysterious Email


It’s not often that a genuine scoop pops into your inbox, but tonight we’ve received just that. An email claiming to be from a company with big plans and some cool ideas. We’re not totally sure what this is or who is making it since it doesn’t look like any brand we recognize – all we can say is that it’s new, it’s coming soon, and you’re looking at a photo – not a render [3D pro on staff assures us of this, as does the email – Rob]. That means this is serious. The design sure looks unusual, but if there’s enough space in that trigger guard it could also be very comfortable.  We’re certainly looking forward to shooting this one and will bring you more info the instant it’s available!

What are your thoughts on the design?  Let us know in the comments!

85 thoughts on “ProPB Leak: Mysterious Email”

    1. If you look at the grips they are almost identical to the creeds, and the what looks to be built in reg like on the creed.

    2. Vanguard has been working on there spool valve for years now. This is not Vanguard. There have been rumors of Vanguard having a spool valve marker soon but like the Creed it will be a rumor till one is seen and then put into production.

      Some of you are on the right path of the Marker Though……..but since I know what it is, it would just not be fair for me to ruin all the fun.

  1. The logo on the side looks like half of the invert logo. Also the cutouts at the breach end of the barrel look like the barrel on the current mini. I’m currious to find out if the front houses a reg or the electronics since it’s attached to the reciever. Weird. It also looks like there might be a guage on the back simular to the G3. I’m going for Invert though.

  2. It looks like it has an OLED board in it. If you look at the grip you 3 dashes. The middle dash looks like a screen. Most likely the new Invert Mini. Not the vanguard stuff because I saw a picture of there spoil on PBNation one day. Would check out the word Hostile though.

  3. It looks like there is a tiny hole on the bottom of the “front grip”, but its not big enough to suggest that it can be adjusted to control velocity. Maybe its where the battery is? Or electronics? Or it adjusts on the side, like a cp reg.

    Im almost positive that this is NOT the new quest.

  4. Going by a couple other posts, Hostile Creations?

    Background in firearms, developing a paint brand, etc. Unfortunately their website isn’t up yet. Seems possible

    May as well stop comparing it to other guns as it has similarities to too many. At this point I’m assuming it’s a new brand that had their own ideas internally and is heavily influenced by competitor’s guns visually.

  5. looks like a tippmann……………………………………………………………………………………….

  6. It’s the bastard love child of an Alien and a mini. The simple barrel and eye covers remind me of Jack Rice, as does the low profile feedneck. The body and foregrip look invert, as does the logo and bolt.

    Who do I address the cheque too?

    1. I take it she doesn’t follow ptball? Careful, we don’t know which fires faster, but I’d bet she’s more lethal

  7. Hostile Creations. (
    AKA Dangerous Power’s old people, that care about customer service. /End.

  8. I have honestly learned to wait before you buy! I have shot and teched all the markers stated above! tell me what marker ever came out new with out major upgrades until a final version was released that worked. How many players payed shipping costs to warranty centers to get them fixed.

    And speaking from current experience! LCD windows in the grip panels mean smashed LCD’s on the board!

    The marker industry prey’s on the lack of knowledge of new/inexperienced players! All to beat the competition to the punch!

  9. Low quality, or just simple design without all the cr*p covering it? Plain doesn’t mean low quality, the Midnight Geo 2 looks dull and is a super marker. Its got two screw holes on the underside of the body, but no apparent dividing line between grip frame and body. Any ideas?

  10. I have a strong feeling this may be another alex Hodge (LX) design he designed the Vanguard Creed, ( this gun has nothing to do with Gun Ltd)

        1. look at the front of the SinR and look at this. I was told by a Manufacturer that who ever designed this had a hand in the creed. so he’s the only guy i know.

  11. looks like it is another mid range priced gun that will be advertised to shoot as good as the real high end guns but will fail, undoubtably.

    …mean while back at the ranch.

  12. This marker from Hostile Creations looks pretty friggin sweet.

    From what I’ve heard, there were a couple of really good guys that started Dangerous Power, who decided to start another company after Amazone Inc. bought out DP, and started changing the focus of the company away from customer service.

    In addition to having innovative products, Hostile Creations will set a new standard in customer service, and they’ll probably have the best customer service in the industry.

    This marker will be beyond anything from Dangerous Power. It should be as good as anything out there right now. I’m sure everyone will go “ape” over the OLED board.

  13. feedneck looks like an alien.. the rest like a mini.. but if i was a betting man i would say it not either one.. so who knows?????


    1. You are correct. This has nothing to do with valken, smartparts, alien, or any other company people are talking about. Wish I could say more but there may be some legal issues with that.

  15. Looks like a luxe reg, ion frame, proto/geo body and eyes along with an ego on/off… like someone took diff gun parts and put em all together. Weird.

  16. It looks nothing like a droid/clone the only thing that those guns and this gun have in common is back cap at the end, and even that look very different. It is not from smartparts ether they are out of business.

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