36 thoughts on “HK Army Chicago 2010 Video”

  1. Its just like any other extreme sport video…. All the best skate, snow and moto videos show the athletes off the field partying and having a good time. Save your hate for your girl friends jelly rolls homie.

  2. Wow, no wonder everyone laughs when you mention the “HK Army” at SoCal fields. Seeing their booth get shut down in the HB vendors area for excessive alcohol drinking was great for the sport. What a joke of a team, company, and overall embarrassment for paintball.

  3. they are good guys, but i was just confused about whether this video was about paintball, or alcoholism disease. either way it was a cool video

  4. HK does more for our sport then you even realize, what makes our sport so different that we cant show the true side of it, its better then celebrities promote sex and alcohol to elementary school kids, and last time i checked this is AMERICA..

  5. Real world wow I couldn’t agree more…I feel like a tool for just watching the first 30 seconds of this video

  6. ok these guys are great guys, nice people, and caring as well, but they do this shit all the time. they remind me of the stevo from jackass how he films himself getting loaded…..Kressin!!!

  7. out of the 4 minute movie there was 8 seconds of drinking, stop being haters. that is just stupid. oh god one guy was smoking in this video, “i dont know if this was about smoking or paintball?”. just shut up.

  8. i thought it was one of the best paintball vids ive watched. all around entertaining. not just a bunch of nothing run throughs. you killed it HK! was that dude really gettin some head in the car? sure looked real

  9. Cassidy makes the bestttt videos

    It’s a recap of HKs Chicago, play hard and party hard. They may be excessive but at least they have values, understand these before you judge

  10. This is a great video regardless of whether the profanity in this video is good or bad for the sport.

  11. its just sooo niceeeeeeeee

    Crash @ the Coast was a Huge Success too everyone had a great time, got to meet alot of pros and learn from the best! HHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  12. these boys influence the sport and make paintball a sport for what it is today. Instead of old fat f uc k s young talent is making the sport grow more and more. All you haters can suck on it! keep up the good work. TK

  13. Mark, Brandon and Josh are the $hit…HK is all about style, fun, and keeping the sport alive… thanks fella’s…Send me a H pack…. holler

  14. TRUTH : More people smoke, drink and do drugs in paintball than any other sport.

    There are professional players taking enhancement drugs and steroids, there are players that are stoned every time they play. This isn’t a sport its a hobby, so stfu you fat dorks and learn how to throw a pigskin.


  15. i agree mr jibbler. thats part of the reason why people frown upon paintball. it will never get bigger if that doesnt slow down. its should start by having people atleast play sober. who cares what people do after that but atleast have the descency to keep your shit together on the field.

  16. yo to all the haters who said me gettin served at the 3:22 mark is fake is a clown. i agreed to get cassidy a ride to the airport and we were waiting on him in the car and i threw out that she should start servin….. she did. and cassidy just so happened to walk up. as far as the booth getting shut down in HB, there was drinking in the NPPL registration booth and i believe HK has a video to back it up.

  17. weird how all the pros and people who are actually in the scene are speaking the truth and are appreciating what we are doing….all we are trying to do is what we love and helping promote our friends and bring the vibe back

    all the people who are hating……how are you helping the sport?

    1. The movie is big on production and short on substance. I see less paintball promotion and more self promotion. So is it hating just to disagree with your methods? I thought we all wanted paintball to grow. Are you really helping the sport by filming such cinema classics as “Operation Back Pu$$y” and trying to donkey punch fat chicks? Really?

      The players of tomorrow are going to get into the sport by playing at someone’s birthday celebration or somebody taking the time to take them to a park. That’s the help we need for the sport. Positive promotion resulting in more dollars for paintball. So those “Pros” who have your back can have sponsor dollars to fly around and play paintball. I don’t see some HK highlight video of some dude getting head really helping the sport. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  18. This is what more than half of the pro players of today’s lifestyle is. HK portrays it how it really is. Hate it or love it HK is a major part of the paintball industry today and many of the top pros are affiliated with them. This is the truth. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    1. It comes down to whether you think the content is acceptable as a promotion for paintball in general. If someone is implying this is helping to grow the sport then that is clearly debatable. If its just a cool paintball video for people in the “scene” to appreciate on a “Pro” themed website then that is something entirely different. There’s a clear distinction between these two view points.

      1. i think that its a good vid, but definitly not to promote paintball. honestly its a disgrace to paintball. i love hk and the guys but i dont know who posted this vid on here, and since this is a site to promote paintball…. well i just thought it was a bad choice. i agree with the catagory thing you brought up, and it would definitly be a great video for just like a “A cool paintball video”. but if someone has never played or doesnt know much about paintball, and this is the first video they see, they are just going to think its a joke. i appreciate the video, but i dont think its a good video to promote paintball is all im saying


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