Bob Long & the Victory 50cal paintball test

Check out a bunch of footage Bob Long recently captured testing his new paintball gun, the Victory .50cal. The part we found most interesting was Bobs comparison between his 50cal victory and his 68cal victory.

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If your short on time, watch from 3:45 to 7 minutes. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. bob

    i miss bob and zack. his counting made me lol every time. comparison was very interesting.

    but bob, as an ambassador to the sport… why oh why weren’t you wearing your goggles while shooting your guns. not a good example. yes we know, you made it safe, and you knew what you were doing, but still, a bad example.

  2. Rob

    Finally a review from a manufacturer that makes some kind of sense. He admits that it’s worse in the wind and wont go as far etc. but still thinks it has a market. That I can respect. Not sure about accuracy or shooting through brush to be honest, but for beginners it makes some sense. The only real issue is the cost to fields of carrying this stuff along with their 68 cal. I haven’t come across any field ops who are happy with the idea.

  3. johnny

    bob not wearing his googles while shooting his gun lol.
    yah your right it was safe and he does know what his doing lol ,
    so why say anything at all you gooey bum????. go have a big glass of shut the fuck up.

    good job to Bob ive seen this gun at practise and in the rain it shoots perfect.

    1. big glass of shut the fuck up?

      first of all, it was a statement that to us players that know what we’re doing, it might not seem so bad. but to kids and parents that aren’t experienced with paintball guns like us that watch it, it’s not a good example.

      grow up asshole

      1. anonachris

        I’m sure bob has shot plenty of real guns, which are more dangerous, without wearing goggles… Wrap your brain around this — he can be trusted to shoot a firearm which would punch a hole through any goggles he might be wearing, but he shoots a paintball gun under the same conditions and you get all upity about it.

        Ya, you should wear goggles when you are shooting and there are people around.

        But more important than always blindly following rules is to use common sense. I’ll trust that kind of many more any day.

  4. sdawg

    So the 50 cal argument is now the impassioned plea “WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?”

    I admit that I find that argument somewhat compelling, but it’s kind strange for Bob Long to ask the viewer “what do you think it feels like” to get shot by the 68cal gun? Of course everyone coming to this page knows what it feels like to get shot at 20ft or closer by a paintball gun, so I’m kind of confused why he makes that plea like it’s some sort of revelation.

    1. wow

      Hey everyone, we have a huge problem: .68 caliber paintballs shot at 300 feet per second hurts too much. But if we sell you a bunch of new equipment that uses .50 cal paintballs, the sport will be saved!

      Yeah, or you could turn the guns down to 270 fps.

  5. ***

    While I may not be the biggest fan of the fifty round, Bobby makes a good point. I don’t play up front in the woods, and the people that I play with are tough enough to take a .68 shot, so I don’t think I’m buying in on this. However, he does make a good case for the new round without BSing about how “it goes way farther…cause of stuff” or “we don’t need to show you the testing, take our word” and other impossible claims. He’s a good businessman.

    [insert generic mask comment here to make me feel like I’m fitting in lol]

  6. Booty juice

    I felt like at one point, Bob was going to be attacked by a bear and have to wrestle it.

    Or turn into a bear and attack the camera.

  7. LT

    .50cal is for young guns or chicks, or those guys that wear chest protectors

    1. Dres

      yeah. i say toughin up if you think it hurts too much! paintball wont be the sport it is now if everyone doesnt have to worry bout the pain caused when youre bunkered in the back of the head

      i think its stupid for tourny ball. rec maybe. but not at a tournament

  8. Nicky

    I think Bobby has made quite the argument in this video. Like he said, and I agree, he doesnt think .50 cal will take over the whole world of paintball, but there is a market for it. Everyone that is saying “man up” and take the .68 cal round, thats ridiculous. Its about growing the sport of paintball. If a parent is worried about their young child getting hurt playing paintball then their less likely to let them play. And if younger kids do play and it doesnt hurt as much then their more likely to want to play again, i.e. business grows, paintball expands to the next generation.

