PSP Rumors: Pro Roster Size and Phoenix Open?

pspAs rumored earlier; insiders are reporting that the PSP Paintball Series has decided to increase the pro paintball rosters to 10 players; 9 of which can be rostered and 1 as an alternate. If emails to the site are any indication, players and teams alike are eagerly awaiting the PSP 2010 schedule. As far as we have heard, rumors indicate that the series will once again be kicking the season off in Phoenix, Arizona. Don’t buy your plane tickets yet because these are dates not confirmed, but sources indicate the event may take place in or around the weekend of March 18th-21st, 2010.

17 thoughts on “PSP Rumors: Pro Roster Size and Phoenix Open?”

  1. Cool. It’s good to see that the League’ll have more players per team. With less worn out participants, the games should be more interesting to watch.

  2. I really hope Phoenix is not in March. Make it in February. Arizona weather won’t be as nice at the end of March rather than in Feb.

    1. …uh, you do realize most schools are in session all throughout Febuary right? Best time to do it is late march/maybe first weekend in april.

  3. Shut up about “when” Phx should be. Let’s just hope Lane spaces the events out as evenly as possible and doesn’t hold the first one as early as last year.

    Let’s enjoy the off season and use it to train hard. A couple weeks longer will just help solidify things, not hurt.

  4. I think the PSP needs to restructure the way it runs tournaments as well as when it sets its dates. I haven’t even been to a national tournament yet because of school. College students are busy (well the ones I know) and can’t just miss a week of school and come back like everything is OK. This includes high school students, and all students in general. For the working people, it’s hard to tell your boss why you have to miss from Tuesday to Sunday for a “paintball tournament”. Good luck coming up with a lie that’ll cover you for a week…

    With many of the PSP’s players in college and high school as well as those breadwinners who are trying to make it through this economy, the PSP needs to be more thoughtful on cost, dates, and layout. Those regional events would be really key here–save time and money.

    I don’t know about you, but getting an education or paying the bills is more important than playing paintball to me, and I think it is for many others as well. The PSP needs to keep this in mind… Oh this goes for the USPL as well, but since they usually only last around 3 days it’s not as big of a time investment. Increase regional events, lower cost, and decrease the amount of days in a tournament (by increasing regional events). Then you can hold a few national events that don’t last as long or cost as much.

    Just my two cents, but what do I know, I don’t run a business.

    1. Oh one more thing. Don’t plan events during “end of semesters/quarters”. Doesn’t the PSP know that high-schoolers and college students have finals?!?!? They would make more money by increasing attendance by changing the dates….

      1. high school graduation is a big issue for people going to PSP Chicago. MAO has the issue with Prom and end of semesters for universities..(those not on the quarter system)

        NPPL Jacksonville always had a problem with high school students not wanting to miss Prom.

  5. Im going to throw another CHILD PLEASE on the 2nd part of your reply Mr. PSP needs major changes! 1st part very considerable, 2nd part paintball is not about highschool proms, thats why people make it in the industry because of heart and sacrifice that we have all done. Not because of things that you will get over after you get out of highschool and come into the real world! Attendance comes from the whole industry not just highschool kids with pretty much no money except mommy and daddy’s!

    1. I never said anything about prom. I talked about education and work. Most of the attendance is students…. Others are workers. I suggest you read what “SW” wrote and not mine. It’s clear someone did not have a good high school experience. What do you mean the real world? Do you mean your high school wasn’t? Missing a once in a lifetime opportunity for one event is definitely a big deal to a lot of people so he makes a good point anyway. Looks like someone had a rude awakening out of school…. Anyway, I digress. The point is read and think before you type anything.

      1. yeah for real guys im in High school and although its hard as hell to miss a week of school because each class is two hours long and theres alot of material being missed, but if you love paintball as much as i do then you’ll sit at home for a week and do all the work you can get. Also two out of the four day event is a weekend (most the time). When your a senior in high school prom is big but honestly playing a national event is sooo much more better then prom.

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