propaintball-iconMentioned in our earlier post – DYE has plans to release a gun at the Paintball Extravaganza this next month. DYE plans to release two new guns and a 2nd Rotor. [Updated]If you recall a breaking paintball news post we had wrapping up World Cup 2008 we made a short notion about the new DYE gun code named NT9. Well, we wern’t far off as to say it would be released, it was just about the timing of it’s release (surely changed with the series of events that have unfolded within paintball this year).

The NT9 was first presumed to be seen shooting in the high speed camera video of the Rotor cranking out 40 BPS.

Users note: the DM10 is going to proceed down the DM line as planned, but the NT10 will take place much like the Bob Long M-Tac Scenario gun that was released at Cup last year. Perhaps the NT10 will be DYE’s first .50 cal gun!

With the release of the fully sculpted  NT10, it is rumored that DYE has managed to crank off 1800+ shots per 68/4500 fill!

Along side the DM10 & the NT10 release at the Paintball Extravaganza, it is also rumored that DYE will unveil the latest addition to their Rotor line. The newest DYE Rotor will be a lower cost version that eliminates the top mounted “Carrier System.”

Update: The new DYE Rotor is said to also be equipped with Adjustable Tension, and possibly be capable of utilizing interchangeable trays for those paintball players going forward with the 50cal. transition for 2010.

Be sure to stay posted as we continue to unveil the new 2010 Paintball Gear.


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