Friday Paintball Rumor Report

The numbers are in! After a turbulent start, the 2010 NPPL All-Star Draft has been finalized (and wildly disputed).  Check out this weeks rumor report featuring the latest paintball news and gossip from LA Ironmen, San Diego Aftermath, Newport Entourage, San Francisco Explicit, New England Hurricanes, and Oakland Blast.

Thomas Mantoni leaves New England Hurricanes and rejoins the pro division with San Diego Aftermath.

Entourage won’t be making it to NPPL DC due to summer school and finances but has committed to the remainder of both series for the season.

San Franscisco Explicit won’t be playing NPPL DC either but they have confirmed they will be in Vegas.

Our boy Bear D’Egidio is rumored to be playing in the NPPL All Star game, regardless of how many times you didn’t vote for him.  The HK boys are alleging the “illicit” use of the SC Village email database. Get some!

San Diego Dynasty is rumored to be in talks and or picking up Billy Bernacchia.

BLAST is rumored to have lost Kenny Tsuda after conflicts with another teammate, rumor has it Kenny is trying out for Ironmen.


  1. Someone

    Whats wrong with Billy?He is a great player but seriously….He cant stay for more than 3 months with one team…

  2. Billy

    He played all of last season with the Hurricanes for PSP, played the year before that with Aftermath until they pulled out of the league, and played with Doc’s Raiders for what two seasons before that? Apart from the Vicious deal falling apart he’s been on one team in a league for a whole season for years. Nicky Cuba has switched that many teams in the same amount of time and so has Jon Richardson, Jason Edwards etc.

    1. GS

      Yo, Jon and Nicky were both iced from the Ironmen. Not like the just jumped around cause they felt like it. It’s hard be black and gifted

  3. someone

    very true. I think It’s hard to be a East Coast pro. Teams come an go and its not like west coast paintball, flying into other teams and getting used to their ways isnt as easy as everyone thinks. For Billy to love paintball so much that he does what he has to do and fly’s where he has to fly just to play pro paintball is what being a pro is all about.

    1. Yo mama!

      Wrong, Kenny dumped the skank before Tyler came sniffing around.

      1. eminem

        you still dont screw your boys ex girl or girl. you gotta have loyalty you ****in choad, and if tyler did do that than he deserves a stomping.

        1. Young & Reckless

          Eaaaasy fool nobodies girl got screwed. It is what it is. I’m sure he’s sorry……..Actually, I know i’m sorry… goes on…..

  4. JR

    ha! i think the bear comment was a curve is still live as far as i can tell.

  5. tdog

    i hope billy can atleast stay with dynasty for the rest of the year instead of bouncing around from team to team to team

  6. update

    Kenny Tsuda can’t hang with the big-boys!! He’s a leftover from a couple yrs back when Bob experimented with taking a bunch of D2 players into the pro ranks. He’s only on BLAST because his dad has a part in the team. He was their snake player but when Prince moved in he got relegated to playing a different position just so he could still be there.

    1. Terry59

      Sorry, but you don’t know what your talkin about, Kenny is a better all-around player than Prince. I love Prince, but Kenny creates more kills and is a better all-around player. Kenny has proven his pro level abilities long ago and has been consistent throughout his tenure, the Ironmen interest proves it.
      Ken Sr. is the best team manager in the game, he has given a crazy amount of time, blood, sweat, cash and effort to support the team his son just happens to be on.
      They should be a model for you/”update” and your son, Rush has along way to go to just to accomplish what Ken, Kenny has done with SCP Epic, let alone BLAST.

      1. eminem

        its easy for kenny and the rest of blast to be good mid insert/back players when they all got there chump cheater boards you greasy lil fucks still cant win bahaha.

  7. Justin

    It does seem that billy has had the hardest time staying with a team this season.

  8. someone

    Why he’s been on Avalanche all year this year and last…and hurricanes are not pro anymore.. Vicious didnt work out for him… so it is what it is.

  9. Robbo

    I’m bummed to hear that Kenny won’t be playing for Bob. Ken and Kenny are two 1st class individuals in this industry. I hope that they continue to set a great example and I hope that Kenny lands himself on another top pro team soon.

  10. Well

    The iron men didn’t have anyone trying out for them, but they did pick up a new bad ass coach

  11. hkarmypb

    How did we say it is it “illicit” use? Way to turn our words around. We just said he used his database to send what giant calls a press release. Nothing illegal there, just access to a lot of emails.

    I don’t know why you would think we thinks its illegal when we did everything we could online to get him in as well…

  12. bobby tucson

    people need not to make a big deal about bear. big so what’ if he got in.kid is a player. americans are used to presidents jacking elections and cheating the people. who the fuck cares about a socal kid making sure hes in it to win it.

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