Palm Beach Vipers Tampa Practice 2010

Footage on and off the field of the Viper PSP Team taken and edited by Justin Saucerman on a GOPRO HD Camera. Video starts in Southern California at Justin’s house and moves on to the tampa airport and then to the hotel in lakewood then Central Florida Paintball Field is where all the paintball takes part. The team then went to Winghouse and Sonnys BBQ which are places that must be eaten at if you are in Florida as you can see.

18 thoughts on “Palm Beach Vipers Tampa Practice 2010”

  1. What is it with Pro Paintball and the Vipers? Every other news has something to do with the Vipers. Who are they anyways? Have they even won anything in the past 5 years?

  2. So legit, (Im the guy in the LSU shirt with the Ironkids headband)
    Saucey, all my boys who have watched the video love it bro!

  3. life is all about the journey, not the destination, glad to see some fun going down in pb. what no milf’s on vid? hahahahaha, swell done

  4. The best part about this video is that Ken isn’t in it. Don’t bring him into it and start more drama. Leave this about the video.

  5. So I do multiple galleries for event after event and Saucey’s first vid get’s more comments than all of them combined? Remind me to kick you in the nuts next time I see you Saucey. jk, you know you’re my boy. Great work, can’t wait to see more! GOPRO’s are so ill.


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