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As L.A. Infamous celebrated their Pro Finals win in the muddied Badlands of Chicago, it marked the close of the PSP’s second event. It also signified the halfway point to the 2010 season. Who’s hot and who’s not? Where does your team rank? Who will be the best team in the world for 2010?

To help answer these questions, introduces the 2010 Pro Power Rankings. We’ve taken a look at and broke down the available numbers. The formula includes pertinent data from the two PSP and two NPPL events of the Pro Divisions. Included are ranking positions, top 6 and 8 finishes, and game winning percentages.

Brace yourself for some surprises; it’s that kind of year in Professional paintball. Don’t agree with what the Power Poll says? Jump in and share your thoughts! New Rankings will be out following the results of the NPPL DC Challenge August 6-8 and the PSP’s MAO August 13-15.

1 ) Edmonton Impact is the cream of the crop for the first half of the season. They hold the number one spot in both pro leagues. They made a noteworthy addition with Ryan Moorhead in the offseason. Impact has had a solid group of players that has played together for some time now. The addition of a dynamic player has paid off nicely.
Power Points: 328.5

2 ) L.A. Infamous had landed on the podium for every event in both leagues this year. They went 3-0 on Sunday to capture their first win at PSP Chicago. With a potent mix of veterans and experienced youth, Infamous will no doubt have a say in who walks away with a championship in both leagues.
Power Points: 288.58

3 ) Tampa Bay Damage comes in at the number three spot. With the best coach in the league, Paul Richards and a solid core of veteran players who have been together for several years now, Damage has three straight finals, winning the NPPL in Chicago. Tampa Bay will be focused on wrestling away the top spot by year’s end.
Power Points: 282.24
: UP

4 ) San Diego Dynasty pulled off a season opening win in the Huntington Beach venue which has been very good to the boys in blue. What has followed has been less than stellar, but in a year of teams stepping up and falling off, Dynasty is still a team to be reckoned with. With their core players largely intact, Dynasty will be a team to watch closely in the second half.
Power Points: 199.08

5 ) Boston Red Legion since its inception has had an outstanding staff, a strict training regiment, and a serious approach to the game. While their win percentage is near the top of the PSP, they have faltered in the Sunday rounds. Russia was definitely looking to add another gun to their roster after Phoenix. Whether they find a good fit or ride it out as their younger talent develops remains to be seen.
Power Points: 129

6 ) Chicago Aftershock Since last season, Shock committed itself to finding and putting together the pieces needed to step out of the middle of the pack. Starting off the 2010 PSP season with a Top 3 finish bodes well for this young team. Always capable of pulling the upset in recent years, Shock has built a team that is perhaps one player away from being a top contender.
Power Points: 128
Trend: DOWN

7 ) Newport Entourage made the move to Pro in seven-man at the beginning of the year and into PSP’s Pro ranks after Phoenix. While they went winless in their first PSP Pro event in Chicago, they benefit from a 50 transfer from Semi-Pro. Their seventh place rating is supported by back to back 5th place finishes in NPPL Pro; Entourage will look to step it up in the Race to Format. Power Points: 127.32
Trend: DOWN

8 ) Oakland Blast Bob Long’s guys have had their moments this season. A third place finish in Huntington Beach led Blast to a solid start for 2010. However Blast faltered in Chicago, going 3-4 and managed to miss the  finals in the process.
Power Points: 84.32
Trend: DOWN

9 ) X-Factor came into the Pro ranks of the PSP in 2007 and promptly made a splash. The Texans then went on win their first NPPL Pro event, and they would like nothing better than to regain that form. Roster defections have hurt, but the team looks like its playing harder than in recent memory.
Power Points: 81

10 ) San Diego Aftermath was the surprise of PSP Chicago as their move back to Pro proved noteworthy. With only 4 of their 10 players having played any Pro ball, they managed to not only record the first Pro PSP shutout of the season, but did so with back to back shutouts. Aftermath have proven that they can compete, now they just need to follow Chicago with another trip to Sunday.
Power Points: 79
Trend: UP

11 ) St. Louis Avalanchehas played some good ball in the first half of the season in the NPPL. In Chicago they showed resolve and fought their way to a top four finish.
Power Points: 77.98
Trend: UP

12 ) Sacramento XSV While the team did a great job making it to the final day in the NPPL’s Chicago event,  they faltered and finished 7th. XSV’s inconsistency was confirmed again in the PSP– after a 1-2 record in Phoenix, the team posted a 0-4 record in PSP Chicago going 12-28.
Power Points: 63.22
Trend: DOWN

13 ) Naughty Dogs After a Sunday showing in Huntington Beach, the Dogs promptly went 2-5 in Chicago and finished 12th.The Naughty Dogs defensive style has them using more of the clock per game than any other team in the league this season.
Power Points: 58.06
Trend: DOWN