    As of right now I dont think .50 belongs in the tournament scene, but it would have a calling at local fields. How all the details with .50 will get ironed out, I dont know, but I believe Bobby is right and there could be a strong market for it.

    1. Mbock

      There are tons of fields that don’t have enough people playing at once to even fill up a field. Now people are saying that “it’s good for business”?? I just don’t get it. This is what’s wrong with paintball. NOBODY wants to stick together and make the sport stronger as a whole.

  9. Trap Jesus

    I know not much about the .50 cal ball but I do know i have been playing tourny paintball since i was 12 and have some friends that have been playing since they were younger than that, 8 years ago and before we never had an option .68 or .50 to think about we never bitched about getting shot with a .68 ball we didnt care we were out there ballin our asses off and weather you shot 3 people off the break or got straight slammed on a run thru we were still smilin at the end of the day because we got to play ball..besides chicks dig the welts in gym class….to parents who bitch about your kids getting “hurt” while playin paintball please just shut up tell your kid to quit being such a pussy or mabe get the idea that a sport where we use guns is gonna be like tag at recess out of your head cause it isnt. and to the guy hatin on bob for not wearin his goggles STFU hes provin himself in this sport and industry and doesnt need some dousch makin a statement about him not wearing goggles just because the before mentioned dousch feels like he should.

  10. LukaszBB

    I think that the biggest problem of .50 is that using it will show our surrender – some di*kheads in EU say that we cannot shoot at 300fps with .68, and what is the industry response? making a new caliber? I think that we should (at least) try to fight for what we love – PAINTBALLING! What if several years they say .50 at 300fps is still too much? ASG!?!?!

    Some say .50 is better for mil-sim, I say not, I do respect .68, I know that I have to act smart to avoid being shot point blank at close distance, I know that it will sting, and I like it. If it doesn’t hurt at all, you can just mess around the field…

  11. doubt it

    50 cal is better for the sport because of the amount of money it takes to produce a smaller ball vs .68… imagine cases of paint being 15-20$ as a standard.. thats hypothetical, but more important than how much it hurts…

  12. paintball is paintball

    who cares how big the size of the paintball is, as long as your shooting a paintball then your playing paintball. I dont know why people are arguing about this. If someone wants to make a .50 cal paintball let them, if people want to shoot .50 let them and if your afraid of getting hit by a .68 cal paintball then you probably just shouldn’t play. But if the .50 is much easier on the youngster and can actually help the sport bring in new players just by saying it doesn’t hurt as much then more power to the .50. But until someone starts pushing that idea and proves it can help the sport and not just be a huge wast of time and money then we will just keep playing paintball the way we always have.

  13. Cupcake

    The only thing I learned from that video is that Bob Long can count to 25…


    No matter what anyone thinks .50 Cal will take over in the next two years fully and help out sport tremendously. Good luck stopping that. It is amazing for the rec ball side of our sport and will be better for tournament side. See you guys soon !

  15. rjs21

    The Victory is one of the best guns out. Definitely a great value. The addition of this .50 cal kit just makes its worth it weight in gold.

  16. ProVet

    Love the video – great job Bob. Honestly watching Bob count those steps cracked me up (looked like a bear). Great positive spin on the .50cal pb – think it makes sense….

  17. merc

    50cal nothing to have a big woop over shot it at world cup was unimpressed 68 is still way better than 50

  18. Snickers

    The 50 cal movement is bullshit and I’d love nothing more than to see it shut down.

    The whole concept is to sell us more crap. Thankfully I bought a Victory. Bob had to come out with a kit, PE is putting them out already. So I can use this kit but now I’m supposed to sit around and wait for the barrel companies to catch up then replace the hundreds of dollars of barrels I already own.

    It’s all shit and they need to fight the restrictions in the EU instead of just bending over for them

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