Wednesday Paintball Rumor Report

Todays pro paintball rumor report will be brief, and cut to the chase. There has been lots of paintball news flying around lately and we’re keeping you all up to date.

  • DC Arsenal is rumored to not be playing this year in the NPPL. With the PSP filling up their pro spots, what will happen to them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.
  • Word has it that there will be a new team playing in the Millenium series. Team U.S.A., it will be composed of 2 teams, San Diego Dynasty and Edmonton Impact. You would think the team would be called team North America, one team from Canada, and the other from the U.S.A.

Stay tuned, more to come…

    8 thoughts on “Wednesday Paintball Rumor Report”

      1. No. Evo is the only one that ik of that isnt playing this year(Jack and Gainey are both playing with preds now). N preds is playing D2 xball this year since the demise of 7-man is imminent.

    1. Arsenal has never been a PSP team, or I can not remember them playing at the pro level as one. How did Dynasty and Impact hook up? Josh Davey?

    2. Taken from CPH Ducks website.

      “Also, to ensure continued growth in results, the team in 2004 opened up for players from other countries to be part of the team, and at one point in time the Copenhagen Ducks consisted of Danish, Swedish, British, Canadian and American players, making us the most “international” team in the world, and the first team to truly embrace the concept of an international paintball team.

      With the increased pressures of staying at the top of the sport, and the ever-increasing amount of practice needed, we have however chosen to narrow the target audience for the team somewhat again, and the team today consists of players living in and around the Danish Capital Copenhagen, and Swedish city Gothenburg.”

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