Dynasty Makes Another Pickup.

Dynasty makes their second pickup of the week, snake player Billy Bernacchia, formerly of VICIOUS and the New England Hurricanes. Billy missed the last PSP event due to being teamless, but has been playing NPPL with Avalanche.

Eric Crandall (Dynasty’s Manager) had this to say about Billy:

Billy is a proven player who gives us another solid attack on the snake side of the field.

Billy added:

I am very happy and looking forward to being a part of Dynasty. I hope everything works out. I have always respected Dynasty as a team and have been looking up to their players for years

We wish Dynasty and Billy the best of luck at MAO.

13 thoughts on “Dynasty Makes Another Pickup.”

    1. Chad and Billy will probably be alternating down the snake. Possibly, Chad will be playing 1st in the Snake and Billy 2nd in the snake, depending on layout.

  1. Jesus! … Give Brad Maughan a video camera, Skinny Kevin a clip board and bring BC back to at least show face at some events. This team is losing all of it’s foundation and respect quickly. Market the new blood of the team…..

  2. I am sure that Billy will grow as a player with a team that is superb and have a great supremacy. Important to mention that great team’s chemistry teach a lot in the game, that is so fast that you need to adapt with the same speed in order to be a winner. Congrat William (Billy)

  3. alex, ryan, george, billy, yosh rau, odell, JC, montemayor, glenn takemoto and Davey… thas 10 players, for A 10 player roster! ..justin and perchak left so dont need to drop annyone else

  4. if billy had a more level head and didnt spaz in the snake so often, he’d be a way better player.

    seen him countless times freak out in the snake and get shot. whether he thinks he needs to go all the way down the snake and shoot everyone, forcing himself to run someone down unnecessarily, or just trying to gun battle multiple people from the snake.

  5. Its easy to say than done, a snake player depends on their back and mid guys and every play is a different one, every team adapts differently. Will see, and the heart of the team is the soul that is passed from player to player no matter of the generation. There is Dynasty for a long time.

  6. Heart of dynasty still remains. With people like Ryan, Alex, and Yosh their chemistry alone makes up for new blood. Not to mention they will always be taking care of sponsorship wise. Everyone hits a rough patch along the lines of paintball… 07 philly was good but nothing crazy, in 08 federov and myself came along and we were a force to be reckoned with in 08-09… Chemistry builds quick when all the players get along.

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