Breaking News: Aftermath & Infamous to merge! insiders have informed us that San Diego Aftermath and Los Angeles Infamous have joined forces. The combined pro team will be known as Los Angeles Infamous and feature at least 6 players from San Diego Aftermath. According to insiders, the semi pro/division 1 team will continue playing as SD Aftermath. Sources tell us that the newly merged LA Infamous pro paintball team will have serious resources at their disposal. All signs indicate that LA Infamous will be pushing hard to be the premier paintball program in the country.

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12 thoughts on “Breaking News: Aftermath & Infamous to merge!”

  1. I wonder who’s sponsors they are keeping, Aftermath’s or Infamous???

    I would think Infamous’ in gear and paint, while Aftermath’s for guns…

  2. Merge to survive, sadly this is going to become the norm as money and sponsorships dwindle or disappear because our sport is losing it’s money base, “Rec Players”.

    If we want to see this trend change we have to find and encourage new players. Part of this is cracking down on the “I Think I am A Bad Ass Player” powning little Johnny with 8 bonus balls. Little Johnny packs up and never comes back. All of us that love this sport need to become advocates for our sport, If you see someone being a “Yak” speak to them about it or at lest let a ref know so they can watch that player a little closer. Who knows “Little Johnny” could go on to become the next Super Pro.

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