Update from Smart Parts regarding layoffs

SmartPartsLogo_finalAs a follow up to yesterdays paintball news update that Smart Parts had laid off employees, we have an official press release from the company with statements from former All American pro paintball player Adam Gardner.

Loyalhanna, PA – Sept. 03, 2009 – “The rumors of my death have been greathly exaggerated.” This famous quote often attributed to Mark Twain is also applicable to Smart Parts, Inc. The manufacturer and distributor of paintball products, now in its 20th year of operation remains in business, despite internet rumors to the contrary.

Due to recent paintball industry contraction, wideley believed to be linked to current economic conditions, Smart Parts downsized, laying off a number of employees on September 2nd. This staffing change has resulted in fast-flowing and incorrect rumors.

“It was painful to do so.” said company Vice-President Adam Gardener. “We are a family owned and operated business as well as a major employer in our community. Unfortunately current market conditions have forced this staff reduction upon us. The rumors that we have closed, gone into or are planning on going into bankruptcy, are completely false.”

Smart Parts remains open for business, taking orders and shipping product as usual.

Smart Parts, Inc., is a leading developer and manufacturer of equipment and accessories for the sport of paintball. For more information, visit www.SmartParts.com.

16 thoughts on “Update from Smart Parts regarding layoffs”

  1. We can once more thank the 8 years of republican administration. They sure screwed our country and they already want back at it :-(

    1. Of course it’s Bushes fault, why wouldn’t it be. Or could it be the stupidity of American’s to spend more money than they make. When Joe Bob pulls a loan out on his home and buys cars and expensive paint-guns what do you expect will happen. Anyone remember the old Smart Part video promo they made. All I remember is girls dancing on the assembly tables in their factory with sweet Rock and Roll playing in the background.

  2. Funny things those lay offs… is it normal to padlock the doors so the employees can’t get in? I heard it was the IRS that committed the “lay offs”.

    1. and your probably the same dude from the MW in the chatbox saying you make 50k and manage to own a car and a house. sweet bra

  3. The straight dope… Apparently not an IRS squeeze…. just mo more cash on hand.

    Sept.2, Billy and Scott (CFO) ordered sixty workers to clean out their desk and turn in their key cards. A year ago… 150 workers… Sept 1, 70 workers. Currently, SP has 10 employees.

    I am not in any way affiliated with SP or anyone or anything in the Paintball industry. Frankly, I applaud B & A in keeping this thing afloat this long in this economy. When so many are wondering how to keep food on the table, it is impressive that they tried to sell toys like these in this tough economic time. I hope they manage to find a source for re-financing for the sake of their employees. But, with their debt load… is there a banker in the house?

    My prayers to all those at the Loyalhanna facility and the Rt. 30 Park who lost their jobs.

  4. We were told by the president of the company and cfo “the banks have frozen our assets.” Handed our walking papers and told we lost any unused vacation time and lost medical instead of covering it for 3 months as in the past, what about all the people who were let go in Jan of this year and gettinng COBRA ins., does that mean their dropped also?

  5. Banks freezing assets on one hand, layoffs to restructure the company seem to be two different things. Who’s not telling the truth? Or is at least obfuscating it?

  6. I am a reporter with the Greensburg Tribune-Review and would like to get information about the layoffs at Smart Parts.
    I also am interested in speaking to a former employee about a story I am doing regarding the federal law requiring employers to give a 60-day advance notice of mass layoffs.
    Smart Parts’ might be exempt from the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act because the company may have less than 100 employees. Also, it might be exempt under the reporting requirement if it is a “faltering company.”
    Joe Napsha

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