PSP Webcast is offline for Phoenix

Paintball Videographer Patrick Spohrer from Monkey With a Gun has released a paintball news update on his website informing us that the PSP has chosen not to air the webcast in phoenix.

Got word today that the PSP webcast for Phoenix is dead. The economy has hit paintball hard and this webcast is a big mouth of money to swallow. From what they are telling me they would love to bring it back for Chicago, but that’s not fore sure. I need to go back to Hollywood and look for a real job. No ones fault just a sign of the times.


We are really bummed to hear the news. Here is to hoping the PSP brings it back and PRONTO! H/t to BallersCafe for the heads up.

30 thoughts on “PSP Webcast is offline for Phoenix”

  1. Dude….wtf is going on? What needs to happen in order for us to have access to the GD webcasts? I cant go to the tournament, but frankly I (among others) would be willing to pay for a yearly subscription to be able to have access to the tournaments if we cant go.

    Way to isolate paintball even more than it already is…..F the times, make it happen!!

  2. The unemployment rate in this county is at 9% and in some state it is even higher. So yes people have less disposable income. I don’t think anyone does want to promote events. But if we want this to occur again, we should pay for it. We should pay for the setup and the people that host the video casts. They have lives too.
    Setting up the live video cast must cost a lot of money and it has been awesome it was free last year.
    Just my two cents.

  3. I know i’d be willing to pay to watch the webcast. Last year’s webcast was amazing. Multiple angles, good shots, good commentating, couldn’t really ask for better.

  4. Well its a start, I would even be willing to pay for a yearly subscription. I think we need to make something happen b/c frankly I hate waiting for the DVD’s from a tournament to come out waaaaay after the tournament is over.

    I also like how they told us this weeks before the event, I feel like something could have been done had we (the public) been notified about this BS.

    I hope someone important is reading this

  5. Nothing could have been done. The webcast had a yearly budget six figures large. When the NPPL used to charge for it, they got less than 1500 people (and it only cost $5).

  6. It’s all a numbers game. Charging at all cuts your viewership by 90% (hyperbolic number used for dramatic effect. I don’t know the real numbers). The more you charge, the more you cut those numbers even further. There’s just no amount of money you can charge that will pay for it. The only hope is to make it free, get titanic numbers and then use those numbers to generate ad revenue… but that game means you are out of pocket for ALL expenses until the ad money rolls in. And then, will it be enough?

    There’s no easy way to go about it for the PSP, and they can’t sacrifice any part of the experience for paying customers in order to have a webcast.

    If you feel powerless here… that just means your brain is working. But if you want to be a part of making the environment better for paying for a webcast: be an ambassador for the sport and keep introducing more and more people to it. That’s all we got at this point (winning the Lottery is an alternative, just not very viable).

  7. It would take 5,000 people paying $10 each to pay for it. Or at $20, you’d need 2,500 people. If you charged $50, you’d still need 1,000 people to pay $50. If its free, you probably still need 50,000 people watching it to pay for it in ad revenue. Any way you cut it, the numbers are only about 20% of where they need to be to get it paid for.

    So for the webcast to happen, PSP has to subsidize it, and in these tough economic times, PSP’s priority has to remain putting on the best event for the players.

    1. the events with absolutely no pay out what so ever, the industry is getting greedy and putting it all in there pockets and not toward the sport where it needs to be

      1. PSP events have greater than 100% payout for Pro. You’re right though, they don’t pay out for hiding in D4.

  8. why is everyone surprised at this? everyone is broke, im surprised there is even a league this year. i personally would not pay for it.

    There has to be a budget to ramp up production. I don’t see the PSP being able to set aside the money to do this sense it is widely documented that the PSP normally breaks even or loses money each year. I believe 2007 was the first year the league had made money since the split of the leagues.

    Simply they needed more teams last year playing to help kick off this first event.

  9. ill pay ok im willing but honestly the sport is so isolated we really need media and what not like this and ads to just say hey its paintball there’s a free webcast go take a look and give the sport some more exposer. that and the industry such not have there products on a 200% mark-up like wtf PE and DYE your guns dont cost thousands of dollars, put the prices down and people will play and the sport will grow.

    im bummed with are fucking sport right now guys we gotta do something

  10. How much did the PSP spend on the webcast at each event? How much would they have to charge to come close to breaking even?

    Maybe the PSP doesn’t have enough supporters at $5-10 ea to cover the costs, but what if they have enough supports at $30?

  11. Dude that really sucks but thats ok I am going to the turney anyways so i dont have to worry about it but Chicago I am hoping its on

  12. regardless. great job overall Pat, I’m sure it will be back in the future. It’s a shame, the webcast had an unbelievable quality.

  13. When you Can Have the Milk for Free? … PB Players will always try to mooch and take, unfortunately its bred into the sport.

    This sport needs a generation of leaders to give it any hope for prosperity and success.

    1. No, the NPPL will have webcasts for their two biggest tournaments, HB and Vegas. PSP looks like they are attempting the same with Chicago and Cup. So if that all takes place, in quantity they are even.

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