Chuck Liddell "Iceman" Victory Paintball gun by BLAST

Legendary MMA fighter Chuck Liddell and pro paintball icon Bob Long teamed up to create the ICEMAN signature series paintball gun. Read on for the full scoop on the ICEMAN Victory.

Mixed Martial Arts legend Chuck the “Iceman” Liddell and paintball legend Bob Long have teamed up to create the Iceman series paintball gun. For those of you unfamiliar, Chuck reigned over 2 years as the UFC light heavyweight champion, and has won a whopping 16 times, second to only Matt Hughes. Chuck is an icon in the MMA sport and holds the record for the most knock-out and TKO wins in the UFC. Much like what Bob Long did for paintball, Chuck Liddell and his friend Randy Couture are widely credited in bringing MMA into mainstream sports and entertainment.

Zach Long presenting Chuck with his ICEMAN Victory

The ICEMAN signature-series is based on the VICTORY platform and is extremely limited in that only 25 guns will be produced. Each of Chuck’s guns will be serial numbered and include a signed photo as well as a signed certificate of authenticity. The ICEMAN Victory paintball guns will be made available exclusively through his website and eBay via auction through his official store.

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26 thoughts on “Chuck Liddell "Iceman" Victory Paintball gun by BLAST”

    1. How does one of the best MMA fighters making a private label gun and providing exposure to our sport necessitate a “fail” comment?

      This is very cool and we should support those that made this happen. Try and think outside the box dude, they are not targeting paintball kiddies with this collectors item but people that are fans of Chuck..

  1. Thats some incredible news for paintball. MMA fans share a very similar demographic to paintball players. And to top it off they got one the most most recognizable fighters in the sport of MMA to get invovled…..That man has a huge fanbase.

  2. In this case, Anderson Silva plays paintball and Sinister did an add with him holding a paintball gun. Bob Long should contact his manager, Ed Soares and make him a signature gun with spider webs on it.

    1. Tim Silvia plays too and I bet those 3 (Chuck, Anderson and Tim) are probably not the only 3.
      What I’m wondering is, is Bob reaching for the paintball players enjoying MMA or is he reaching for the MMA fighter who plays paintball couple of times a year?
      With 25 guns, he ain’t taking much risks anyway.

      Exposure is good anyway…

      Am I the only one thinking the artwork looks like s***?
      there is a larger picture on Liddell’s website, taken from (
      Chuck’s face looks like Mr. T’s… Fool!

  3. This is so exciting! I love it! He’s king of the world! Yayy!!!!

    Robin Williams plays…Ken Griffey Jr. plays, Ozzy Ozbourne plays, the list can go on and on… Now that a fighter I’ve never heard of before plays (I gather he’s as famous in fighting as Ollie Lang is in paintball) the sport will get some huge exposure. Yep.

    Actually I’m not hating on this. Just putting a damper on a this is great-for-the-sport parade. It’s cool and I’m happy for them all. And hopefully it brings 10 new guys into paintball. But I doubt it will do much more than that.

    It’s a nice looking gun though. Usually it’s a bunch of chicks on their guns. Now we get a dude on there and everyone is all excited. When will Bob Long sign a deal with a porn start to make a private label gun?

    1. for a sport that cant catch a break, who knows were this may lead. paintball cant grow if people think the way you do. when the door opens do you stand there and wait? NO! you get your ass inside. any little inch we get as a sport we should taken. because one day it may become something big. any positive press should be accepted with open arms. guys keep the “great-for-the-sport parade” going.

  4. This pretty sweet. I don’t watch alot of UFC but, you would have to live in a cave to not know it’s a big sport. And being a tried and true paintball fan IDE have to say this is really sweet. The gun looks nice and it helps get the paintball name out there. To be honest I think more companies should do stuff like this. But ya all in all good choice on bob longs part. Happy with the desision.

  5. Danny instead of hawking the comments on pro why don’t you do something productive for the sport? I don’t see you bringing in publicity. Get off your pedestal and stop snipping lines from old school sports movies.

  6. bob long continues to do the right thing for the PB world. chuck and the positive force he brings to PB needs to be continued all across the PB industry if we are to thrive. anytime u can connect with a positive force and a big name will help grow PB. best result is it will help promote and draw more customers to the fields. win win for all players, owners/sponsors, fans, and customers. ask yourself, what have I done lately to promote our great sport of PB??

  7. There’s too many know-it-alls in paintball…you guys need to calm down. I highly doubt this is a bad thing, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it, so stop trying to analyze it.

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