Paintball Video: We Are Aftermath

Dylan Lucas Gordon, a Brooks Institute of Photography student, has recently compiled a documentary on Pro Paintball team San Diego Aftermath. Dylan and his partners have done an exceptional job, check it out!


  1. tdog

    okay this team…. man these guys are probably my favorite team to watch. they are different than any other team, and they got that unique style where they dedicate their lives to the sport

  2. nd

    Very good video, really sucked me in almost like I was watching a real documentary on tv. When it ended I was like woah its been 8 minutes already??

  3. interested

    That was a really good video. I’m with nd on how fast it went, which says a lot imho.

    The transitions between interviews and game play were well spaced, made sense, and followed a logical sequence. With each person who spoke, I learned a little more as it built on the last speaker.

    Good stuff! There’s a future in it! Now get out there and be somebody!

  4. Kurt cobain

    #1)Jordan king
    #2)alex goldman
    #4)The notorious B.I.G

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