Rumor of the day: Chicago NPPL Layout

The following image arrived via email a few hours ago. According to Pro Paintball insiders, the scanned document appears to be a raw copy of the NPPL Chicago layout.  From the looks of it, our source may have just let the cat out of the bag.


  1. Eye Talian

    and with 15 doritos on the layout, I hope fields across the country have a ton floating around just to be able to practice this layout.

    Notice the can at 50 snake, seems to block out a lot of shots on most layouts.

  2. chyea

    there is the same number of dorritos as always… they are cakes. the snake is very similar to the one from vegas, minus the bricks.

  3. Drew

    dont like it. there are like no good lanes there i really hope this isnt the one they pick its just ehh i like a layout where you can get a few kills off the break.

  4. insider

    layout is up on same except dorito side corner is different

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