Aftermath Arenas

Over the weekend Pro Paintball had the opportunity to catch up with Mike Hinman and discuss the newly constructed Aftermath Arenas, a tournament-oriented addition to SC Village paintball park in Corona, CA. Check out the interview and first video footage of the new fields. YouTube Preview Image

Special thanks to John Bires of Center50 Films for putting the clip together and Kyle Johnson for not beating us up with the boom mike.


  1. sucks

    Nice job Hinman, SoCal needed something like this and you are the man to bring it. Paying it forward is a good way to put it. All the best.

  2. hmmm

    These fields were done right in every way: all tilled soil so there were no rocks or other hard debris under the turf to bust your self on when diving/sliding, quick turn around to get as many games as possible, multiple air stations to help speed up getting on the field. Mike and company did right with these fields and they will be one of the best places to practice at for many years to come.

  3. Kyle

    close call, the boom mic got heavy and I almost hit you both in the head! great interview J and of course kudos to you Mike, the fields were awesome and ran super smooth.

  4. Justin M.

    Nice setup! I’m surprised it took SoCal so long to get something like this? We’ve had 2 turfed Xball fields out in Colorado for the past year.

  5. muhammid

    awesome job mike and COMPANY, all we need are some misters for that blazing sun that beats down soo hard it makes the cow poop smell worse then it already does.

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