14 ) Vancouver Vendetta Vendetta broke into Pro NPPL with a Sunday showing and an 8th place finish. As many new Pro teams have found out, finding consistency is key. While Vendetta failed to make the final day in Chicago, they were not far off.
Power Points: 47.14

15 ) Los Angeles Ironmen After much success over the last few years, the Men failed to make a Sunday in the first half of 2010 season. While still possessing the bulk of their core players, they do have some works in progress, and Kevin Bredthauer (former Dynasty) will be coaching them for the MAO as their coach as the Ironmen look to get back on track.
Power Points: 42
Trend: DOWN

16 ) Chicago Legend missed Sunday at Huntington Beach, but with the second venue in Chicago, a Top 8 seemed within reach. Once again, it’s about who can step up and win the big points. While playing solid on the front and backend of the prelims, the middle portion proved costly. Legend went 3-4 that fateful Monday, not making the cut.
Power Points: 25.3

17 ) Vicious is a first year PSP Pro team who is still adjusting to the Pro Division. Even so, they got their first win in Chicago against Entourage. Vicious has had several roster changes during the first half of the season. It will be interesting to see whether the staff looks to solidify their roster with outside help or from within their feeder team.
Power Points: 21
Trend: UP

18 ) San Francisco Explicit started strong in Chicago and let it slip away. That proved to be significant as they missed the cut by one spot. Regardless they showed improvement from Huntington Beach.
Power Points: 16.88
Trend: UP

19 ) Indianapolis Mutiny It was good to see Mutiny play hard and although they stood 0-5 at one point in the prelims, they finished with back to back wins.
Power Points: 10.5

21 thoughts on “PRO Paintball Power Rankings”

    1. No bias whatsoever. The numbers are what the numbers are. They’ve made two Sundays out of four. They got transfer points as did SDA both of whom were cut in half in this formula.

      This is not a favor one team over another team for any reason. It is strictly a formula that you take the data, crunch the numbers, plug them in and thats it.

      We will continue to tweak the formula and more data will be added as the season progresses.

      Remeber, this not a power ranking based on what a team has done or accomplished. It is strictly gauging team performances in the 2010 season thus far.

      1. Aftermath also went 14-0 on their second day.

        But I retract my statement about that, Ironmen are ranked real low, but I see em bouncing back.

        Proball is tight, the Masons run this sight real well, props to em for putting this out.

  1. pretty decent…props to you guys for going out and doing something like this. cant wait to see what happens next event.

  2. Nice one~ Just wished that you guys display the tourneys and results for each team at the bottom of their respective articles. Still very informative and concise.


    1. well thats food for thought when the next poll comes out. We have all the data, but didnt want to bog it down with to many numbers. But thats a good idea.

  3. Is the next step comparing game results and awarding points because of that? Allocating more points to Aftermath beating Infamous 7-0 in prelims compared to if they were to do the same against a low-ranked team? Or is this something you already do?

    Wish I could help, really like this

  4. A Quality Wins category will be in the formula going toward.
    We looked at it, but for the first installment, we went with as many
    solid numbers where ranking placement needed no interpretation.
    But again, good input!

  5. Power Rankings Factoid: Only 5 of the 12 PSP Pro Division teams have a winning record in games (ALL games played within the matches). They are: Aftermath*(.644), Damage (.588), Impact (.569), Russia (.548), and Infamous (.535).

    * Aftermath’s Pro stats include only the one event in Chicago.

  6. Ironmen #15 whhhhat?? That’s not right, they’re definitely not what they used to be but they are still a top 10 team.

  7. The Ironmen have not played up to their potential so far this season. Recently they picked up a new coach and IF bshort moves back to the 1,
    those things should help.

    The Pro Power Ranking is about what a team has done THIS season.To this point, they have not performed as well as in recent years.

    It is noteworthy that within the poll, every team ahead of the Ironmen have made at least one Sunday. That and other components of the formula have them sitting where they are.

  8. Should definitely split it between the 2 leagues. Kind of misplaces those teams that only play 1 league but still are obvious contenders and should be ranked higher (I.E. Aftermath or Blast). Also it ranks other teams higher simply because they play both leagues which allows the allocation of more “power points” (I.E. Entourage)

    On another note, I’m surprised to see Xfactor ranked so high. But I guess stats don’t lie? haha.

  9. (Kind of misplaces those teams that only play 1 league but still are obvious contenders and should be ranked higher)

    That’s just not true. A team can play one league (the PSP say) and if they are doing really well have over 200 points. The formulas’ components factors in nuances of how a team has been playing.

    Now, as the season progresses there will be more data. There will also be 2 new tweaks (albeit small values) added into the formula.

    In the case of Entourage, they have two top 5 finishes in the NPPL, a high win percentage in that league, and transfer points (which our formula cut in half) from PSP Semi-Pro where they won Phoenix.

    Concerning teams benefiting from playing two leagues. It’s hard enough to do well in one league, if they can do well in two, then their no fluke huh?

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