Exclusive: Miami Rage won't be attending the USPL West Coast Open

Miami RageAs a follow up to our rumor that pro team Miami Rage has withdrawn from the USPL, team owner Art Mendoza has issued ProPaintball.com an official statement.

Rage will not be attending the next USPL event due to the fact that are players are finding other things in life to do. I no longer have enough time to run the team and Chino who is a chief fire fighter, field owner and proud parent does not have the time either. We are not selling our spot. We are going to see if anybody wants use it for the rest of the season free of charge. Rage by no means has financial problems if we did we would try selling the team. We just don”t have the resources (player wise) to compete. We are completely behind the USPL and continue to support it and will not sell are spot under any circumstances. We would like to thank all of our sponsors and apologize to them. The USPL and 7 man is what paintball has always meant to Chino and I and we will be die hard advocates for it as long as we are associated with paintball. Most importantly we would like to thank our fans because they are what its all about.

Art Mendoza
Miami Rage

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9 thoughts on “Exclusive: Miami Rage won't be attending the USPL West Coast Open”

  1. We need more people like art and chino in paintball! I love Miami Rage. thanks for the opportunity Art.

    Juan G

    1. I remember when Raqe stomped Robbo out, down at the commanders cup in Miami way back. They can ball! And kick the shit out of people!

      1. Yeah, because several guys jumping one person is something to be proud of…

        Rage may have been a decent team at one point, but their hot-headed antics overshadowed everything else.

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